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  1. My dads in the same age range and he hates hearing about each and every one of the celebrities and musicians his age that pass. I guess that's understandable. Prayers for the family and friends.
  2. It is a nice looking gun, one I'm not familiar with....about what year was it made?
  3. Welcome to the great state of Tennessee!
  4. Prayers go out to his family and friends.
  5. Welcome to East Tn, it's a great place to be.
  6. I feel ya, they grow up so quick! Congratulations on the addition to the family!
  7. First i have heard of it this.......not good. Here we go again. Prayers for the victims and family.
  8. Welcome to Tennessee, sounds like you have come to the right place.
  9. Welcome to good old East Tennessee. I've lived here my whole live with no plans of leaving. Also glad you left the politics behind and although I've heard California is beautiful, seems it's becoming a less beautiful place to live.
  10. Glockspock i have had the ratchet a year or maybe two and i really like it.....i also have a couple different impacts, love those too. i just got the hatchet pruning saw a couple days ago, anxious to use it. i cut alot with chain saws around here and sometimes it can get tedious to cut it up for the firepit with pruners, so thats my excuse for buying it lol.
  11. We usually get what we think is the same one........and it's back this season, i would like to see more though.
  12. Hi there TheReelStory and welcome fellow east tennessean.
  13. GlockSpock........I have the hd 12.0 battery but to be honest haven't used it yet. One thing to consider is its fairly heavy....not really why i haven't used it though. Its just i have bought so many different tools and sets with batteries and or free batteries that i always use a 5 or 6 and just keep switching them out. I have the 1/2 impact too, i love that thing lol. i ordered the string trimmer attachment last night so i will see how i like it. I help my dad with his yard bc he is about too old to do it, so i figured if nothing else he may wanna use it while i'm there.......he likes doing some of the work for exercise. I have 3 stihl chainsaws and have thought about the milwaukee though.........even that little one seems cool. I agree on the backpack though that would be bad ass. I have two blowers now due to the free one with the pole saw......i wonder what one in each hand would be like? lol Another cool product i have bout was the thing that goes on top of the battery like the 12hd and turns it into usb and plug outlets......haven't used it either but seems cool when needed. Never heard of ego i will look it up, but choose milwaukee for yard tools bc I already had several batteries and chargers and had good luck with all the tools so far. i had one issue with my impact and sent it back and they fixed it and sent it right back.
  14. I have alot of the M18 tools also and have had great luck with them.......i just got the pole saw, extension and blower.........the blower isn't too bad but i could never replace my bigger backpack blower with it, but i still really like it alot. It's easy to just have in the house and grab it to blow off the deck or sidewalk. The blower does however run thru the batteries. I use it to help dry the car sometimes too lol. I haven't used the pole saw yet, should any day. I have thought about adding the string trimmer attachment too it, so let me know how you like it. You think it can replace the gas powered stihl? I have some of the milwaukee lights i like alot too. I always look for the free tool or light deals. Thanks for the hack idea too.......i noticed that on a past purchase but forgot all about it.
  15. No doubt Wingshooter
  16. Amen to the last 2 paragraphs. It's a Godlesss Society we live in or as you said a society being run by the adversary. Satan has taken over and theres no way god is happy looking down at all the things going on. I'm not necessarily talking about this event here as much as all the other crap going on in the country. He is a vengeful God and people need to get to know him quick, I'm not sure how much time we have left. i'll be on that narrow path right there with you JD.
  17. I can't say i blame ya there buddy, it has been HOT already.....my wife's ac went out and she has an suv with leather seats......we made it thru last year, not gonna try it this year lol.
  18. I agree, i'd grab it for sure if it was in east tn.
  19. How is the new smoky mountain guns and knives on Asheville hwy? I have seen it but not been in yet.


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