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New toy!!!


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Got a Bushmaster today. Got it at Franklin Gun Shop. It's a pre-ban model with the flash suppressor and bayonet lug.

Franklin Gun Shop was great, the only complaint I have is that the rifle was very dirty. you would think they would clean them up a little so they look nice. I got that taken care of when I got home though. It took about 45 minutes to get all of the copper/powder fouling out of the barrel.


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Nice find. MY main recommendation is to clean as manual states. Many folks booger up the crown. Also, I would avoid russian ammo.

Is there an on line manual? The rifle was used and didn't come with any paperwork...

Note taken on the Ruskie ammo.

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Nice rifle! Those dudes in Franklin have a large selection. If you go in there and can't find anything you need you've got too many guns!

You can get a USMC or Army tech manual to help you out on what to clean, how to inspect and replace parts, and what to lube.

I recommend a cleaning rod guide. It just goes in through the upper receiver and is held in the barrel with a little rubber ring. I've got one for my AR and it works well. Clean from breach to muzzle at all times if possible. Get a Dewey cleaning rod too.

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Dang, another gun that I won't have any time soon.

I hate you so very very much.

Looks like the list is growing and growing and growing.

The time to buy is now. I bought an M4 from a dealer in Oklahoma off Gunbroker last week for $859, and I looked today, the same dealer is selling for $879. Gun prices have never been higher, and will never get lower. The longer you wait, the more you will pay.

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Guest Archimedes
Well, the checkbook says I can't buy one and the wife agrees with it.
Haven't you ever heard the old saying: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission" :D


Well said, both of you. :)

Yeah, when I asked my checkbook, it laughed at me. :)

That is one sweet rifle, Mike. I, too, hate you with a passion. :D

J/K, good luck and happy shooting.

I've been in Franklin twice this year and still have yet to make it to FGS.

I really need to get in there.


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Guest Archimedes

BTW, I'm still not clear on this pre-ban/post-ban thing.

WTH does this mean to me? Does it only really matter in states like CA or what?

Finally, what would I have to do to turn one of these M4s into a selectable auto later on down the road?


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Finally, what would I have to do to turn one of these M4s into a selectable auto later on down the road?


You mean besides a major cornhole?

1. Buy a $6000 sear reged. before May 1986, with this and the tax stamp you can get the bolt carrier, selecter, hammer, disconnector and trigger for it.

2. Buy a $6000 SMD Lightning Link reged. before May 1986.

3. Buy a $16000 Factory Fully Auto AR/M-16 reged. before May 1986.

4. Join a Military group

5. Join a Law Enforcement group and have the Dept head Approve you to get one.

6. Learn to bumpfire.

7. Make a new rifle FA and run the risk of going to FPMITA prison.

Does that sum it up?

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Guest Shay VanVlymen

Well, you could also become an 01 FFL with a Class 3 SOT and with a department letter you can have a demo post '86 sample. Or, you can become an 07 FFL with a Class 2 SOT and make post 86 samples.

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