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Wow, an actual "test" thread.

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Guest Sgt. Joe

I took the wife to a wedding for one of her friend's daughters, the young lady was as pretty as a peach and the young man was as proud as a Peacock, it was quite obvious.

They were throwing each other in jail within a year and were fully divorced within two.

So she asked me the other day if I would go with her to another wedding for her cousin and I told her NO, that every wedding that we had attended together had been a failure, to which she replied "well that was just the one".

So then I clarified my statement that I really did mean EVERY wedding that we had ever been at together had become a failure. She walked away shaking her head and mumbling something about it only being the one time.

An hour or two later when it finally sunk in to her hard head what I really meant is when the fight started.

And BTW I am going to resign from the board if I have to keep taking tests.

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