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  1. I mean, I’ve got one. Don’t use it much. What little radio traffic there is generally amounts to folks hopping on when there’s a backup and cussing at each other or the same person asking what’s going on a million times. I really don’t know of any truckers using ham radios in the cab. The reality is that folks are using alerts from Waze and Google maps to figure out traffic snarls. Nobody talks on the CB anymore because we are now on the phone using a Bluetooth headset with friends all over the country instead of the drivers in a 2 mile radius.
  2. To fit the Holosun you have to remove the rear recoil lugs and reduce the height of the front lugs.
  3. Ian from Forgotten weapons has a very successful YouTube channel built on that very subject so I don’t think you’re all alone there.
  4. Making a regulatory decision based on political considerations? Why, that’s a shocking assertion. I would never suggest that sort of thing. /s
  5. There a Russian Deathcore band that are just really damn awesome. And yes, I would say darker than slipknot. On the other hand, slipknot sneaks in a whole lot of heavy death metal and hard-core elements into the music that people don’t really notice. They’re sneaky like that.
  6. It can identify as whatever it wants but when you check under inside the pants, it ain’t a HiPower.
  7. The difference between this and the FN offering is that this is still an HiPower inside. It’s got some modern upgrades on it, but it is undeniably still a HP.
  8. These are great points and handled in good training. A handheld flashlight and a wml aren’t an either or situation. They’re complimentary and one should have both.
  9. It is very much a reasonable price. It is just a niche caliber. If I was in that part of TN this week I’d’ve already picked it up. Depending on my schedule next week, I might be in touch.
  10. Oh yes. We may be a bit less uncouth, (we don’t do things like run around screaming from the top of our lungs about “two world wars!”) but we are still very passionate about what is the pinnacle of JMB’s pistol designs.
  11. Man, the more I read about this, the less excited for it I am. It doesn’t actually seem to be a HiPower. It just looks like one. It’s not compatible with OG HiPower magazines or any of the aftermarket upgrades on the internals. It really seems to be a wholly different gun wrapped in a vaguely HP looking shell.
  12. They did. Hell, you should read the arguments against making the switch from horses to tanks.
  13. I would strongly recommend getting some more training that is current from someone competent enough to give it. i’m not going to argue or belabor the point with you. Much like the gentleman you mentioned, I realize that it wouldn’t be a fruitful or productive debate. but not for the reasons you think.
  14. Expressly political topics unrelated to the second amendment are not fit subjects for conversation here. Thank you for your cooperation.
  15. Being an actual FN and the fact that there were $11-1200 when discontinued, this pricing is expected. It was always going to be a premium offering.


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