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  1. Bill - SB 1472:"BUMP STOCK BAN" Position: Strongly Opposed Sponsor: Lee Harris (D-029) SB 1472 -- the "Tennessee Bump Stock Ban" -- is one of the most insane pieces of legislation ever brought forward in Tennessee. This bill could easily ban virtually any device, part, or accessory -- including OEM parts that have been refined or machined by a licensed gunsmith -- that regulators or law enforcement believes could, as the measure states, "...accelerate the rate of fire..." Think aftermarket trigger parts. Think aftermarket springs. This awful bill must be stopped. Tell your representatives that you oppose the Tennessee Bump Stock Ban below! https://www.firearmspolicy.org/oppose_sb_1472_bump_stock_ban?utm_campaign=1026tnbumpstock&utm_medium=email&utm_source=firearmspolicycoalition
  2. https://www.firearmspolicy.org/oppose_sb_1472_bump_stock_ban?utm_campaign=1026tnbumpstock&utm_medium=email&utm_source=firearmspolicycoalition
  3. Good. I no longer live at the other residence and not sure how I could get that mail other than popping over and introducing myself. Can I get them to ship my copy to my new address?
  4. I was unaware you had to notify when you relocated within the state. Looks like I need to fill some forms out.
  5. Took my first AK, which was a ban era rifle, and decided to spruce it up. It was all boring and black polymer, so I bought odds and ends from AK Files and made a Mishmash rifle. Not as bored with it anymore.
  6. So as a post ban, does it have a welded thread protector or was it never threaded?
  7. I bought a truck gun recently. It's a micro AK pistol. I like the rugged dependability and the hard hitting rounds
  8. So, I decided to modify my 5.45 VEPR. Had to modify my handguard to work since VEPRs are beefy. Not the best pic, but it'll do for now.
  9. That's an easy one. PSAK-47. For one, it's better quality. Century can be really hit or miss. C39v2 is milled if I'm remembering right. It's going to a little heavier. The C39 also used some proprietary parts and some dimensions are nonstandard so you'd have to look for some work arounds for some accessories and their optic rail is proprietary. PSA really did their homework when they made their AK. They took the best features of the various versions like the Bulgies and Russians and combined it into one. Id really recommend checking out AK Operators Union on YouTube. They put all the brands and variants through their paces.
  10. Sorry for lack of posts or pics. I'm preparing for my son to come soon and just recently moving into a new house. I don't know about the Sandman yet. Never actually shot one yet. The shop it's in jail at doesn't let us come by and look at it. I went with it after seeing reviews and I love the attachment method. I will SBR it eventually. Need to play with it for a bit. I want to put a khyber pass style triangle folder on it. I also want to get a the PBS -1. That'll be first tho. Want to pick up the SLR 104 too. Give me a big and I'll probably put one on 90 day as well. Im becoming obsessed with AKs now. This isn't healthy.
  11. I picked up the Sandman S from them for my Tavor and an SBR. This particular FFL won't let me hold or see it until the Form 4 comes back. Ill try and take pics of both the VEPR and C39 Pistol tomorrow. The ultimate plan was to SBR the micro and I'll eventually get the PBS-1 and throw it on there. I'd put a Khyber pass style stock in it if possible.
  12. Capital is who I've used for my Dead Air. They treated me very well. How hard was is to have to hand the can back over? I just picked up my very last firearm for a while. I put a C39 Micro AK pistol on layaway a bit ago. Paid it off and picked it up today. Usa gonna be a dedicated truck gun.
  13. It's really dark in person. The sun light just makes it seem redder.
  14. Hope it's okay to post my own recent purchases here. Well, I bought a PSA AK-47 Gen 2 after seeing the AK Operators Union give it a very favorable review after it survived the gauntlet and accuracy tests. I picked up the base model and immediately had to strip it down. I tuned it slightly by polishing the slide ramps and hammer face then put some American made refinished dark red furniture on it. The furniture needed quite the fitting on it all, but I got it to work. In the end, I think it looks great! Now to the range...


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