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  1. Would a soil test be helpful? Maybe this location is deficient in P or K?
  2. Greg that is fantastic. I'm thinking it is due to good judgement, planning and sticking to a plan. I am very happy for you. You ask for guidance? One thing I was told was to have your part time job or volunteer work going for 6 months to a year before you do the final good by. I was told not to due the typical " I am gonna take a month of then look for a job" thing. I hope this helps and nice to hear sticking to a plan pays off. Morgan88
  3. Since Rural King made the very public stand to continue selling firearms and ammunition I thought I would spend some money in support of them. The website says they are sold out of much of what they sell. I specifically looked at 380 and 223. I didn't look at all the calibers. Did others feel the same way or maybe those people hoarding the supply, or what? Or were they sold out of the stuff before they made the public statement. They website says still sold out. Mostly of the bulk boxes of 500 and 1000. What gives? Balderdash I say!! I should have been more specific. I was looking more at the bulk boxes of 500 or 1000.
  4. I wonder if Colt is still teetering on bankruptcy and they finally had to do something different. Pull in the reins and make what is profitable. Seems like everybody and their brother makes an AR style and for much cheaper. It would make sense to me the market would be soft for them. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and watch going forward how their financial situation goes. At some point you gotta do something different? Morgan88
  5. Ha, timing is everything. I read the article and just as luck would have it I sent in a donation to the NRA last week. Starting to feel kinda like a sucker. I had heard some the reports and in this day of disinformation wanted to believe that's all it was. Like I said starting to feel like a sucker and I don't like it. If true just add them to the list? Morgan88
  6. More for your viewing pleasure from McDonalds corp. 2nd Amendment McDonald’s is a corporate sponsor of the National Urban League, which promotes a repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws, Accessed 01/19/17. McDonald’s follows federal, state and local laws in regards to open carry, Accessed 10/26/16. Environment McDonald’s is a corporate partner of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), which supports cap-and-trade, Accessed 10/26/16. McDonald’s partners with the World Wildlife Fund, which is a liberal environmental group that supports putting a price on carbon emissions, a carbon tax and also the 2015 Paris climate deal, Accessed 3/18/19. Marriage McDonald’s received a score of 100 on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. See more on HRC’s position on marriage here, Accessed 4/25/19. McDonald’s is a corporate sponsor of the National Urban League, which supports same-sex marriage, Accessed 07/23/19. McDonald’s is a corporate partner of Out and Equal, which is dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality, Accessed 8/30/19. Life McDonald’s matches gifts to Susan G. Komen MN, which fund Planned Parenthood programs, Accessed 10/26/16. Education
  7. Learned to drive a manual transmission bug out in the east pasture. Oh boy, those were the days. Ours was a little earlier than the 72 your talking about but ours took a beating and never quit. Only thing about it in Northern Indiana in the winter you had to drive and scrape the windshield at same time. Steer scrape shift steer scrape shift. You get the idea. Not a bid deal here I am guessing. Morgan88
  8. Just a bit of who McDonalds supports. From 2ndvote.com Immigration McDonald’s contributes to UnidosUS, formerly known as La Raza, which advocates for sanctuary cities, Accessed 5/24/17. McDonald’s funds the Hispanic Federation, which advocates for sanctuary cities, Accessed 10/26/16. McDonald’s is a corporate sponsor of the National Urban League, which is a member of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, which supports sanctuary cities, Accessed 01/19/17. McDonald’s contributes to UnidosUS, and is on the Corporate Board of Advisors, which advocates for sanctuary cities, Accessed 5/18/18. Religious Liberty McDonald’s received a score of 100 on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. See more on HRC’s position on religious liberty here, Accessed 4/25/19. case there is always no shortage of fast food joints adjacent to each other. Easy to spend ur dough at another.
  9. I'm wondering if it was a calculated risk of some kind. Nascar is desperate if you go by the lack of fans in the stands at races. I looked them NASCAR up on 2ndvote.com and they support groups that are for religious liberty and the support groups that are against religious liberty. Trying to appease both sides. Not make anybody mad. As we all know that is difficult to do. Morgan88
  10. BlessTheUSA Intentional or not, this launched me back to one of the most famous speech's by one of the most famous orators in history. Just before he made his most famous "give me liberty or give me death" the premise leading up to this was if not now, when? Not the same context but ask the very personal question deep within all of us? Morgan88
  11. Dave This seems to be sorta funny at first and then maybe more true than I'd like. I know the NRA is too busy right now, either trying to save themselves or committing suicide. Is the NRA "on their heels" and afraid or too busy to stand strong when they should? Would Walmart or Kroger accept the NRA standing with them? Morgan88
  12. Is there any chance that these stores are afraid of the coming liability. Some enterprising attorneys file huge lawsuits against these big companies for not protecting their customers. Whether it's right or wrong they have very deep pockets.? If they stop selling guns and ammo they will be in a better position to fight these lawsuits? Morgan88
  13. Does this help? Shooting Range Hours of operation: Thursday, Friday, Saturday from sunrise to sunset. Closed during managed hunts. Permit required. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency now requires a permit to use the shooting range. A Tier One Shooting Range Permit may be purchased at: TWRA License Agents: TWRA Regional Offices, local stores, sporting goods stores and other merchants. By Phone: 1-888-814-8972. Have a pen/pencil and paper ready to copy confirmation number. There will be a processing fee. Online: Visit www.tnwildlife.org and click on 'Buy Licenses and Boat Registration'. There will be a processing fee. Those possessing a current Tennessee Hunting License are not required to obtain a Tier One Shooting Range Permit.
  14. Dave it's ok. U might believe I have heard the disdain for these little jewels a time or 2 Not surprisingly I bought it inexpensively and knew what I was buying. Just something to tinker with and see if I can improve. I absolutely love the size and feel of it. Looking at the bright side it does work most of the time, er ,sometimes. Don't most of us have at least 1 finicky tool in our arsenal?
  15. BCR My choice of words might not convey it correctly. Anyway a moot point. It's off. Ordered a new mag spring and recoil spring from Numerich. I know pics are worth gold on these sites. Could not get it to load them. Argg! Thank you very kindly for the reply. If the springs work like a charm I will voice that on here. I have hope Morgan88 New recoil spring and magazine spring installed and away I go to Prentiss Cooper WMA this morning with high hopes. Seems to be better but in no way good. I did find the brand Aguila to work the best. After 2 magazines of several well know brands it reverted back to finicky. The usual failure to feed failure to eject. Stronger magazine spring? I have just put in a new factory spring, not to say new factory is very good. Wolfe company proclaims their springs are 5 to 10% stronger than factory but to no surprise they don't make one for a Lorcin L-22 OH POO!! More to come

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