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  1. So under the bill in its present form, would Open Carry thus be prohibited for a holder of a Concealed Handgun Permit ? If so, I foresee a bunch of "printing" arrests being done by any LEO who don't agree with the whole 2A concept. And they're out there. I had a conversation with a THP trooper once that absolutely curled my hair, he was so opposed to "civilians" being armed in any way, shape or form. They may or may not be few and far between, but they certainly do exist.
  2. Whitaker sure mopped the floor with Sheila Jackson-Lee, I gotta say that. That was good family entertainment, is what it was.
  3. I'm betting this guy doesn't post. If he already talked to his lawyer, and his lawyer told he "doesn't have to post" (which technically is true), then he wants to have his cake and eat it, too. He know perfectly well he'll have people coming in carrying concealed, but he can feign ignorance ("I din see nuffin"), so that he alienates the fewest people possible. But, I agree, now that the cat's out of the bag, hopefully anybody reading this makes it a point to go elsewhere.
  4. There are a number of reasons I got out of law enforcement after 9 years. ONE of them is precisely so I no longer have to deal with Shi'ite like this. I really hope the old boy doesn't get charged, but you wouldn't see me stepping up on this one in a New Yawk minute.
  5. That was in Metro Nashville. I haven't followed it closely enough to confirm that he connected that BG with a previous shooting incident; I do believe so, however. What I do know is they scared up the car, the guy bailed, he was running down a sidewalk and the officer shot him from about 30 ft. behind. Pictures at the time showed a semi-auto they say they found at the scene. The video shows him running with a dark object in his hand. I'm not involved in the investigation, so I don't know what they know, but if he was reasonable at the time in believing the guy 1) had shot, and 2) had the gun, it was therefore probably reasonable to believe 3) he would use it again, and he was probably justified in the shoot. Honestly, though, the video is sort of bad to look at. I'm really not sure how this one will turn out. But bad to look at may or may not turn out to be a use of force justified under the law. Of course, the sheeple bleating for "control of the POH-lice" are screaming their lungs out. One rhymin' rev actually was on the news last night, saying Metro Nashville PD should adopt a "NO DEADLY FORCE" policy. I rewound it just to make sure I didn't hear wrong. I didn't. You gotta wonder if he sat in his house laughing, saying, "Man, you believe they actually put that **it on TV ????".
  6. First of all, let me make clear I have no intention of getting anywhere near the downtown Nashville craziness that IS CMA Fest. However, WSMV-4 in Nashville just ran a story that portions of streets that are closed off for CMA Fest will feature Metro officers who are checking parties entering for weapons, with metal detecting wands. I just have to wonder where in Tennessee Code or city ordinance gives them the authority to do that, unless the streets have been rented/leased to a private entity. If the streets were rented/leased, I could see the argument, but still a lot of questions to be answered. Does anybody have knowledge about this that I may not ? I just hate to hear government officials brag endlessly on camera about what they're doing to "keep the public safe", by removing the public's right to keep and bear arms. I don't remember anybody asking me if I wanted to be kept safe this way.
  7. Well, I've asked them for their support for their policy. We'll see.............
  8. Oh, yeah, once or twice. Considering that about all they can do is keep me off the bus/train............I'll survive. In the meantime, I have an e-mail out to MTA asking for the basis of their position. Not holding my breath to receive any reply - but we'll see. If no answer -- guess I have to schedule time to go to a board meeting.
  9. Could be. I'm simply trying to find out where it says they can do this. I think the answer is, "it doesn't". Step 2: ask MTA's Legislative & Community Coordinator. Gosh, THAT should be fun.
  10. The title of that section is "Prohibition At Certain Meetings Posting Notice". A fair reading of the entire statute indicates to me it has nothing to do with vehicles, and applies only to meetings "conducted by, or on property owned" by the governmental entity. It discusses posting notices at all entrances of the "building, premises or property" where weapon possession is prohibited. I may be wrong, but I think it has zero to do with MTA.
  11. I do need to research that bill further. However, my question still is --- is there some presently existing exception to the concealed carry law in TN that permits the MTA (which is a governmental agency) to prohibit carry on their busses and trains, as it appears they are now doing ? I have my concealed carry permit, so that means that under TN law, I can lawfully carry concealed, except in places that are specifically designated as off-limits under the law, or in places that are off-limits because the property owner says so. I do not find any statutory provision that lets MTA make its busses off-limits. T.C.A. 39-37-1311 doesn't grant them that power. It only talks about "Public Parks, Playgrounds, Civic Centers and Other Public Recreational Buildings and Grounds". Is there another section I'm missing ? And so far, I don't find any Nasvhille Metro Ordinance that purports to prohibit carrying weapons on MTA busses (although, from my understanding of T.C.A. 39-37-1314, it appears Metro Government can't pass a city ordinance prohibiting such carry, anyway). So, my question still is ---- where is MTA's statutory authority to do what they are now doing, that is, prohibiting concealed carry in their busses ? Appreciate any guidance.
  12. That's where I got my info in the original post. Should have posted it. I don't think it's particularly ambiguous myself (certainly a firearm is a "weapon"), but I'm still uncertain as to whether the law permits a governmental agency (which they are) to prohibit concealed carry in a governmental vehicle the agency owns, in the absence of a specific statute which gives them that right - and I can't find any such statute.
  13. I LOOKED FOR A PREVIOUS THREAD, AND FOUND NONE. MODS, IF AN OLD, DEAD THREAD EXISTS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MOVE THIS. I anticipate soon taking some rides on the Music City Star and MTA busses. I have never seen an MTA bus up close, and I don't know if they're posted with a Gun Buster sign, so I went online to find out MTA's weapons policy: MTA CUSTOMER CODE OF CONDUCT SUMMARY 4. No weapons, flammable liquids or explosive materials. Can anyone tell me the statutory authority enabling MTA to prohibit legally carried handguns on their busses, or on the Star ? According to the MTA website, it became a publicly owned agency in 1973, so as a government agency, it would seem that they may only prohibit CC at any locations where the T.C.A. gives them specific permission to prohibit it. If they were privately owned, they could presumably do as they please as private property owners. Sure, I can call them and ask, but I really don't look forward to 6 months of "hide the weasel". Has anyone here already turned over that turf ? I really can't afford to be a "test case" when I start riding after while.

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