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Ade Advanced Optics RD3-009-2 Red Dot Sights. Was it really improved?

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Supposedly the ade -2 version is an improvement over the original and now the question is....... worth $70? I hate to throw money away, but for average joe who will only shoot in the back yard is this going to be “good enough” for a budget optic? Anyone have experience with it?




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I don't.   But when I read what appear to be real reviews, the same thing seems to always come up with those super cheap dots.   Failure to maintain zero.  That's a massive drawback, even for the backyard plinker.  

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On 4/30/2020 at 5:23 PM, Capbyrd said:

I don't.   But when I read what appear to be real reviews, the same thing seems to always come up with those super cheap dots.   Failure to maintain zero.  That's a massive drawback, even for the backyard plinker.  

I agree completely on MOST of the cheaper options. This is true in many fields of interest, not just sights or even guns. The same applies for welders, atvs, etc. 

I have found however there is always a diamond in the rough in every field that “just works” and does a good job. That’s what I’m hoping the ADE is based off the reviews.  Here’s an example:



On a budget? By now, you know that we’ve got you covered. Or more specifically, Ade Advanced Optics has your back with this completely weatherproof and shock and fog-resistant unit that goes the distance for anyone who needs quality without spending a lot.

You won’t be sacrificing features here, either. You get a crisp five MOA dot and five illumination settings. This provides a clear picture in any lighting condition. Additionally, the lenses aren’t cheap—they offer precision grounding with no discernable parallax. You get full windage and elevation adjustments, which are lockable, and unlimited eye relief.

There are no annoying trade-offs. The battery is loaded from the top and easy to access. Installation is straightforward and each part seems to be of consistently high quality, operating smoothly with the Glock during and after loading up.

That said, this is a budget solution. It works beautifully for what it is, but you’re not getting an auto-off feature. Nor are you getting any particularly great enhancement to the picture beyond the adjustable lightness. It also will not automatically find the best lightness setting for you, as you will have to do it manually. In short, you’re sacrificing handholding for a unit that costs a fraction of what others do.

We think that’s a more than fair offer. If you’re looking for a budget red dot sight that is still high-quality, durable, and weatherproof, Ade Advanced Optics agrees with us that you shouldn’t have to settle.

Bottom Line

For those on a budget, Ade Advanced Optics provides a red dot sight that maintains high quality standards and performance.


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8 hours ago, One1 said:

Tons of verified purchase reviews on it as well. 


no idea because I don’t have it yet, but in a couple days I’ll be able to give impressions and i put 250-300 rnds a week in so it’ll get a workout. If it’s going to have issues I’ll find them. 

Meh, I'd still be cautious.  



Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 7.52.25 AM


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I never read any reviews on sale sites before buying i use YouTube to see real peoples results, then bore myself with amazon reviews after. I’m having a hard enough time dealing with the ebay seller that has a preship number pending for 5 days unshipped. I registered with ebay, paypal, etc the month they went live pre-2k. That old trick to delay ship doesn’t work for me.  If the red dot doesn’t work the way I want I’ll just go to Bass Pro and grab a vortex - might anyway.  I’m really just interested in seeing if this is the diamond in the rough. They do exist in every category where a company gets aspirations and wants to be a decent company but not pay the copyrights for the software. 

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Well most people can’t put these side by side because they usually buy an ADE because they can’t afford the Viper  I’m just looking for the diamond so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and buy both so i can do a comparison for everyone  

I’ve ordered both the ADE clone and picked up the Viper from Bass Pro. With the ADE being a high quality optic without the software of the Venom i suspect they are actually from the same sweatshop. $70 vs $250. We will find out in a few days when the ADE arrives.







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Then you come across as unintelligent and this isn’t for you. I don’t even OWN one. Good sleuthing. 

Back to the plan, looks like I’ll be getting the green version. Seller couldn’t provide the requested optic. I’m actually ok with this because I’ve never seen a green dot. I may like it, but pretty sure I’m more interested in a red. 

So, couple more days it seems. 



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About to just say forget it.  The seller promised me the green since they didn’t have the red. When i said ok ship the green when is it going out i got this. 


/over it. I’d love to have seen if the ADE was worth having, but it’s not worth my sanity. Unless i have tracking today showing it has left I’m filing a refund request with ebay. I’ll just use my Viper and we will assume the ADE wasn’t meant to be. 

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The most amazing thing happened, you won’t believe it.... i filed an ebay complaint and it magically shipped immediately. I may get a brick, i may get a green dot..... who knows. 

Zero’d the Viper red dot. Kinda feel lazy using it. I like the dot, but i like iron sights. I do better with them, but this was my first time with the dot. I don’t see anything changing however. People who say they can’t find the dot easily must not know where the front of the gun is. If you are used to aiming true the dot will simply be there. I just feel like the dot isn’t showing me a dead true aim in all directions like the iron sights. I’d prefer crosshairs on the dot For a reference of dead true instead of “the dot is probably on target”.  Kinda undecided.


once i got the dot zero’d then this happened.





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