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  1. They are fixed IC and Modified.
  2. I just picked up my Stoeger Coach Gun at Academy Sports. It looks great. Wood is really good for a budget priced gun. Metal finish is slick. Forend and grip are checkered. Lockup is a bit tight but I suspect it will loosen up with use. $427 plus tax and BG check with an Academy 5% off credit card. Only problem is, Now I want a 20 Ga to go with it.
  3. Palmetto State Armory Carbine in Pristine Condition. I ordered it new from PSA and never fired it. It comes with the detachable carry handle. I no longer have the box ( used it to ship another firearm). Located in Lenoir City. $550
  4. I've been looking for a Stoeger for a while. I just saw the other day that Academy Sports has the Stoeger Coach Gun for $449. I checked and Academy in Knoxville did not have one in stock, but I am thinking I may order one and have it sent to my local store.
  5. Just my luck. I've got 2 638's and a 642. That 637 would help round out the collection.
  6. Don't guess you are going to be anyplace in East Tennessee soon? You could come back to Vonore and check on the boat again. LOL. Just wish you were closer. I would put that with the Henry .22.
  7. I think I read someplace that Tennessee charges an extra $150 or $200 when you renew your registration on an electric vehicle to pay for road repairs.
  8. OK. Lets try this one more time. I had decided to keep this but I have found a new Ruger American Ranch in 5.56 that I would like to have so it is back up for sale.
  9. We've got 20 million of them. How many migrant workers do we need?
  10. I heard someone on YouTube this morning saying New York now has 33,000 illegals and is spending one billion a year on public assistance for them. ( housing assistance, medical care, food assistance, cell phones, etc). With 5 million entering the country since Biden took office and figuring $27,000 per immigrant per year year cost to the government, which is what the governor of New York claims it costs, They are costing American taxpayers 130 Billion per year just for the 5 million that have come in since Biden opened the border. This works out to $407 for every man, woman and child citizen in this country. If you are married and have two children your share of the migrant cost is $1,628 a year. Disclaimer, I have not researched these figures and am just repeating a YouTube poster but have no reason not to believe the figures.
  11. I could fix it in a month. Require anyone employing anybody to do e-verify. Check potential employees just like they background check gun buyers. Anyone employing an illegal without contacting e-verify gets one year in a federal prison. The illegals are coming here for work and government benefits. Cut out the work and free benefits and they will all go back to their home country. Lock up a handful of CEO's of big companies that employ illegals as an example and soon no one will take the chance of getting caught employing them. 90% of them would self deport within 30 days.
  12. Picture of left side added No thumb rest. I might drive all the way to Buc-ees to buy a gun. Maybe even to trade one. Just not to sell one. Sorry.
  13. Unfortunately Loudon County does not offer a SENOIR Tax Freeze. Too many older wealthy people with lakefront property living in Tellico Village. They do not want to lose that extra revenue.
  14. I've had mine for 16 months now with no problems. Hauled two recliners in the little bed. Moved a gun safe and 1,000 pounds of lawn fertilizer. Gets about 27 miles to the gallon. So far I am very pleased with it. Mine was just a bit over $24,000 out the door with taxes and everything . If anyone is interested in one, Ford is opening the order banks to dealers for 2024 models on July 17. You will need to see a dealer and order quickly when the order banks open as the orders for 2023 models all sold out last year in 5 days. They got 100,000 orders in 5 days. That is all they can build in a year.
  15. $35 shipped. I posted a photo in the classifieds.
  16. I have a set of Altamont Super Walnut checkered to fit Single Six or Wrangler. I'll post them in the classifieds in a few minutes so you can see them.
  17. If you can't find it locally, let me know. I'll loan you my tube to do your gun and you can bring it back after you are finished.
  18. Simichrome Polish. Made in Germany. I believe I got mine from Brownells. Put some on a soft cloth and lots of elbow grease. It does wonders. I put it on a toothbrush and use it to remove powder residue off the cylinder face of stainless revolvers.
  19. Reminds me of an old RG 22 revolver.


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