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  1. if your max distance is 200 yards I would look into something cheaper to shoot than 30-06. I know .223 is hard to find, but even at today's crazy prices it is still way cheaper in the long run. I know precision rimfire is a worm hole on the cost side, but could be fun alternative if you're not looking for stopping power at 100-200 yards obviously.
  2. what is the intended use? I hear FIL and I immediately jump to a traditional style knife (think buck 110) but see Benchmade and that is typically a more "modern" look
  3. There are a handful of companies who are putting Hesco L210 Special Threat rated plate sets out regularly and they are in stock. Trex arms and Kota tactical are 2 that I know of off hand. The special threat level plates seem to be a good balance of basic rifle round stopping power without the weight/cost of going with a full rifle plate designed to stop 30-06 and other "high powered" rounds
  4. I would get a set of fixed Daniel Defense sights and call it a day. I wouldn't be too concerned with folding since you aren't putting an optic on the rifle as well.
  5. I kick myself regularly for not picking up a couple hundred PMAGs back when you could get a 100 case for $8/ea. I would simply setup a table at a gun show with a hand written sign "30rd PMAGS - $12 Each" and would leave with a 50% return after selling them all in 30 minutes
  6. FrankD


    They have bolt action rifle listed in the "assualt rifle" page. Website seems pretty sketchy to me, I would at the very least use one of the online generated one time use CC numbers and be willing to accept that I would never see that money again. I would rather give my business to a reputable dealer than risk it with this setup.
  7. Ive recently become a big fan of the olight offerings. The little i3 version is my go to pajama light, I used to use a streamlight microstream USB, but the lower low setting was really nice for me. I EDC either of the two Baton sizes, just depends what I am feeling that day. That being said I have an M2R Warrior Pro headed my way soon.
  8. Sage Dynamics posted their 507K review. Looks like it stood up to his tests the same as the 507C. Looks like a winner to me.
  9. I'm so happy to see that this thread includes printing face masks as well as rail mount scrotums.
  10. I’m so glad the tac sack comment is getting some attention! I may look around for some ideas, I’ve seen some good mag holders from other folks. Or the middle finger back up sights are good ones
  11. I assume you have special pricing for a tac sack?
  12. if the K versions have the same durability as the C/T variants they will be a hit for sure. I was bummed when I got the notification my pre order was delayed again.
  13. Now that I reread that I can see that could be the interpretation! I ordered it weeks ago and it just came today.
  14. well hot damn, I just got my order at the mailbox for the Desert Tan and purple S2R Baton IIs I ordered from them this morning. Let me look into some of their tailswitch models and I may be reaching out.
  15. if you can be patient and happen to get items in stock I think you can put together a pretty nice build for $700-800. You can save yourself a lot by picking up a lot of the parts used, but the secondary market lately has been pretty crazy with more people looking to buy than people looking to sell.
  16. Basspro has been getting Herters 9MM in 500Rd boxes for around $0.18 CPR shipped. Usually in and out of stock in less than 10 minutes so you have to be quick!
  17. to get the lightest possible you are likely going to have to build your own and combine all the "minimalist/lightweight" offerings from different companies for everything.
  18. those are the go to suburban dispatch rounds. I have a couple boxes of the CCI Quiets and the Aguila's are much quieter although haven't had any issues with the effectiveness of either.
  19. whichever one you will carry and are proficient with
  20. If the canik is cut for the RMSc it is my understanding they are they same footprint without the two locating bosses which don’t seem to be on the canik
  21. yep if you can get under $0.18/rd all said and done I would buy a couple extra boxes everytime you go to the range and build up some spares. Doesn't look like prices are going to be this low for a while.
  22. The holosun 407/507K has the same footprint as the shield and will be hitting the market in the next month or so with a street price around 220/300 respectively. Not sure how sold you are on the viper, but seems like that could be a decent alternative
  23. No kidding, there's no telling how long it would take me to hit a ballon at 1000yds with a precision rifle and decent glass. Let alone a revolver with a red dot.
  24. FrankD

    AR pistol build

    I'm a big fan of the aero R-one rail system. They make one in 9" so would be good with your 10.5" barrel. This is the exact setup I have on my 10.5 5.56 gun.

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