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  1. GEN 3 Glock Grip and Short Fingers

    Low left shots are very common with Glocks. Different grips and finger placement work differently, obviously, for everyone. I’ve noticed with myself if I’m hitting low left with my Glock it’s because I have too much finger on the trigger and the fat part of my trigger finger closest to my palm is pushing the pistol left. Sounds like you’re doing the same thing. For me it’s just an adjustment because I have large hands. A gen. 4 might work for you, can’t hurt to try or maybe Glocks just aren’t for you, there are other great options out there.
  2. Las Vegas Shooting

    This was my point after Sandy Hook when many members of this board were saying that we must compromise to keep from losing everything. Nothing came of it then and now too many gun owners are singing the same song of compromise. I've heard many of you describe the bump fire stock as useless, gimikey, only morons buy them, etc.... There are a lot of people out there that use those same words to describe a AR-15. I know others have said it, but why do we have to give something up every time some loon commits an atrocity? If the video of the PODS in a pussy hat proves to be him, I say we go after pussy hats! (sarcasm to make a point for those of you incapable of reading into it)
  3. .410 for Turkey

    There are many reasons you could give to use a .410 to hunt turkeys, being a " grade a certified cheapskate" isn't one of them.
  4. Pure genius - way to give a dog a bath

    I need to try that with my 3yo daughter.
  5. America's newest monument!

    In the interest of fairness, I made another monument to the KKK/White Supremasists about 20 minutes later. (I ate a lot last night lol)
  6. America's newest monument!

    I made a monument to AntiFa first thing when I got up this morning.
  7. Baddest bird in the sky.
  8. Do You Still Own Your First Gun?

    My first gun was a H&R single shot .20 ga. that my father bought for me when I was 8, I still remember going to Kmart to buy it. When I was around 11 it was stolen from our home. Fast forward 8 years, I get a call from the Anderson County Sheriffs Office saying that they have recovered a firearm that belongs to me. I'm glad it made its way back home.
  9. Contacts with astigmatism

    This sounds like my situation, I also have a high degree of astigmatism. I've tried hard lenses before, they're a no go for me and lasik is not going to be an option (cost) any time soon.
  10. Contacts with astigmatism

    I have a pretty high degree of astigmatism, I've worn contacts in the past, but stopped because one of the contacts would rotate and I would have blurred vision. I'm tired of wearing glasses and I'm thinking about returning to contacts. I'd like to know if anyone here has any first hand experience and if there have been any advances in the last 8 years. Thanks

  12. Help Identifying A Projectile

    If I'm reading that ruler correctly, that object is 1.5" long? I agree with Garufa, given the size and rust... lawn mower projectile.

    PM sent to you.
  14. Walther Rebates

    I'm gonna have to work some Saturdays.

    LEAD INGOTS View Advert I have 2 types of lead ingots available. $1.10 per pound 12-13 lb ingots (mixed source usually 10 bhn) 2500 lbs available 25+\- lb bricks (soft/possibly pure) 32 available Will ship, buyer pays shipping. buy as much or as little as you need. I will discuss delivery if you buy over 500 lbs. Local pick up in Oak Ridge. Advertiser BrasilNuts Date 05/24/2017 Price $1.10 Category Non-Firearm Classifieds Manufacturer God Type of Item 10

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