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  1. Does ANYONE have a link to the final version, AS SIGNED by Billy Lee ? I'm losing my mind working through amendments, etc.
  2. Of course, some people would take the position that they would rather be alive and facing eviction, than be a dead guy whose family (if any) still has a roof over their heads. Just sayin'...................
  3. I believe it was Monday night, one of the talking heads on Ch. 4 in Nashville was literally shrieking that the Con Carry bill would "completely abolish the Handgun Carry Permit program in Tennessee". SMFH
  4. Until Grandpa Joe or Kommie Harris successfully packs SCOTUS with like-minded gun grabbers. We have a good chance of beating it back right now, but in the time it would take to get it passed, get a suit filed, and work its way up to the Supremes ??? God only knows what the hell the Dems will have devised by then.
  5. So if Rubio's bill passes, just being INVESTIGATED for "domestic terrorism" (whatever that is this week) gets your 2A rights suspended. Not good, kids. https://national-justice.com/senator-marco-rubio-introduces-bill-suspend-gun-rights-anyone-who-has-ever-been-investigated "Republican lawmaker Marco Rubio has reintroduced legislation that seeks to suspend the Second Amendment rights of any person who has been investigated for "terrorism" related offenses within 10 years of attempting a gun purchase. The Senate bill, named the Terror Intelligence Improvement Act,
  6. AFAIK, Florida still prohibits open carry. Some have been arrested for the weapon printing thru their clothing ! Some nib-nose or anti-2A LEO claimed they could see it through the clothing, and that was all that was necessary to hook 'em up. Just make darn sure you plan ahead. Tough adjustment when you come from an OC state like TN.
  7. "I feared for my life. There's my weapon. I will cooperate with your investigation, as soon as I have spoken with my attorney." /crickets/
  8. Anybody have any experience with this magazine loader or other similar that I seem to be getting bombarded with all of a sudden on FB (so much for them being opposed to firearms and accessories, if it earns them a buck !) ? I have never seen one used out in the wild before. My first thought was that if they were any good, they would be all over the place, but I know absolutely no one who uses them. https://www.sportlifehealth.com/products/maglula-uplula-universal-pistol-magazine-loader-9mm-to-45-acp?fbclid=IwAR2P3uhqmz6WIowdMga5XuDcTYlAK7q1uqaxihqCIjiJYqHDEAlK8CN9ndQ
  9. It's clear someone has him by the short hairs. All you have to do is read the Sibelius decision in 2012, where Roberts tracked right along in his analysis of the facts and the law, UNTIL the end, where he flip-flopped and said "yeah, it's a tax, all right" ! I've heard from lawyers practicing in DC that folks who were there the day the decision was read said Roberts looked like he'd seen a ghost when the Court was up on the bench for the decision. And, yeah, Oswald acted alone, all right...
  10. So under the bill in its present form, would Open Carry thus be prohibited for a holder of a Concealed Handgun Permit ? If so, I foresee a bunch of "printing" arrests being done by any LEO who don't agree with the whole 2A concept. And they're out there. I had a conversation with a THP trooper once that absolutely curled my hair, he was so opposed to "civilians" being armed in any way, shape or form. They may or may not be few and far between, but they certainly do exist.
  11. Whitaker sure mopped the floor with Sheila Jackson-Lee, I gotta say that. That was good family entertainment, is what it was.
  12. There are a number of reasons I got out of law enforcement after 9 years. ONE of them is precisely so I no longer have to deal with Shi'ite like this. I really hope the old boy doesn't get charged, but you wouldn't see me stepping up on this one in a New Yawk minute.
  13. That was in Metro Nashville. I haven't followed it closely enough to confirm that he connected that BG with a previous shooting incident; I do believe so, however. What I do know is they scared up the car, the guy bailed, he was running down a sidewalk and the officer shot him from about 30 ft. behind. Pictures at the time showed a semi-auto they say they found at the scene. The video shows him running with a dark object in his hand. I'm not involved in the investigation, so I don't know what they know, but if he was reasonable at the time in believing the guy 1) had shot, and 2) had the gun,
  14. Homeowners carrier will NOT hire a lawyer for anything except to defend a civil suit against you that seeks damages from you arising out of "bodily injury", "property damage", or "personal and advertising injury". Got thrown in the pokey on a BS "reckless conduct with a firearm" charge ? Jailed arising out of what looked to you like a good shoot of a burglar, but the local Barney Fife disagrees ? UR on your own, bubba..............
  15. Just returned from Nashville - Vegas on SWA. Vegas customer rep tried to tell me I had to have a TSA lock on the gun case. Showed him SWA policy that said ONLY the customer could have access to the gun case, and putting a TSA lock on it kinda eliminated that. After his initial confusion, he still insisted it should be a TSA lock, but he let me go on. I e-mailed SWA later, giving my reservation # (so they can identify him), and said that he was very nice, polite and largely competent, but he's giving out wrong information. They responded, confirming that he was wrong, and said he wo
  16. Originally from Ohio. Ohio is a "must notify" state. If you have a concealed carry license, AND you are currently armed, you must "promptly" notify law enforcement if you are "stopped for a law enforcement purpose". No real case law saying just what that means, so most people err on the side of notifying. "How's the weather" probably wouldn't qualify.....(Some Ohio LEO think that if you're licensed, you must notify them even if unarmed. Wrong......) So, if you get pulled over, the best move probably would be to leave your hands on top of the wheel, and as soon as the LEO gets the f
  17. Just gotta mention a couple of things. Moved here 4+ yrs ago from Ohio. Most notable differences are three. 1) Ohio has a statute (O.R.C. 9.68) providing a uniform statewide framework for regulation of firearms in many respects. As to self-defense, that means cities can't prohibit carry in local parks (concealed OR open), removing the danger of inconsistent rules from town to town. it also has teeth in it, awarding attorney fees and costs to anyone having to challenge a municipality who enacts a contrary statute. SEE Ohioans For Concealed Carry vs. Cleveland to see it in action (Cleveland
  18. They were wrong. They realized they were wrong. They corrected their mistake. That's really about all there is to it. Just posted it so somebody else wouldn't lose money they're entitled to. That's all.
  19. A gun store located in Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville recently refused to honor a gift card that my wife bought me 18 months ago. Their staff said all gift cards expired one year after they are issued. Unfortunately, that position conflicts with Tennessee law: https://www.tn.gov/lawsandpolicies/article/47-18-127.-gift-certificates#sthash.eJDwjO0D.dpuf. As a matter of fact, there is still some argument out there that TN cannot even permit them to expire after two years, since Federal law requires that they be honored for five. However, it is certain they must
  20. Well, guess that means I have to dig out that 10,000,000 volt cattle prod from the attic and take it next time I go to the opera. Bummer.....
  21. Anybody in / near Nashville, PM me so maybe we can get together and I can see some of your product.   thx


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