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2015 Spring Turkey Hunting thread - Post your season updates here!

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Turkey hunting is like none other. I am a big deer hunter...I mean BIG deer hunter. But nothing gets my heart rate up like a turkey does. This is for several reasons.

1) turkey hunting is interactive. Calling and having them respond is incredible. Sometimes calling works great, sometimes you need to adjust your calling and sometimes it doesn't work at all. But even that doesn't mean you won't have a good hunt. Have had several turkeys come into calling but they came silently. When a mature bird gobbles in the woods, you will feel it in your chest. Similar to a ghetto cruiser blasting rap music a few cars away. Hence the "Thunder Chicken" nickname.

2) Thrill of the chase. You have a few ways you can hunt them and you need to constantly adapt, improvise and overcome. You can sit and wait (much like deer) or you can run after them. Having to make that decision wether to sit and wait or chase is all part of the ever changing game. If you desired to chase, how close do you need to get? Lots of brain power involved in turkey hunting.

3) Closeness. You've got to get these birds in close (around 40 yards at most). When you have a bird in close to you, you can see all their feathers, their eyes, hairs on their neck. And they are BIG. those guys will be looking you dead in the eye. Being close also has its challenges. Turkey eyesight is second to none. You have to be completely cammoed and completely still, only moving at the perfect times or you will get busted.

4) Spring is beautiful. Temps are nice, all the critters start coming out. Everything is greening up and it's arguable the most beautiful time of the year.

5) Social. It's super fun to go with someone. In fact having 2 people can even open you up to some hunting strategies that will help bag more birds. You don't have to worry about sent or even noise too much.

In the wild, it's normal for the hens to come to the gobblers. But as a turkey hunter, you are trying to reverse nature and have the gobbler come to you. It's very challenging.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. But hopefully that helps give you some perspective.
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Had a good opening morning trying to get a young boy his first turkey. Had a big longbeard come in and strut past the blind as close as 5 years at times, but the boy couldn't get the gun on him when h

Success in Indiana. My buddy and I tagged out on the opening day. Had a great trip.

Took a guy this morning that had never been turkey hunting before. He didn't have a gun or anything, so I let him use my gun and I planned to just call. Well, having shot a couple birds already this y

Is it time to put away the decoys or are they still effective at this point in the season? Seems like they really attracted a lot of attention the first few weeks of the season but have since leveled off and somewhat ignored. Maybe it's just the same flock I keep seeing and they have figured it out. I hunt the outer boundries of a large field.

Probably depends on your birds. We set out decoys this morning in the rain and a couple hens came in, been here for an hour. Just need Tom to show up.
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Probably depends on your birds. We set out decoys this morning in the rain and a couple hens came in, been here for an hour. Just need Tom to show up.

That's what I did Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, as soon as the rain slowed to a sprinkle they showed up. Also, I noticed that they're not near as vocal in the rain, or maybe I just couldn't hear them.
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Why do decoys not become as effective later in the season? Do they deter Tom's from coming in?

Some tom's get tired of getting beat up, so they won't come to strutter decoys. I never use just a hen, has caused me too many birds hanging up at 70 yards. I like to add a jake.
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First bird of the season (Jake).  Harvested late afternoon today.  Arrived on my hunting property and there was a flock of 12 cruising around.  No time for decoys and they weren't responding to the calls so I stalked them as close as I could and then hit the ground and army crawled another 100+ yards and was able to take a shot only about 20-30yds away.  The grass was just tall enough that I was able to crawl without being noticed.  Was an exciting hunt.  Started the minute I arrived.  16.8lbs and 3.5in beard.  Was a good size and I've pretty much determined that there are no Tom's on the property after several weeks of hunting.  Have yet to see any but a pack of 9 jakes were cruising the property when I got there.





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Glad you had a good hunt. You've not heard any gobbling yet? Maybe it'll get better. There's usually at least a few mature toms in a given area. Don't give up, you might start to hear some gobbling.

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Got my first one last week! 10 inch beard and one inch spurs. 


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