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  1. Saw a report of a guy in Arkansas planted seeds he received. plant looks like a squash. in the video, there are other types of seeds going to different folks. type "man plants seeds from china" into your search bar and it should pop up. This could be a huge deal for agriculture down the road for multiple reasons. time will tell. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would plant seeds from an unsolicited package from out of the country. Especially china right now. If it was a chocolate bar, would this guy eat it?
  2. interesting info if you are interested in cutting vs tearing grass when trimming.
  3. I think some context is necessary on the numbers you posted. The time frame for the flu is around 7 months, and people routinely know that warmer months bring fewer cases (hope). Also, we don't know the total number as most folks get the flu and ride it out without going to the doctor. H1N1 numbers are from 9 years combined data. Last, these numbers are from cases that have made full recovery or those that have died(completed cases). I think they are giving an incorrect evaluation of numbers, in part, to reduce panic. You should not assume all current cases of CV will recover. As o
  4. posted on their facebook page on 03/13 TWRA HUNTER ED CLASSES CANCELED AND SHOOTING RANGES CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Due to the Governor’s declared state of emergency and for the health of the public, all TWRA hunter education field day classes are cancelled. All Traditional hunter education classes are cancelled beginning Monday, March 16 until further notice. Agency shooting ranges staffed by TWRA will also be closed until a decision is made to re-open. Unmanned ranges on WMAs are open.
  5. It feels like you guys are talking directly to me. GT should hire you 2 as arm twisters if a blade sits for any amount of time (if you aren't already on the payroll). I've tried to hold out. They are usually snatched up before i even see the post. Maybe its still there. PM inbound.
  6. hope your's came in. i'm mid way through month 14 on a form 4........
  7. Full breakdown and cleaning when purchased. Fair amount of gunk buildup, but not terrible. I filed down the washer, works great so far. Trigger seems to be the disconnector spring not getting solid contact for trigger reset. Looks like browning made a few minor changes with the modern buckmark versions, but i may be in luck for the disconnector spring. Little stinker is mighty accurate.
  8. missing lock washer for sight base. not able to find the part anywhere. anyone know who may have this part? browning directs to a couple of websites for parts, but none have this listed. M4 external tooth washer fits the screw, but just a bit wide for the slot. also having issue with trigger reset. have to click trigger forward to get reset. anyone have this happen?
  9. I agree with Peejman- but too much push back jeopardizes your job. Specifically like dirtshooter describes where management doesn't realize the workload you are carrying. Businesses will push that position as far as possible until the work is crappy or doesn't get done- sometimes after a couple rounds of employees. Rarely they will concede some responsibilities to others or hire another person before you would be gone. Then they will adjust. Just like your belt this time of year- you push and push to maintain the same notch, but eventually you'll go to the next one out. Then adjust your
  10. 10/22 feddersen threaded barrel, brimstone worked trigger, overmold stock- 10/22 bone stock- the littl'uns future S&W m&p compact savage 6b .22 silencer now that i list em, time for another.... Dang- stupid boats. guess i'm going shopping...
  11. thanks guys- i ordered 380 rounds to test out. after that... Anyone know of any shops with powder/accessories around? found a small amount at bass pro, but most gun shops i checked carried even less, or no, black powder supplies.
  12. No, the .36 cal balls do not fall through the barrel. Was the 2nd thing i checked. There is a "slight" bit of resistance in each chamber of the cylinder when the balls go in. some stop about 1/2 way or so, but move easily if tapped with a rod. i tried multiple balls, in multiple chambers, and multiple times to confirm the size and shape of the balls, or placement in the chamber were not the issue. Definitely not shooting this revolver until this is figured out. i'm really disappointing though. my father in law was a huge history buff and loved all things civil war. register
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