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  1. Sold, I'll take it! Also interested in a few of your others, PM sent with my contact info.
  2. I'm in for 2 of these. Serial #22 and #722. Can't wait to see the photos!
  3. I got in on several TGO knives and I really love them, but I missed a few and I can use a few extras. So I'm looking to buy any auto knives, especially if you have any of the TGO models but TGO customization isn't required, and my favorites are the Rockeye, Godfather, and Godson. Or any other similar auto knives, even OTF. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  4. I'm in for several, I'll let you know how many when I see the price.
  5. I generally never put anything on my vehicle that would hint that I am carrying guns, for the same reasons that I never open-carry. But I was one of the first to sign up for the NRA license plate and it has produced very positive results on at least 6 different occasions. I recommend getting an NRA plate and buying more TGO gear like hats, shirts, or an upgraded membership.
  6. Best TGO gift I've ever seen. Huge amount of class and caring, generosity. Wow.
  7. There's lots of reasons to be cautious about what you post online. Nearly all major employers now do a search and/or pay for a background check service that includes social media search results, because they don't want to hire a nut like Leonard Embody which might initially show a reasonably clean employment record with no formal criminal history or felonies but is otherwise a loose cannon / risk due to extreme or radical social behavior. Also, many employers can terminate you for having a negative or undesirable social profile which would reflect badly on their company or brand, especiall
  8. ^^^This. They don't need to scan anything. They already keep permanent digital records of every firearm serial number, make, and model manufactured and transferred along with the dealer that transferred it, and date transferred. Anyone that believes that they don't also keep the NAME and (DL or SSN) of the recipients along with all of that data is a fool. Just like those who refused to believe in the government illegally monitoring / wiretapping mass phone calls until Snowden exposed some of the proof. Those who would give up essential liberties for safety will get neither, but this won't
  9. I personally know a former FFL that had this happen 3 times during his license period, which he ended up turning in the license on the last time because they were threatening to heavily fine him for every minor detail or mistake they could find. I personally inspected his books and forms and saw that everything was in good general order, no funny business. He would occasionally miss transcribing one or two words from the sales receipt to the 4473, but in those cases he had the info stapled or clipped to the form and had followed all the laws and checks, so it was just a few trivial paperwork d
  10. I have all the professional sight tools and will gladly adjust it for you for free if you meet me in the Lebanon area.
  11. I'm after quite a few things but they're all unique such as holsters and parts for specific guns, and most of them cost more than I'd want Santa to spend on me so I'd be thrilled with a gift card to Amazon, Midway USA, Palmetto State Armory, Aim Surplus, Sarco, or a similar place. Or just surprise me with something cool... that's what gifts are supposed to be, right? :D
  12. The NRA monthly magazines all contain a column titled the Armed Citizen which typically has 6-10 true stories per month of legally armed citizens preventing crime or mass injuries in the US. Nearly all of these stories are ignored by the mainstream liberal media and are only rarely published via short articles buried in section B23 next to a bunch of advertising.


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