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  1. I was honestly surprised to see them practice treating their wounded. I thought they would just leave them for dead.
  2. Spotted in West Knoxville this morning. Maybe serious rather than funny?
  3. Got a link to said code? I'd like to read it.
  4. Is that confirmed? I've read several conflicting opinions on this.
  5. Being a pilot, you might enjoy a podcast I found called Inside the Black Box. The narrator is a dry British guy but the content is great. He explains some of the most famous aviation disasters in history. Your comment stuck out to me because many of these crashes happened after very experienced pilots screwed up. The Fairchild Air Base crash is a good example.
  6. You're correct. I misinterpreted that last transmission. That YouTube channel has since released a follow up video that breaks it down. I still think they will conclude the pilot was the root cause of the crash. Seems like it was completely preventable.
  7. I already said this exact same thing hours ago and posted the audio...
  8. It's starting to look like pilot error is likely. It looks like the pilot thought he was at a much higher altitude and visibility was poor. The last transmission before they drop off radar is ATC warning him he's too low. A lot of aviation experts on Reddit are saying they shouldn't have been flying in those conditions.
  9. Perhaps not. No echo his point, my AR never leaves the safe while by MPX gets shot regularly. I'll bring it to the range when we go. Thinking week after next if you're free. I'll PM you and Mac.
  10. I'm not really interested in a Glock clone. At $300 I just just about buy a used Glock trade in. Maybe I'm not understanding the benefits in addition to price. What am I missing?
  11. I like PSA a lot. The owner is a real entrepreneur. I will admit that their online experience is a lot better their physical store in SC. When I visited it was underwhelming. That MP5 clone looks like a ton of fun.
  12. Thanks for linking this as I had forgotten about it. 6 years ago I used his test of the Gold Dot in .380 to pick that for my wife's p238. I'm comfortable with that round consistently hitting 10-12" with decent expansion. I disagree with the notion that one must carry ball ammo in .380ACP but if that makes someone more comfortable I understand. I just think modern .380 ammo has improved enough to meet my needs.
  13. True. I mean all minorities though. Tons of the Puerto Ricans I met in Orlando owned guns. They are catching on.
  14. This reminds me. What's up with your Scout you bought?
  15. While I get the point, the crowd was 98% white from what I saw. We need more representation from our minority gun owners. I'm just not sure how to make that happen. I think having Colion as a spokesman is helping though.
  16. Wife worked in insurance. It follows the vehicle, not the driver. It's what they call permissive use if someone else is driving. You're paying to insure your vehicle. It doesn't matter if your cousin wrecks it. Your insurance is still going to be the one paying out. Him having or not having insurance doesn't make any difference that I'm aware of.
  17. Do we know who the speakers are? I heard they were only "given" 1 hour to speak. How does TGO feel about the guys that showed up fully kitted out, including helmet, chest rigs etc?
  18. Has anyone found a live feed to the rally?
  19. Yep. My mom's side of the family is from Minnesota. I was annoyed when we lost the ability to carry there.
  20. I'm a fan of the 4.7L. Not the most powerful V8 but they run forever. I've seen 3 documented Tundras with the 4.7L hit 1M miles. The GX's are starting to come down in price and I may scoop one up at some point.
  21. I had a rare 2003 Maxims. That car was quick! Surprised a lot of people. You should have kept that 470!
  22. I've heard 3.blow also. Both accurate.
  23. That's awesome. Did he just trade in constantly or collect a few at a time?
  24. 91 4Runner with the terrible 3.0L. It was a mechanical nightmare but a ton of fun. It started my love affair with 4x4 Toyota vehicles that continues to this day.

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