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  1. How many would recognize Walter Cronkite's voice today even though it's been how many years! I think I would recognize it in a heartbeat. Those were different trying times. Morgan88
  2. Hard to imagine walking around with soooo much evil in your heart. Morgan88
  3. Patton Any update on your project? Completed to everyone's satisfaction? Morgan88
  4. Yes, simply switch to 4-5 position. Re-check in mirror. Big difference. Another benefit is that it appears that you are retrieving your wallet when presenting firearm from 4-5. Goodrich and Gould black leather belt is as dressy as any, it's thick, so be aware of belt loops, they ain't spec'd Tried the shifting to the 4-5 today and it worked great even with an inadequate belt. Dress belt from Goodrich and Gould is on the way. Thank you very kindly fellas. Morgan88
  5. Morgan88

    In church

    I wonder if there will come a day the pocket for the hymnals on the backs of the pews, will have a built in holster? From what I've seen there aren't that many young people in church these days. Would require a lot of re-holstering which has its pardon the pun drawbacks. From what I've seen people sit in the exact same spot every Sunday. Maybe just where the security teams each set? Or some variation of the idea? Morgan88 Gregg in your situation I understand. That is great to hear. I have visited several church's since I moved here in July and my experience is very few aren't on social security. In my church the opposite. Most are on social security. Don't have any trouble finding a seat either. Gregg has good news!!
  6. I assume some or many cc with a jacket and tie. Just the other day I looked in the mirror for my final check before leaving and noticed what looked like a bread basket on my hip under my jacket. EZ 380 OWB. I wear and will be wearing a nice clothes for the foreseeable future . Looking for guidance on how to address this. Tweak my current 3-4 o-clock to 4-5? Carrying one in my slacks pocket is difficult as I have no hips and my slacks would be around my ankles. Even on the hip I have to pull my dress belt purty snug as it is. Are there posts somewhere already to address this issue which may by the way be affecting some others who will benefit from the info? Thank you very kindly for any helpful info provided. mmirob I will try adjusting to 4-5 as a quick and easy test. peejam Leather slide holster by G. D'ambrose of Tombstone. Yes, what I saw in the mirror was "absurdly obvious" A howitzer on my hip. Thus the impetus to make a change. Defender I am not sure if I'm ready for suspenders Grayfox As mentioned above a brown leather basket weave slide holster by G. D'ambrose of Tombstone AZ. Picked up on one of my motorcycle trips to the west coast. Yes, my standard dress belt needs upgrading. A.J. I looked at Goodrich and Gould and those are and upgrade. As you pointed out to pay attention to the basics and measured my belt loops. The site says they are 1.75in belts and my loops on my slacks measure 1.75. I will keep you informed. There may be countless young men that are helped by the guidance above. What more noble thing than to "always be a teacher"? Morgan88
  7. Patton "The moisture in the crawlspace really isn’t bad but some of our closets would get mildew" Would it be prudent to get a moisture meter and get some actual test numbers? Before and after the fix. Documenting the results. Test results before and after in the closets also. Morgan88
  8. Hand me done moms car. 1970 Grande Mustang.
  9. Morning Chances In reading the bills the one that jumped out at me was the last one. SB705 HB1264. It states " redesignates the existing HCP as an enhanced HCP" Had to incorrectly spell designate to get the exact quote. Morgan88
  10. I don't know the answer. Brings to mind a whole myriad of questions. Assuming the security teams are well trained, after that, how many armed citizens of varying degrees of training and more so temperament do we want drawing and aiming a pistol in a crowded room? So far I haven't seen many crowded rooms in church yet. I am just visualizing shots fired in a crowded room and 30 people jumping up and drawing firearms not knowing who or where the shooter is. Again the varying degrees of training and more so temperament and discipline. Am I over thinking it? Morgan88
  11. How many legal HCP holders leave the house without their card? Kinda like leaving the house without ur wallet? NOT! as someone above noted I'm also suspicious the dude didn't have a card. Morgan88
  12. "Now we're back to threats on Twitter, him having to have the last word because of his thin skin, and who knows what else is coming. It's embarrassing. " With each successive strike those threats take on a bit more meaning? Morgan88
  13. I am thinking they will respond. If it's on US soil, I'll know things are different? Morgan88
  14. Christmas presents can come in all kinds of ways. Glad for you. Head down and keep pulling toward that debt free thing. Getting yourself out of debt is a powerful thing. Can change the way you look at a lot of things. Power on to that goal. Morgan88
  15. Did you see Mosley's rap sheet before this incident? Another case of Mosley should have never been out of prison and should never have happened? Such a violent man! Morgan88

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