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  1. I don't know how many 22s I've had or what scopes I've had on all of them.  However, I do know that my favorite so far has been an old Tasco 4 x 32. I find variable power scopes to be distracting on 22s.  That being said, I don't shoot competitions or anything. My 22s are used to shoot squirrels and groundhogs.  They get tossed around in the truck, get knocked over, get bumped up against trees, and almost neglected.  I have this old Tesco on a 10/22, and I have a Simmons 3-9x32 on another 10/22.  The Tasco is much more clear than the Simmons, especially if you turn the Simmons up to 9.     This is not the same model I have, but I'm thinking about buying it and replacing the Simmons.      http://www.opticsplanet.com/tasco-riflescope-ph3-9x32.html
  2. If you're looking for a higher power scope without busting the bank, I would highly recommend the Vortex Crossfire series.  It is certainly on the more economical end of the spectrum.  I have one on a Remington 700 .308 and could not be more happy.  I have only shot the gun to about 300 yards.  I've looked at about 800 yards, and I most definitely would feel comfortable using the scope at that distance.  Below is the model I have.    http://shop.opticsplanet.com/vortex-crossfire-ii-6-18x44-ao-rifle-scope.html?_iv_code=VX-RS-CSSAO6-CF2-31033&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=plusbox-beta&gclid=CKic24P4iMsCFVAvgQodg-MHcg
  3. I am proud to say that I have absolutely no idea who this lady is.  Therefore, I could give a rat's ass what she thinks about anything.  I'm going to go out a limb and say that the majority of people in MS would feel the way. 
  4. To my recollection, I have never shot Glock 27.  I have owned and shot other Glocks, and they are fine pistols.  I would not knock anyone who carries one.  However, I carry an SR9c daily.  I have never had an issue from it.  It fits my hand well, I can shoot it well, and it conceals well.  I like it well enough that I can say, without reservation, that I would never trade my SR9c for a Glock.  If I were given a Glock and did not have an SR9c, knowing what I know now, I would sell it to buy a Ruger.    As far as the military / LEO argument, there are many reasons why Glock is so widely used, and again, I am not going to knock Glock.  However, I would not let that alone persuade me one way or the other.  To me, that is akin to saying, "The majority of LEOs have Dodges for patrol cars, so my next vehicle is going to be a dodge.  They must be the best for the job."     They are both reliable guns; pick which ever fits you and your needs the best.   As an aside, this response was very annoying to type.  My computer (Surface) autocorrects Glock to Block and Ruger to Roger. 
  5. Didn't know we had so many damn Yankees hanging around here.  :)   Congratulations on your escape and welcome to TN.  I think you'll enjoy your time here. 
  6. My lovely wife got me a 10/22 Takedown.  She kind of a prepper, so it was an easy sell for get one for our bug out bag. 
  7.   I know yours does.  I was responding to Bersa's question regarding a late 70s Blazer. 
  8.   It has been a while since I messed with the older four wheel drives, but if I remember correctly, some of the np203 transfercases, which came in the 1/2 ton trucks, were full time four wheel drive with the option to lock them into a more traditional four wheel drive mode.  Just like an open differential, if there was nothing but slip from the front axle, all the power would go to the front with the hubs unlocked.  To make the locking hubs work on these, you had to get rid of the full time four wheel drive.    My memory is a little hazy on all that stuff, but I think that is the gist of it. 
  9. I don't think this truck would have a split axle.    As far as the hubs goes, if its been a while since they were used, in my experience, they're probably just stuck from grime in the hubs.  I would pull them off, clean and lubricate them, stick them back on, and if still no go, it'd be time for some manual hubs.
  10. If your brother hasn't specifically said, "Hey, don't carry your gun here," or other similar words, there would be no question what I would do.    I carry every single day.  I don't care where I am going.  If anyone tells me they don't want me to carry a gun at their house, I would respect their wishes, and then I'd make a decision if I wanted to go or not.  In the past approximately 10 yrs that I've been carrying, I've never once been asked if I were carrying.  If it has been spotted, nobody has ever asked me about it.  All that is to say that my opinion, for basically all situations, is that if you keep your mouth shut and your gun concealed, there will be no issue.    I had Thanksgiving dinner at my house with ten friends and family members. I had an sr9c concealed on my hip the whole time.  Conversation was good, turkey was great, and guns were never a topic. 
  11. Yeah, TSC is certainly on the short list of my favorite stores.  Good service, good prices, and good selection; that about does it for me. 
  12. I bough my wife a new LCP recently. I decided to go run a few rounds through it before I turned it over to her. All I had for a target was Santa. I placed him at about 7-10 yards and let them fly. [URL=http://s1207.photobucket.com/user/72-oj/media/santa_zpsbzwsslbk.jpg.html][/URL] My wife wears scrubs on most days at work and wanted something that could be easily carried with scrubs. I installed a pocket clip on it, so she can clip it in her waistband. She's not going to enjoy shooting it, but these guns were never intended to be shot much. I have one that I've shot a decent amount, and they can be surprisingly accurate for what they are. [URL=http://s1207.photobucket.com/user/72-oj/media/lcp_zpsuvjypytf.jpg.html][/URL]
  13. Does anyone have a good source for some 80% lowers?  Looking to pick up a few.  Thanks.
  14. I don't know what you're talking about.  You just posted two pink guns.  lol
  15. If you are considering a Ruger LCP, especially for your wife, PSA has them on sell for $199. They are pink; ordered one for my wife this morning.    http://palmettostatearmory.com/ruger-lcp-raspberry-frame-380-auto-2-75-barrel-03705.html
  16. I've had a CJ 5, had a bunch of friends with TJs and YJs, had an XJ, and a ZJ.  The CJ5 was fun, I believe it was a '72 model, had the 304 motor, however, if I had to pic a Jeep to use as a daily driver, I would get another ZJ or XJ.  My XJ was a 2 door with the 4.0 and automatic.  I eventually lifted it enough to put it on 35s with stock gears, motor, and tranny, and I could still brake hold it an spin the rear tires on pavement.  The ZJ had the 318, auto, and all wheel drive.  For a vehicle to drive daily and in inclement weather, you can't beat it.  Those jeeps have plenty of power, ride great, get decent fuel mileage, and the all wheel drive makes them great on slick roads.  Both XJs and ZJs can be found much cheaper than the TJs.  Perhaps you might want to consider them. 
