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  1. BrasilNuts

    Memory Teaser test

    H&R Youth 20 ga. single shot, purchased at Kmart in Oak Ridge when was 10. It was stolen from our home along with 12 other long guns. Some years later I got a phone call from the Anderson County SO informing me that they had recovered it. It was the only gun that we ever got back.
  2. BrasilNuts

    Oven to be charged in shooting?

    Because that doesn’t make for a good story..... ”Uh, yeah, we had some kids coming over, so I secured my pistol in a biometric safe next to my bed.” Booooooooooooring......
  3. BrasilNuts

    Oven to be charged in shooting?

    When we’ve got kids coming over I usually hide mine in the microwave.
  4. BrasilNuts

    RFI Pressure washer recommendations

    My mother recently bought a Ryobi electric, I used it today to clean the soffit under her porch. It worked perfectly and wasn’t half the pain that the gas one is. The thing I liked best about it was not hearing the gas motor running constantly. Prag, I believe an electric one will do anything you need it to do and if it won’t you can borrow my gas one. I plan on buying a Ryobi electric soon. Edit: this is similar. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-1-600-PSI-1-2-GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-RY141612/301004462p
  5. BrasilNuts

    Glock 43 vs Shield 9mm

    I own neither, but have shot both. I love Glocks, I carry a 19 every day and shoot a 34 or 19 in IDPA and USPSA. That being said, I preferred the Sheild to the 43. It wasn’t even a close contest for me. The Sheild fit my grip better and I shot it consistently faster and more accurately than any other plastic gun I’ve ever fired. There was no learning curve either, just picked it up and instant gratification. I can’t comment on how it feels to carry, but I’m sure it’s more comfortable than a 19.
  6. BrasilNuts

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Being as it’s French.... probably dropped somewhere.
  7. This... well said. Teachers shouldn’t be required to carry, but the ones that want to should be allowed to. The ones that desire to carry will take it seriously and probably seek training above what would be required. I have 3 kids in 3 different schools, I’ve met plenty of teachers over the years and know many outside of the school environment. Some would carry and some wouldn’t, but there would be enough of them that I wouldn’t want to play doors and corners in a school while they were protecting their kids.
  8. BrasilNuts

    sorting brass

    All of those have value to reloaders. Just about anything you find that is centerfire you’ll find someone that reloads it.
  9. BrasilNuts

    Texas bombings

    Just heard on Red Eye Radio that a suspect was being pursued by police and detonated an “explosive device” in his vehicle killing himself.
  10. If they just had blinders on there would be some hope. They’ve got a Coke in one hand and a hotdog in the other cheering it on.
  11. BrasilNuts

    Bright on Netflix

    You named your daughter after the 5 headed dragon queen of darkness? I wanted to name my son Fizban, but my wife wouldn’t let me.
  12. BrasilNuts


    I was told that I had to remove food from my bag this summer. I bought a box of individual wrapped peanut butter crackers and was told I could only have one pack for member of my group. I just turned around with my son and dumped some in his bag and went through a different line.
  13. BrasilNuts


    Looking through bags for weapons is secondary, the primary purpose is to look for food you’re bringing in for your kids. I may be wrong about the wands...might have been another local.
  14. BrasilNuts


    If I remember correctly, they search bags and have wands, but don’t wand everyone.

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