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Analysis of tn's cc laws

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On 4/6/2023 at 9:22 PM, m16ty said:

We all complain about TN gun laws, but it could be much worse. It's really not all that bad.

Seems just about every state has some strange firearms laws. The thing that always bugged me about FL was the concealed part, and not allowing open carry. While I don't open carry, I still have to worry about my shirt or something riding up and revealing my gun, which can put me in violation of the law.

I have a friend in Orlando that complains about numerous cops that seem to be on a "gotcha" jihad against concealed carriers who inadvertently print or reveal. He's like, guys, really, have you nothing better to do with your time - like go after gang-bangers riding around with AK's taking pot shots at each other just for shiites and giggles ???


I concur. After moving here from Ohio, it could be much, much worse. They just recently did away with the requirement that you "promptly notify" (whatever the h*ll that means) LEO when you are carrying. Good luck when the cop orders you to shut your mouth upon initial contact, then arrests you for Failure To Notify. It has happened.

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I just moved from California and to be honest, the gun buster sign (and law) was a surprise to me.  I had a permit in CA, and while that was tough to get, I felt more freedom to carry there than here in some instances.  

The general rule there is that a business can post “No Firearms”, but if you have a permit and are “caught”, they can ask you to leave.  If you refuse, then you are trespassing and can be cited.  I’m fine with that.  Here, the thought that I would be committing a crime by entering a store with a sign seems draconian.

Has this been enforced anywhere?

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On 12/1/2022 at 10:22 PM, LSMurphy said:

I don't post much here for one simple reason, I read threads like this and I want to lash out. I have not really become acquainted with the sub-culture of TGOs yet. And frankly, most of you may not know how to take me. 

I moved here from FL 15 years ago, spent my first 42 years in the Clearwater area. After seeing what the non-Crackers had done to my state, I did not want to become just another intruder to TN. I came here with a humble attitude, I went along and got along. 

I had a CCW permit in FL and I immediately got a TN permit......IOWs I've always had a permit. 

For the life of me I cannot understand the bitching and moaning about going through the process. 

Spend a few years here before you start bitching, you might realize it's not as bad as you thought. 

I live in E TN, just outside of Newport, halfway between Knoxville and Asheville. I have yet to go anywhere, besides the obvious courthouses...etc.. where I could not carry, concealed or open......it's a non issue. 

Also, I'm routinely in VA, NC, GA, KY, SC, FL, none of those states could I carry without a permit. 

Just as in FL, years of hearing how wonderful your rustbelt states and northeastern states were...bla, bla, bla. Well, I'm a legit TN resident now and I don't want to hear it now either. 


Get accustomed to our customs or go back, that simple.


I am a born and bred East Tennessean. I was a Corps brat and later went to the Navy myself. I have lived everywhere. East Tennessee is home.  Saying anything is worse somewhere else is not relevant at all.

Saying you were the last slave to be beat and it wasn't as bad as the first slave doesn't make you any less a slave or you didn't get beat. Humans can get used to brutal stuff. I have seen it. The folks that refuse to get used to it, the ones that refuse to be quiet about injustice or tyranny, those people are the heroes. 

Not the people that sold stuff to the British soldiers in the 1770s saying the British wasn't that bad. That it was worse in India or Russia. Patriot or Torrey, I believe its time to decide.

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