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  1. Any update on RSS feeds? I'm missing everything.
  2. Doesn't anybody else miss the RSS feeds? I use them on my phones and in Firefox to follow this and other forums.
  3. I can't seem to find the RSS feed for new topics. Forgive me if this was already discussed.
  4. The OP states that his primary reason for open carry is so that people will notice and spark up conversations... that is just asking for unintended consequences. I carry to protect myself, not to educate people. I would guess way more people complain to the store manager than spark up conversations.
  5. My point is that sometimes the fight isn't worth it. By refusing to answer that question, getting mouthy about it, or attacking that school with lawyers, you will no doubt bring the entire schools attention to the fact that you DO have guns in the house. A simple "no" would have made the situation go away and no one would know who to rob, which as stated above was a big reason for not bragging about what you have in your house. Then you could quiety complain to the principal. There is a difference between comprising your principles and "what they don't know won't hurt them." While the kid
  6. Perhaps the 9mm would be a better option... my wife would certainly not enjoy the .40. She has a 738 and it's quite reliable, but she shoots my 9mm guns better than anything. CDNN usually has the pink Taurus models for good price.
  7. Speaking your mind either at school or at work will seldom be a benefit. Better to learn that in high school than at the wrokplace. Sometimes you have to just give them the answer they want. It certainly sucks but you won't win in most situations.
  8. If he actually said "none of your damn business," I would expect trouble to follow. A simple "I decline to answer" would have been more appropriate ... then he didn't do anything wrong and if he got in trouble you would have a complaint. "Im not comfortable answering that" would be another option. "Please contact my parents if that is a problem." I absolutely agree this should be off limits... but you can't curse at your teacher without trouble. Good luck whatever your next step is... but be professional in your argument, it will go much further than attitude will. I probably just would
  9. I use a few patches of Windex followed by normal cleaning/oiling... as Mike said above, I've never had any ill effects either. Don't over-think it. I clean as soon as I get home, within an hour or two, not at the range. Never had any rust on my patches.
  10. My dad bought one earlier this year and didn't keep it long enough for me to try it. He said it was very awkward to shoot and sold it after one range trip. Don't think he lost much money on it.
  11. The gibson showcase will not reopen with the mall. They moved production to the custom shop and called it quits.
  12. Allan's Armory - Historical Firearms from around the World Got a sweet 91/59 from there. Everything is hand picked, photographed and described so you know the exact rifle you will get.
  13. You may think the Cosmoline is gone, but after you shoot a few rounds it gets hot enough to seep out. That's most often the cause of "sticky bolt" syndrome in these rifles. I used a bore brush attached to my drill to clean the last bit from the chamber when this happened on my first Mosin. Saw that on a surplus rifle forum somewhere. I was sure I had it thoroughly cleaned, but I still had the sticky bolt, and therefore cosmoline. Eventually, you will shoot it all out... but that may take awhile and a sticky bolt strips a lot of fun out of these rifles.
  14. looks like $699 free shipping at the moment.


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