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  1. Happy Father’s Day y’all.
  2. As the law currently sits, they are legal because they do require a separate pull of the trigger for each round fired. As far as how long, who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I like the slogan that the FPC has started using. “F*** you, No!”
  4. Hey y’all, this item is marked sold, so thankfully that’s not an issue, but sale threads are not the place for debates and discussions. Please refrain from engaging in them and crapping in trading post threads in the future. Thanks, y’all.
  5. That’s awesome. Time to humblebrag here. I scored mine for $400 from a friend of mine who offloaded the project gun for what he had in it.
  6. If I’m patient and don’t get into a hurry, after recouping costs by selling the takeoffs, I should be able to get this done for less than $1k all in including original purchase price.
  7. Not necessary. I’m very, very happy about this acquisition. Even in this horrible configuration, I stole it for the price I paid for it. The receiver alone is worth as much or more than I paid for it.
  8. It is completely legal. It’s so legal you can own it in AWB states. This is what a proper FAL looks like.
  9. I don’t dig the modernized FAL’s so much. I have a early DSA FAL on an LMT receiver that was converted to a para-FAL by Mark Graham at ARS. I’m most likely going to throw an Imbel barrel group I can get on there than then piece together a lower with as much Imbel parts I can acquire. Then sell the Izzy HB group to recoup some costs.
  10. And it’s mine. This is an CAI built, AWB era Izzy heavy barrel on an Imbel receiver. Still not sure what way I’m going with it, but it will be rehabbed and turned into a legitimate FAL once again.
  11. I own both. The Magpul is lighter, but overall function is equivalent. They’re in the same class and perform equally well. I still prefer the Harris for my traditional style rifles, but for AR or more “tactical” platforms, they’ll get the Magpul.
  12. My guess (and there is no way to know) is that someone bought that, swapped it out and returned it. Amazon didn’t actually check it and placed it back in stock so you got the bunk item.
  13. Less than great band on Lower Broadway.
  14. Looking for an old Aimpoint 5000. This was an early 90s era red dot sight. It’s alright if it’s salty as long as it’s functional.
  15. https://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=2024 This should help on that front. He apparently has a rifle that managed to avoid the BM-59 conversion.
  16. I have USCCA. I don’t make use of the training materials they offer, but carry them strictly for the insurance. I’ve never had to make use of their services, thank God, so I can’t say anything other than I liked their coverage options the best. *Thread moved to proper forum section.*
  17. Truck stop I just visited had a vax clinic set up on site. Pretty cool.
  18. Fair warning, the market prices for milsurps has only gone upwards in the last decade or so. Unless you get one handed down to you or manage to score one of those deals that folks talk about for years, these prices are likely as cheap as you’re going to see them. They’ll only go up from here. Sadly, 5 -10 years from now we will look back on these as being affordable.
  19. But I’m just an unpaid intern. Crap. I guess this means I’m not getting the big money Mod job, eh? Crap n


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