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  1. You shouldn’t put quality knives in the dishwasher.
  2. Brownell’s dropped a optics cut slide for the regular P365. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/slide-parts/slides/holosun-507k-cut-slides-for-p365-prod147454.aspx
  3. I post the link and wait for it to process. After a couple seconds it embeds. Of course I only view the board through iOS.
  4. Also, we do have a form a permitless carry. If you are eligible to get a permit, you can carry, but there are more limitations on where you can carry.
  5. I hate that you got scammed like that, but I greatly appreciate that you posted this warning. On a general note, this is a good opportunity to say this again for anyone who reads this thread. Anytime a business website does not have a standard payment processor system in place and asks for payments through Zelle, Cashapp, Paypal Friends & Family, etc it is a scam. When dealing with individuals you have to choose your own level of risk comfort. No legitimate business operates that way. Full stop.
  6. This would be the correct classification if they transferred in without an upper attached. These are receivers, not complete firearms so they are not a pistol or a rifle. That means they are 100% neutral with regards to how you choose to build them.
  7. You wanting individuals, or a shingle? I can confidently and in good conscience recommend Parashooter Gear products. I have this as a shingle and it’s excellent. https://www.parashootergear.com/product-page/volk
  8. I tapped out after four episodes.
  9. Their reputation is horrible. It’s both earned and overblown at the same time. They’re the biggest trucking company in the US, so it follows that they’ll appear to be involved in a larger number of accidents simply due to the number of trucks on the road. At the same time they have a lot of accidents. Like, a LOT.
  10. No, I just hadn’t replied yet. I do have a life that involves activities other than TGO.
  11. @hossI’ll shoot you a PM and I’ll answer your questions there.
  12. Another option for “not made by commies” if you don’t need a k sized optic is the Steiner MPS. Buddy of mine was so impressed by the first one he bought he got a second one. Considering his detachment just won the Larry Thorne award, I trust his judgement.
  13. Oh there’s a certain point in this hobby where you cross the threshold from spending your time shooting to you spending most of your time shopping for parts and ammo.
  14. Ammoseek is always a safe bet to find the cheapest prices.


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