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  1. The Holosun circle dot optics i believe are the only ones that offer green reticles, they also give the ability for a dot only if that's what you're looking for.
  2. https://chiseledface.com/products/aftershave-splash-midnight-stag smells like old leather, hoppes #9, and gasoline. It's one of my faves.
  3. If I was running church security I would be very concerned with ease of access. "Non Traditional" holster setups like these shirts seem to be slow and cumbersome on the draw. If comfort is your concern it doesn't get better than OWB with a jacket
  4. I used one in a buddies shockwave. We ran ~100 of the mini shells through it without a hiccup.
  5. why not go with a G19 MOS? Cheap mags Runs any ammo Reliable Optics ready aftermarket support
  6. RMR is the name of the trijicon pistol sized red dot, the nomenclature gets a little fuzzy as RMR is used frequently for any pistol sized red dot. The hole patterns and footprints are standard-ish with a lot of dot manufacturers using the trijicon RMR footprint as their pattern. Some firearm manufacturers are going the plate route and offering plates that the user switches to accept multiple dot configurations. I know vortex, leupold, and trijicon are probably the most common footprints out there for full size pistols.
  7. Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if he would do better with no scope under 50 yds than I would with a red dot.
  8. Sad, you would think Cleckner would have some sort of sighting system on the FDE AR.
  9. I fit my 7.5” barreled AR in a tennis racquet case
  10. seems like the video was from concealedcarry dot com youtube channel. The other benefit to Holosun that I find more appealing is the assumed durability, the RMSc failed the sage dynamics test while the 507c has performed very well. Not to mention the circle dot reticle if you’re into that
  11. Saw something that hellcats and others with the rear recoil lugs would need to have the lugs removed and the front lugs shortened to mount the 507K, apparently a direct mount on the 365XL though
  12. I believe I saw a youtube video with the holosun rep where there was no solar option on the 507K. As for holster options, its usually a blanket "optic cut" that makes sure there is no kydex around the rear of the slide so they are generally OK with any optics. If you have a non "optics cut" holster you can likely modify it with a dremel and sandpaper to make it work as most holsters do not rely on the rear of the slide for retention.
  13. wait a while and they will show up, and if you can stomach changing the batteries 1x/year the current V1 models will likely be cheaper when the V2s start hitting people's inventory.
  14. Never trust OpticsPlanet delivery windows. THey are notorious for providing an "estimate" and just moving it out. For instance I had a Sig Romeo 0 on order from November that was 5-7 weeks and I still didn't have a clear date when I cancelled the order on Monday.
  15. The V2's are new along with the 507K and 509T. The current production 407,507,and 508 have been out for a while and have great reviews. If you are curious check out the sage dynamics 507C video on youtube.
  16. The 407 and 507 both have an RMR footprint, the hellcat has a shield rmsc cut that is much narrower. The 507k is the holosun optic for your hellcat or other single stack (Glock 48, p365, hellcat, etc.) Also I saw a youtube video and another post from someone talking with a holosun rep that the 507K is going to have the same reticle options options as the 507C with dot, circle dot, circle options. The 407K is basically the 507K with only a dot option for the reticle.
  17. Or if you are looking to save a couple $ and the circle dot reticle doesn't matter you can pick up the 407c for $50-70 less.
  18. If you like the feel/LOP of a more traditional rifle like the mini 14 but like the AR platform you could try something from flightlite. Not certain on the retail $ of these nor do I have any experience with them just throwing out an option. Otherwise I agree with Tom, fixed rifle stock is going to get you the longest LOP possible. https://fightlite.com/rifles
  19. Royal Range will accept shipments from an individual and transfer them to you for I think $45, well worth the peace of mind to know that you did everything right.
  20. This is what I was thinking, if I were to carry a 1911 style pistol I would definitely go with one of the new 2011 models. As to worry about wear and tear from use or the potential of my expensive carry gun being locked up in an evidence room I think that would be the very least of my worries in the event that I needed to use my pistol in an SD situation. Also the legal fees will far outpace the 2-3K cost of that pistol.
  21. Royal Range has Aero M4E1 lowers for $79, once you work in a transfer and shipping a lot of the "deals" online aren't much better than just buying them in the store. The M4E1's have a couple of nice upgrades as well to make the completion easier.
  22. Squared away customs has made a handful of holsters for me and I have always been impressed with the quality, but there is a decent wait time (not uncommon). I recently picked up a QVD holster for my G19 and it seems to be equally impressive.

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