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  1. I went to the DMV in West Knoxville a few months ago and I was in and out in 30 minutes. Can't ask for much better than that.
  2. I've tried two different photo compressing apps with no luck. What a pain.
  3. No matter what picture I try to use, they are all too big for my profile pic. I've been trying to change mine for months.
  4. That ending was ridiculous but typical for us to almost blow a 17 point lead. So glad we won. Need to change my avatar.
  5. Is that a typo? Of course gas is higher than 22 years ago.
  6. The city owns some land near me that is just unused woods with some walking paths people made. I was hoping for more developed trails but it's clear few people go there.
  7. I'm not sure yet but it seems pretty good. They advertise it as 60 miles but I'm sure that's on ECO mode, and mostly flat. My neighborhood has massive hills. I've been reading about lithium ion batteries and how to prolong the life. One guy said they want to live their life around 50%. I haven't charged it past 80% and will try to keep it between 30-80%. Today I rode for an hour and it went from 80-62%.
  8. I've been wearing this thing out riding around West Knoxville. I had a guy stop me and ask all kinds of questions. He wants to sell his two stroke dirt bike and buy one. I will say, with no experience riding off road these trails kicked my butt. Guys make it look easy online. Aside from that guy, most people don't may any attention to me. I'm very cautious around other vehicles.
  9. They actually make a pedal kit for it. I assume it's at least partially for this reason.
  10. Judging from what I've seen and read online, you can get away with a lot. I passed a few cars in my neighborhood and didn't get a 2nd glance. Most people are going to assume I'm on a small motorcycle or a bike of some kind. A few people in other states said they got stopped by cops who only wanted to know where they could buy one. They are starting to crack down in California though. Go figure.
  11. It has arrived! Took it for a quick spin earlier. It's a blast. Surprising amount of torque and I haven't "unlocked" full power yet. I'll do that tomorrow.
  12. Had South Florida beat Florida last night I would have won $350. They almost pulled it off. My only hope is that the Vols find a way to beat them this year.
  13. We bought our RAV4 new in 2012. It now has 140,000 miles and the only repair I've done was a $30 upper radiator hose. Other than that I've only done routine maintenance. It gets 28-29 MPG highway. The newer RAV4s get even better MPG.
  14. Yes the SurRon and Talaria are very similar. People that made the SurRon broke off and started Talaria. The main difference is that the SurRon has a belt, and the Talaria has a gear box. From what I read, you can't go wrong with either.
  15. No local dealer. I had to order from a company on the West coast and they ship it in a box. It's mostly assembled. I have to install the front wheel and handlebars. That would have been my preference too. I really wanted a Honda Dual sport. I'm hoping this will let me get my feet wet and once my wife sees I haven't killed myself she will ease up Having said that, I think this will be a lot of fun. The reviews are very positive. https://youtu.be/aJIN4I4tZP8
  16. I have some exciting news. I reached a compromise with my wife. Instead of ordering a motorcycle I heard about what are essentially electric dirt bikes. 50 MPH, 60 mile range. I ordered a Talaria Sting. Pretty excited about it. Here is a stock photo for now. I'll post more once I pick it up next week.
  17. When I went caving last month I fell so hard that I broke a glow stick in my backpack.
  18. Looks similar to my bag but $145 more. That's the trade off for made in the USA I guess.
  19. Yeah I wouldn't sweat it. I once saw a guy open carry at the mall during Christmas and it appeared I was the only person that noticed. Most people are clueless.
  20. I think they covered everything I would suggest. It's a beautiful area and the lake is huge. You'd need a few days to see the whole thing. I have a scar on my head I got at Norris Dam as a baby. If you end up on your boat, there should be a few restaurants on the water to eat at unless it's in the off season.
  21. It's become very difficult to find US made items like this. My Vertx bag checks most of your boxes though. It doesn't look tactical. I used it to fly to Spain and back and I also use it to haul my laptop when I go into the office. I don't think anyone notices it. I used the coupon code that Last Line of Defense has for this brand. I think it got me 20% off.
  22. This thread needs more pictures. Post a picture of your Ruger for the rest of us.


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