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  1. I will take the light tanned holster 8”. same place ??
  2. BJB

    Rough patch

    DR. I am So Sorry to her about your loss. We will be Praying for strength and healing I am in Sweetwater most days. If you need anything please let me know
  3. I fell the same way. Never thought there would be a day that you could not walk into a store and buy a lb of chicken. But it happened. never again. we now raise meat/fur rabbits and jumbo Coturnix quail. And have had chickens for several years. We raise and can a lot of beans tomatoes and freeze corn and we now have a small generator to power our well and a coffee pot. plenty of fire wood and a good stove IF the SHTF we will hunker down
  4. Praying for quick recovery
  5. BJB

    Tick balls

    Not so sure about that chiggers tear me up.
  6. Nope concealed. no one needs to know
  7. AMEN Brother. God Is Good. Stay strong
  8. BJB

    Coved Shots

    And let me say. I AM AGAINST MANDATORY VACCINATION This is American and you have the right to choose what is right for you. however if you choose not to get vaccinated Please stay Home if you get sick
  9. BJB

    Coved Shots

    Disingenuous-not candid or sincere.typically by pretending that one knows less about something then one really does. REALLY!!!!! while it is Very true that most never need hospitalization, studies show about 3% do and I believe that number is terribly high the vaccine is proven to reduce the need for hospitalization. And those that felt the need to defer getting it are the very ones that are filling the ICU’s and taking up valuable resources. I was a nurse and paramedic for 20 years and I am very sincere when I say that the vaccine is helping save lives
  10. BJB

    Coved Shots

    My wife is an ICU nurse. At this time all but 1 of their patients are COVID positive non vaccinated and on vents. while it is indeed unsure of the long term side effects of the vaccine. We know for sure the long term effects of not getting the vaccine and have a bad case of Covid
  11. Just saw an ad for a gun show in Athens. anyone ever been to that one Good- Bad- indifferent
  12. Hate to hear that. praying for the both of you
  13. Cheap is good. Especially these days
  14. I really like my Rock Island 38 Super
  15. Hey Bob. thanks for replying, what I’m looking for is 32caliber Remington rifle brass Thank You though
  16. Looking for Remington 32cal ammo or brass /dies.


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