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  1. Bacon Is The New 22 LR

    We had Bentons bacon once and my impression was very similar to yours. It wasn't bad, but it really didn't live up to the hype or cost. I can get better for less at the grocery store.
  2. Go pro cameras

    I plan to wear mine on my head, so the smaller size of the Session would be great. I believe you can monitor the view, menus etc with a smartphone. What I don't like is the two hour, non swappable battery. At least with the Black when it goes dead I can change batteries, the Session must be recharged.
  3. Go pro cameras

    Awesome timing. I've been looking at a Hero 5 Black, but torn between it and the Session. Curious to see what folks have to say.
  4. Leaving a car/truck engine running

    I bought a beater ranch truck with an automatic trans. We were moving hay equipment and I was going to have my friend's 10 year old follow me in it while I was moving a tractor. His eyes got kind of big and he said "I've never driven a truck without a clutch before." I explained, he was still a little unsure so I put him in my "good" pickup with a 6 speed manual and he was right at home. I try to run my work truck 30 minutes or so in the morning if it's below 30*. If it's single digits, I'll leave it running while I get gas if I'm not going in the store.
  5. Get your shovels ready

    I have less than 50% of what they wanted for just a V plow to fit my 2001 F-350 into that whole outfit, pickup, plow, new studded tires and two sets of aluminum wheels. The key is to start shopping in June when nobody is thinking about snow, and find one that has a problem. I winched that one onto my trailer to get it home, a little work and a new starter got me off the tractor for this winter. I think I listened to "Western Skies" about that many times today as well.
  6. Get your shovels ready

    Found it.
  7. Get your shovels ready

    Wouldn't trade a minute, and I wouldn't have it any other way. [emoji3] I like Tennessee, but you know it just ain't my style.
  8. Get your shovels ready

    Close to 14" over the last few days. I've got piles taller than the truck hood after clearing the parking area. -1 right now, should see 16 or so today. [emoji1]
  9. Get your shovels ready

    We got 4" last night, and may see up to an additional 8" today. Can't decide if I should plow it yet or not. 4" isn't bad, but I also want to give the plow truck a good shakedown before the spring storms move in, hopefully sooner than later. It's been a dry winter, and we need the water.
  10. Do you see the gun in this pic?

    I might need a pair of these. Do they come if a left handed style? Think they would clash with the beard? [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. The internet boonies

    I went through this very thing. Where we live there are no utilities other than electricity within 15 miles. Everything has to be wireless/ satellite. Verizon has a product called 4GLTE, they mount an antenna on the side of your house and it connects to a super cell signal. It worked very well and was as reliable as cable, but expensive. They had a 30 gig data limit and I believe it was $120 a month. Speed was good, but not great. It was fine, but we couldn't stream anything, watch YouTube, or download much. We were with them for a year, then got hooked up with a local company called Millhouse. Same type of system with an antenna on the house and a wireless signal, but there is no data cap and it's $50/ month. I'd suggest trying to find a local provider, but that may be tough to do because a lot of TN is close enough to other services that the market may not be very big. If you decide to go with the Verizon setup let me know. We had to buy all the equipment, the antenna, router, etc and now it's all sitting in the closet...well, the antenna is still on the house but I need to take it down. It's about the size of a coffee can.
  12. Can I transfer a handgun to a visitor from Minn.?

    All out of state transfers must go through an FFL. I believe there are some exceptions for family members, but as a general rule if it's not a TN resident you must go through an FFL. I don't know if you can buy a handgun out of state, he may have to go through a MN FFL which would mean having to ship the pistol up there regardless of his visit.
  13. Now What?

    It was $379 up until a month or two ago. [emoji53] I ordered one this past weekend, hasn't arrived yet. Election or not that's still a pretty good deal.
  14. Is .22lr ammo now unshackled!?

    Brass case .223 has been right around .32-.34 a round for a while now. I doubt it will get much better in the near future.
  15. Now What?

    PSA has been running a deal pretty regularly, $399 for 1k .223 and 10 30 round PMags.

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