  17. Looks like those have been detailed, but check for mud caked up under them; in the frame rails, over the gas tank, etc. you just don't want one that's been buried in mud. It will kill all the seals and bearings. I know they are jeeps and all that, but if you're looking for a daily driver, a mall crawler is what you want.
  18. I am sorry to hear of your Father's diagnosis.  That is an awesome gift.    Treasure the time you have left and bury whatever issues you had from the past that kept you from having a relationship.  My father passed a little over two months ago. There is nothing I wouldn't give to have another day with him.
  19. TNWNGR, thanks for the information.  I may do some digging to figure out when this one was made, just for curiosity sake.  I am certainly no S&W expert.  In fact, this will make the only S&W I own or have ever owned. 
  20. My father passed away a couple of months ago, and he had a few guns that my mother wanted me to take. He did not have a large collections, and I have no idea of the worth of the ones he did have. However, here are a couple that are "priceless" to me. S&W 38. I'm not sure what the actual model is. Dad always said it was a Chief's Special. It was my grandfather's gun, and dad said he bought it the first year they came out with the nickel guns in this model, whatever it is. I have no idea if that story and description is accurate. I'm sure I can date it with the serial number. This is the first gun I ever shot, and it was without ear plugs. I think I still suffer from that. [url=http://s1207.photobucket.com/user/72-oj/media/382_zpsihl2sxye.jpeg.html][/URL] [url=http://s1207.photobucket.com/user/72-oj/media/381_zpsjipn9juq.jpg.html][/URL] Remington 512 Sportsmaster. I have not seen a serial number on this gun, but I have not pulled the stock off or anything to look real hard. The story on this gun is that my grandfather was a car dealer in Clarksdale MS and Paris TN. Apparently, he did some work on this old man's car who couldn't pay. My grandfather would have just done it for free, but back in those days, honest people didn't want a hand out. This rifle was the only thing of any value that this man had to offer in trade. According to my father, it looked like hell and wasn't worth anything close to the cost of the work, but my grandfather took more out of respect for the other man. My father was in junior high or high school at the time, and my grandfather just gave the gun to him. He took the gun to school to refinish the stock in shop class. Nothing has been done with the metal, and it looks like a typical old gun of that era. [url=http://s1207.photobucket.com/user/72-oj/media/5521_zpsw0ypg9p0.jpeg.html][/URL] [url=http://s1207.photobucket.com/user/72-oj/media/5522_zpsfldfbifj.jpeg.html][/URL] I, of course, would trade these guns in a blink of an eye to have my dad back, but since that will never happen, I will be proud to have them and cherish them and hopefully pass them along to my own child one day.
  21. Finally got around to running a few round through this thing yesterday.  It seems accurate enough and had a pleasant amount of recoil with the 44 mag loads.  44 special in it had about as much recoil as a 223 AR.  It definitely fuels the addiction.  I've always liked lever guns, but lately, it seems I've been distracted by ARs and tacticool crap.  Time to get back to the more simple and classic stuff.  Now, I guess the search is on for one in 38 / 357 :yum: , or a Ruger 44 mag revolver. 
  22. My buddy and I built a reflux still several years ago.  We did make a couple of runs of whisky; never sold any, didn't even drink the first batch.  We just wanted to do it to see if we could.  It is not that hard to built your own, and it can certainly be done for less than $700.  Ours was not as pretty, but it probably distilled a more pure product.  If you are wanting it to produce fuel :cool: , I would think a reflux still would be even more import to have over a pot still so you have a more pure and consistent product.  With a reflux still, you can place a thermometer at the top of the column so you know when each type of alcohol is coming off, and you can turn it off when you start boiling the water off.      As for heat sources, the only thing I ever used was a propane burner.  Regardless of the heat source, the most important thing is to take your time heating it up.  I think propane would be easier to keep at a constant temp, but if you were to use wood, I think a reflux still would help you again.  With a reflux still, you can have a decent amount of temperature fluctuation in your pot, but the temp at the top of the column will remain fairly constant which is what will allow your product to stay more pure.    Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have specific questions about construction.  You are obviously a pretty handy guy, so it would not be hard for you to build one.  Ours was not any kind of show piece, but it worked well and probably cost less than $200 total.  It has long since been destroyed, otherwise I'd probably just give it to you. 
  23. When my wife and I built a house, we will be building a safe room.  It was actually her idea.  For one, she thinks we can never have too many guns (I'd say she's right on that one), and two, she is terrified of tornados.  She wants a fortified room to take shelter.    Ideally, I would like to built a house with a drive in basement and build the safe room into the hill at the end opposite end behind a hidden door.  If that is not feasible, the idea above would be the next best option, but it's difficult to hide an entire room within a structure like a house.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out when there is space missing when walking around a house. 


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