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  1. Yea sir, absolutely. I’m in the Memphis area so I have a few range options, I was mainly asking how others went about approaching/finding ranges that needed instructors. thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, recently I sent away and later received my state certification as a handgun instructor. I know I have to be somehow affiliated with a school to teach the course/have range time, which is where my question comes in. For those of you teaching the handgun safety course as a state certified instructor, how did you go about finding a range to affiliate yourself with? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone has a leather thumb break holster for a Glock 19/23/45 that they no longer need. If you do please let me know! Thank you-
  4. Can you elaborate on the “anything cool”? I’m super interested but don’t know where to start!
  5. What model HK's are you interested in?
  6. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, my notifications were turned off!
  7. I spoke to Holosun a few days ago and they said they were expecting the 509Ts to start coming in on the 15th, but that covid had pushed that back about a week.
  8. I'm eagerly awaiting the 509T for my G45 MOS. C&H Precision is releasing a Holosun to MOS adapter plate made of aluminum that I'll be using too.
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