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  1. I found a place to run a ratchet strap through the middle that only touches the frame. I added a bungee cord to the rear wheel to keep it from lifting. Cycle Gear didn't have any wheel straps in stock. Now it feels even more secure. Think this is secure enough for a 35 minute drive to Windrock tomorrow?
  2. I don't see a place on my bike to do this. Haven't found a way to run it through the swing arm either.
  3. Do they sell these blocks or do I need to make one? I do have a fork saver to help protect the fork and keep them from compressing when I hit bumps like you describe.
  4. It feels fairly secure right now. I'm using the pull tight straps you mentioned. I'd feel a little better if I added an additional strap somewhere. I think I might be able to get one across the swing arm but below the chain. I'll mess around with it tonight and see what I can come up with.
  5. Well, I have officially moved up to gas. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about missing the ebike. It was just so easy to ride. Everyone that rode it, loved it. This 2021 CRF125 Big Wheel was ridden so little it still has the hairs on the front tire. Anyways, Does anyone have a suggestion for strapping this thing down? I don't see a good place to run a ratchet strap through the middle like I did on the Talaria.
  6. Visiting my friend in Fentress County. They all agreed the Talaria is more fun than the ATV's.
  7. Post the link please. I'm under hotline and still don't see an option to renew.
  8. Yep. This website is terrible. I haven't found the link to renew my membership that lapsed.
  9. Recreational pot smoking is no worse than recreational drinking. In fact, I'd argue that alcohol is worse for the body in just about every measurable way. Eventually people will realize it doesn't make sense to criminalize it any longer.
  10. Wouldn't you still have maintenance like brakes, ball joints, tie rods, shocks, etc? Aside from oil changes it seems like maintenance would be about the same. Granted, I realize a lot of people don't actually replace their suspension components like they should.
  11. Unpopular opinion coming. I would carry your G43 and buy bear spray.
  12. At this rate I'm expecting someone to claim they pocket carry their Desert Eagle.
  13. If I started wearing overalls I could cancel my plans to get a vasectomy. My wife would quickly lose interest in me.
  14. Dropped the price. Also, if anyone has a 125-250cc dirt bike they want to trade, let me know.
  15. I had the exact same thought.
  16. Toyota is having issues with the new Tundra. Several blown engines from members on the Tundra forum. I agree quality has declined but I think that's across the board. It's all about maximizing profit. OP is looking for a used truck around 30,000 which would work for an older Tundra.
  17. Everyone that answered with something other than Toyota is just wrong. Jesus will forgive you but I will not.
  18. I don't understand how you can comfortably pocket carry some of these guns. Y'all got some big pockets.
  19. You get what you pay for. I'm pretty sure you could find one in your price range. MPG, horrible. If you are concerned about fuel economy then Toyota will disappoint. What you save on fuel with the other big 3 you will likely lose with future repairs. My 21 year old Tundra still has the original fuel pump, power steering pump, alternator and starter. It doesn't leak any fluids and doesn't burn any oil. There are people on the Tundra forum with 350k-700k miles. Original engines and transmissions.
  20. No one makes a better truck than Toyota. Sorry, not sorry. I would look for a used Tundra long bed online.
  21. Is this typically cheaper than insuring through your homeowners insurance? I pay extra on our homeowners policy to make sure my firearms are covered. My collection on guns is fairly small compared to many here on TGO.
  22. Gotcha. Have you looked at Watauga Lake in farr east TN? It looks amazing. Douglas lake is also very nice if you haven't been. Similar to Norris.


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