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Mossberg or 870

Guest DeeZee

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I know its like asking someone if they like Chevy or Ford, but Y'all need to sell me on one or the other for a home defense weapon.

Just to let ya know I couldn't care less about how "tacticool" the thing looks, I'm just looking for functionality.....and the most bang for my buck(pun intended :devil:). Ive looked at some 500's and like em pretty well, Ive also settled on nothing over 20 inches......Id rather have something closer to 18. I'm also leaning towards a 20ga (my wife is 100lbs), but haven't seen one that fits my criteria yet.

I'm hoping you Vols can steer me in the right direction. THANKS IN ADVANCE.


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I've owned both and I prefer the 870 to the Mossberg.

I had a Mossberg 500 and for the money(I paid about 150 for mine) it's a pretty good gun... It worked well and rarely jammed.

The 870 was the tactical edition with a pistol grip and side saddle. Fit and finish was vastly superior to the 500. It never jammed, once, period. I put nearly 400 rounds through it in a single session once and never had one problem. I bought this one for $350 and traded in the 500 for it.


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I've got an 870 and used to have a FN Police model (Winchester 1300). I've shot the 500 as well.

I would use any of them. They all seem like great guns to me. The only reason I bought the 870 is the available accessories and it's reputation. Which doesn't even mater now because I rarely shoot it and I'm not going to hang any stuff on it. But I'm still glad I have it.

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I guess Im gonna have to just take a trip down to memphis to G&A and check em all out.......Thanks for the responces guys....any other advise would be appreciated as well.

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Both are great guns. My 500 started out as a pistol grip gun. Mossberg sold these a while back. I think I paid ~180.00 for it out the door. One thing you dont want is a pistol grip 12 ga :) I put some cheap folding stock on it, cant remember the name, and it shot way high @ 25 yrds. It now has a Speedfeed pistol grip stock on it and is my general house defense gun. The one thing I dont like about the Mossberg is the safety location on top/rear of the receiver. The Remmy is better located for me on the trigger guard.

I bought the 870 express mag. with some competition 3-gunning in mind but havent shot it alot but works fine.

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One thing you dont want is a pistol grip 12 ga :)

I never had a problem with mine. I liked the pistol grip much better than the regular stock.

The one thing I dont like about the Mossberg is the safety location on top/rear of the receiver. The Remmy is better located for me on the trigger guard.

I concur.

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Mossburg 590A1 & Benelli M1S90 tactical here... I like 870s just fine, I simply haven't found one which struck my fancy yet.

The Benelli is in the process of being sold... since there's little or no more market/accessory support for it. And I want something which I can get parts for easily, besides, I never shoot it.. and I'm no 'collector'. I've been wanting a .223 bolt gun for mid-range casual plinking... This oughta finance that, along with some good glass.

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The guy who is buying it is getting it for $850, which is about what I paid for it at the Franklin Gun Shop 3 years ago. It is bone stock, except for replacing the stock ghost-ring sights with Benelli factory G/R night-sights... I guess I'm technically losing out on the cost of those.

I might miss it, but as little as I shoot it, and considering that there are much more modern and user-friendly versions out (M2, M4) which I should have held-out for if I wanted an uber-tactical shotgun... I doubt it. I'll enjoy something which I'll actually get use out of.

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Those are pretty hard on the wrist. I've shot about four rounds through one of those once and that was enough for me. :drool:

I hear ya there. I did a bunch of shooting with mine a while back, and noticed later that night that the palm of my hand was blue. I thought I had grease on it or something, but it wouldn't wash off. Heck, I didn't think it was even possible to bruise the palm of your hand, but I did put quite a few rounds through it. I like to have the option of some kinda stock for times when you're gonna shoot alot with it.

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Guest jcs71

Hi there. I currently have a Mossy 590 w/pistol grip on it. I will be getting a Hogue short shot stock for it because the factory stock is a tad to long for me. I love this shotgun because if for some unknown reason beyond sanity if I ran out of rounds in it I can use my bayonet. Ha. Ha.:meh:

In all seriousness though the real reason I like this shotgun is because I bought it with money left to me from my grandfather's funeral. Since he was a WW2 vet I couldn't think of a better shotgun than the one we used in the Navy when I was in the service.

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Guest Voodoo_1

I have the Mossberg 500 Tactical, comes with (6) position collapsible stock, side saddle (6 shells) mounted on stock, pistol grip, forend hand sling, heatshield, and 18 1/2" barrel. The fit and finish is excellent. If you are looking for the most bang out of your buck you can't beat this shotgun. I paid $375.00 for this setup at Top Brass Sports in Millington, just outside of Memphis. I was in Guns and Ammo a few weeks ago and they had one with the same setup.

The only things I plan to add or change to mine are: replace the current stock with a Knoxx Spec-Ops recoil reduction collapsible stock and add a set of ghost ring sights.

An 18 1/2" barrel and collapsible stock make for a very nice setup for close quarters maneuvering.

This link helped me make up my mind along with the fact that Mossberg passed all military testing and was selected as our military's shotgun. Remington did not submit to the trials because they stated" we have nothing to gain but everything to lose". Doesn't sound like a whole lot of confidence in their product to me.

Click this link:


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Guest Voodoo_1
Do any of you guys have experience with the Advanced Technologies Shotforce collapsible AR style stock on a Remington 870? The reviews that I have read seemed favorable.

Tungsten, I've got the ATI stock on my Mossberg. It seems to be a little loose on the fit to the guide tube. You might want to check out the Knoxx stocks as I am told they are of a higher quality and fit. The SpecOps NRS is the equivalent to the ATI stock and about the same price.

Click on this link:


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