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  1. "Bracken Sends" on Western Rifle Shooters Association: "The mag dump has happened. Damn" More at link - has video on Alex Jones interview today (I know, but Bracken seems credible) and more interesting, video of alleged shooter at recent Anti-Trump rally. Definite left-wing association, and lots of other questions.
  2. Prayers for the victims of this carnage. This is similar to the false-flag attack in Matt Bracken's "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" albeit with multiple weapons, apparently full-auto. We probably will never know the shooter's motive, let alone ID the facilitators of this horrific attack. Either way, the anti's will use this to full advantage. Expect a renewed assault on your rights. Never lay down your arms, or let down your guard.
  3. Hustler FastTrak SD here, Kawasaki engine, 4th season. Was about 7k, with 0% int, I'm sure it's gone up. I have a 54", too many trees for a 60" cut. I'm mowing about 5 acres total at multiple locations. Blades, grass deflector, fuel filter, a couple of deck wheels - just routine maintenance stuff. Very happy with it.
  4. Jamestown was outside the path, so I drove my better half south and west. We wound up at a church in Bon Air, on US 70 a few miles east of Sparta - right on the totality center line. In 57 years, this is most awesome astronomical event I've seen. I heard some nondescript canines howling, and a few random gunshots - typical Monday up here on the plateau.
  5. I have one, obviously made in Florida - does this mean I have to buy another? BTW, mine shoots, no failures in function. The rear sight was loosely fit in the dovetail, and fell off. J. B. Weld to the rescue...
  6. My Pro Chrono doesn't like snubby loads, too much blow-by. Also won't always pick up shiny bullets, and/or bright sunshine. A little black Magic Marker on the bullet helps. Had a string of 9mm rounds once that read over 2800 fps. No explanation for that one.
  7. Zebra will break under tactical load - body of the pen snaps into the knurled finger grip - I've got the pieces to prove it. Doesn't fare too well in the washing machine, either...
  8. Prayer for you also. My wife has been through similar issues, not fun.
  9. Mannix died? All my childhood heroes...
  10. On David Codrea's The War On Guns blog, he calls out a self appointed spell checker on their own grammatical error: Instant Karma's Gonna Get You which links to: Fifteen Reasons To Own A Gun comments, in which self appointed spell checker calls out a 2 year old post to a 5-1/2 year old article. The last is on Ammoland, from August 2011, and was written by none other than TGO's own, the late Dr Marshall St John. In this case, following the links turned into a nice trip down Memory Lane. Thought you might enjoy.
  11. I knew there was more to this story: Clowns just popping up!!! I goess this latest development will open the floodgates...
  12. I started with the Frankford Arsenal scale, and still use it for a lot of stuff, but it tended to be "sticky" when hand trickling powder. It would hold a reading, then jump .3 or .4, too much, especially loading small pistol charges. I later bought a Lyman Micro-Touch for powder, much more consistent and stable to +/- 0.10 grain. Last night I pulled down a round of Hornady 35 Remington to weigh the charge, powder weighed 36.9 grains. The weight of the loaded round, minus the bullet and case, equalled guess what? 36.9 grains! Still in the budget category too, about $60.
  13. O, what a tangled web we weave...
  14. I got my M44 out to find your point of view... I'd probably shoot it to see if the crack opens up any - although I wouldn't recommend that to anyone else....
  15. Sure looks like it, although I'm not a metallurgist, don't play one on TV, and haven't stayed in a Holiday In in quite a while. That's in the area just behind the chamber, normally occupied by the left side locking lug when the bolt is closed - correct?


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