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  1. My concern is that with a “good cause” standard it is very likely that a lot of victims of domestic violence and stalking just had their addresses and other personal information doxxed to those that would do them harm. Hopefully this won’t lead to someone being directly harmed.
  2. Correct. This has no bearing on the Standard or Lifetime EHCP.
  3. If you read the document @GlockSpockposted in full, it actually does explain it pretty well. This is only applicable to the Concealed HCP (and they were sloppy as hell as is their norm when they wrote that law). There was no renewal fee attached to the renewal of the Concealed HCP. This fee and change in renewal term from 8 down to 5 years covers the costs associated with the required background checks for the permit renewals. While TN did adopt a version of permitless carry, this is a separate program and they have no relation to each other in practice or administration.
  4. Generally because non-NATO stamped ammo like this is not destined for NATO supply chains. While it may be loaded to NATO spec, and is often labeled as “surplus” it is actually often manufactured for commercial sale.
  5. I know I’ve carried $20+ million of pharmaceuticals in my trailers multiple times.
  6. Actual picture of NYC Mayor Eric Adams and his team contemplating suicide. Cope and seethe.
  7. Here are a selection from some early but that really stick out to me. Thomas majority opinion and the concurrences brought the ####ing fire. Unambiguously stating that the 2A recognizes a right, not privilege, to bear arms outside the home. Explicit rejection of a two step process Thomas invoked Dredd Scott and explicitly tied gun control to its racist roots Alito goes in HARD after the dissenting Justices’ nonsensical arguments. This is a truly worst case scenario ruling for gun controllers. Here is some salt from one of our favorite histrionic anti-2A sh!itweasels. Cope and seethe. Cope and seethe.
  8. Thomas issued a maximalist ruling that renders most gun control in the US presumptively unconstitutional. This is a huuuuuuuge deal.
  9. I just realize something that cannot be an accident. This opinion was written by Justice Clarence Thomas and today is his birthday.
  10. Mark this day folks. This was a mortal blow to gun control in the US. The bar for control is no longer intermediate scrutiny. It’s not even strict scrutiny. It is now set at Text & History which I believe means little of current gun control regulations will stand up to pass muster.
  11. Christian Craighead, he was the SAS operative who assisted in the stopping 2019 Nairobi, Kenya hotel terrorist attack. He was in town for training, grabbed his gear out of his vehicle and went in to help. Got a bunch of medals for it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nairobi_DusitD2_complex_attack
  12. Every time you think that surely it can’t get any worse a new detail is revealed and we find out that it absolutely gets worse. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2022/06/21/officer-husband-of-slain-uvalde-teacher-was-detained-had-gun-taken-away-after-trying-to-save-wife/ Before this is all over with there is a significant possibility that Pete Arredondo‘s name will be placed next to Lon Horiuchi’s in the hall of shame of egregious acts of malfeasance by law-enforcement.
  13. The head of the Texas DPS lays it out quite clearly right here. As he says everything that we the public and law-enforcement agencies have learned and settled on as doctrine since Columbine was disregarded here. In the case of a mass shooting like this you don’t wait for back up. You don’t wait for equipment. You go in even if it’s you by yourself. That is explicit and clear in the training that the officers in Uvalde have received on multiple occasions even just weeks prior to this. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CfEpaToltGu/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= There is zero excuse for what happened here.
  14. Merged thread, kept new title to assist finding topic.
  15. I carry a G19 sized gun, so that’s essentially a full-size. I’m a truck driver and spend probably 80% or more of my waking hours in and around vehicles. The barrier blind properties of the critical duty round’s flex lock bullet are something that are important to me. I do use the critical defense in my Hellcat as that is a round choice that is designed for the subcompact format.
  16. It’s my go to defensive ammo as well. It functions well out of my guns and hopefully that’s as much as I ever learn about how well it functions as a defensive round.
  17. This is correct. Lake City is wholly owned by the U.S. Gov. and operation of the plant is contracted out. Olin took over the contract just a couple years ago.
  18. I have at least twice that much in my stash.
  19. That’s very true, and now you’ll hear a very rare thing from me, I’m totally ok with that in this instance. Regardless, nuclear energy and strengthening the power grid should be a national project on the level or greater than of the creation of the TVA in the first place.
  20. We really need to be going full on into nuclear. I don’t understand how this isn’t so completely effing obvious to everyone.


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