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  1. hope your's came in. i'm mid way through month 14 on a form 4........
  2. Full breakdown and cleaning when purchased. Fair amount of gunk buildup, but not terrible. I filed down the washer, works great so far. Trigger seems to be the disconnector spring not getting solid contact for trigger reset. Looks like browning made a few minor changes with the modern buckmark versions, but i may be in luck for the disconnector spring. Little stinker is mighty accurate.
  3. missing lock washer for sight base. not able to find the part anywhere. anyone know who may have this part? browning directs to a couple of websites for parts, but none have this listed. M4 external tooth washer fits the screw, but just a bit wide for the slot. also having issue with trigger reset. have to click trigger forward to get reset. anyone have this happen?
  4. I agree with Peejman- but too much push back jeopardizes your job. Specifically like dirtshooter describes where management doesn't realize the workload you are carrying. Businesses will push that position as far as possible until the work is crappy or doesn't get done- sometimes after a couple rounds of employees. Rarely they will concede some responsibilities to others or hire another person before you would be gone. Then they will adjust. Just like your belt this time of year- you push and push to maintain the same notch, but eventually you'll go to the next one out. Then adjust your diet and get back to the old notch. How to fix it- that's a tough one- especially without gubment like europe has done, or unions which have nearly as much negative impact as positive. The people already have the power to make it change, if they are willing to sacrifice while bouncing around to multiple jobs. The market system will change when no one goes to work for that company of slave drivers, or buys those new fan-dangled items for 1000% more than they are worth. The big question for the original post is what level of cash flow do you require to achieve the family life you want. That may open a world of other options.
  5. 10/22 feddersen threaded barrel, brimstone worked trigger, overmold stock- 10/22 bone stock- the littl'uns future S&W m&p compact savage 6b .22 silencer now that i list em, time for another.... Dang- stupid boats. guess i'm going shopping...
  6. thanks guys- i ordered 380 rounds to test out. after that... Anyone know of any shops with powder/accessories around? found a small amount at bass pro, but most gun shops i checked carried even less, or no, black powder supplies.
  7. No, the .36 cal balls do not fall through the barrel. Was the 2nd thing i checked. There is a "slight" bit of resistance in each chamber of the cylinder when the balls go in. some stop about 1/2 way or so, but move easily if tapped with a rod. i tried multiple balls, in multiple chambers, and multiple times to confirm the size and shape of the balls, or placement in the chamber were not the issue. Definitely not shooting this revolver until this is figured out. i'm really disappointing though. my father in law was a huge history buff and loved all things civil war. registered sons of the confederacy, etc. i feel getting this smoke wagon smoking would be a good way to honor him.
  8. I'm new to the cap and ball arena. I inherited a cap and ball revolver recently- 1851 navy 0.36 cal frm euroarms of america. I was told it was purchased sometime in the early 80's. seemed to be in good shape, but was stored with LOTS of grease. I disassembled and cleaned up the grease and she looks pretty good. some marks from use, but otherwise looks to be in good shape. here's the issue i'm having. Loaded 15 grains black powder (pyrodex) and a 0.375 round ball. the ball just falls into the cylinder. everywhere i read says there should be a lead ring shaved off the ball when rammed home, but i don't "have" to ram it into the cylinder. The ball just falls in. I suppose the cylinder could have been replaced, but there isn't evidence of that. And it doesn't seem like a .44 cal cylinder, at least visually, from a BP novice. Anyone seen this type of issue? edit- found the markings for euroarms- though their site has VERY limited info on anything they have.
  9. thanks guys- i'll start hiking around this summer to scout a bit.
  10. I've always been around folks that deer hunt. years have passed, so most have passed on, or have retired from hunting. the land they hunted is long since gone. I always wanted to give deer hunting a try, but am only now able to do so. My experience is hunting with a BB gun- old daisy pump- and squirrel hunting with a 22. Public land seems to be the only option at this time. open to suggestions, though. thought i would ask the group about hunting on public, TVA, and WMA's in middle TN area. region 2: cheatham, normandy, yanahli, etc, or region 3 are preferable. good, bad, and the ugly to prepare. Rifle only. no muzzle loader or archery, yet. i've read all the "how to" articles and posts i could find. now i'm down to- where to go. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. The proposed ATF rulings through the federal register are accepting comments until 01/25. This is an opportunity we have to voice our personal opinions about the proposed regulations. no matter your view of "bump fire stocks", the verbiage used in this ruling paves the way for complete ban on semi auto firearms. the GOA has a link to the federal register comment page for this regulation. https://www.gunownersamerica.com/atf-speak-up-now/?email=citestlist5000@gmail.com
  12. good thing they called the guys with guns to protect them from the....inanimate object. Kinda surprised that box of pure evil didn't jump up and start shooting all by itself........

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