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  1. We could fill a few posts just from people here on TGO. Marswolf strikes me as the first we lost.
  2. I have been to Tomah, Cold place.
  3. Of course I read the entire thing. Specifically where it laid that cut in production to a two year deal. One that still hasnt expired. I am well aware that the reason he sought to lower production was because we had excess. You are missing the whole point though. I agree with his premise. What I dont agree with is the (R) laying the gas prices at the blame of the current POTUS based on oil costs that were always going to rise.
  4. None as a result of the agreement. Clearly it states that "market forces" would naturally curb stateside output. How much was it? No idea. Oil is a global commodity with the cost pegged across teh world. If its $50 a barrel or $100 a barrel or $2000 a barrel its the ####ing same. What is your point? Do you think shell or whatever other gas company would decide to keep the good stuff for us? Give us that player price instead of selling it to whoever was paying?
  5. A historical deal that is still in effect that lowered the output of oil production. A deal orchestrated by him. Yes that is on him lol. I just find the way it is switched around and you all throw up the "i did that" stickers with biden and facts dont matter to be funny.
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/13/opec-cut-is-trumps-biggest-and-most-complex-deal-ever-dan-yergin.html Anyone remember this from april 2020? The one where President Trump made a deal with OPEC ? "As the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies came to an agreement on a record cut in oil production, U.S. President Donald Trump may have struck his “biggest and most complex deal,” according to oil expert Dan Yergin. Commenting on the deal that has been struck by OPEC+, Yergin said it has “bought time” and avoided a “disaster” for the oil industry." "Just a few weeks ago, Trump had said the early-March plunge in oil prices were “good for the consumer” as it meant lower gasoline prices. That drop in crude prices had been triggered by an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia after Moscow rejected a proposal by OPEC to cut 1.5 million barrels of production per day." "His comments came after OPEC+ finalized an agreement to cut production by 9.7 million barrels per day — the single largest output cut in history." “This agreement goes two years, so it’s also meant to manage the inventories downward over that period of time,” Yergin said. “What this has done is averted what really would have been a disaster for the oil industry and I think it does give some stabilization.”
  7. Car engines didnt start like they are today. They had to be adopted first. Someone earlier mentioned oils use in plastics etc. Oil will still have a need to be drilled it just shouldnt be burned.
  8. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/g35562831/ev-plans-automakers-timeline/ https://www.iea.org/reports/global-ev-outlook-2021/trends-and-developments-in-electric-vehicle-markets
  9. https://www.vice.com/en/article/jgmkb3/drill-baby-drill-is-americas-only-idea ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Is America’s Only Idea Every decade or so, Americans freak out over soaring gas prices but never commit to changing the fundamental dynamics that make it such a problem to begin with.
  10. This. People talk about the Keystone XL like it was going to supply the US with gas. It was to transport low grade tar sand oil for foreign use.
  11. The number of people using gas and thus it's availability.
  12. So. I was on my way home from work back in October. Came upon a cyclist on the side of the road missing his head and right arm. The right arm was in my left lane and the head was nowhere to be seen. The cycle was about 100 yards ahead (no pun intended.) The dashcam video is... unforgettable.
  13. Im from South Knoxville, I grew up off "Murrvull" (you know, the correct way to say Maryville) Pike. I dont recall that being a common phrase. Maybe someone just didnt think about what they were saying.
  14. I heard an interview with him yesterday lol.
  15. What if I trade an OG TGO gray polo?????
  16. Where is this Ukraine discussion?!?!?!?
  17. She says 6" with the intention* to use it for a "silencer." So having a ~6" pipe isnt the issue but having a ~6" pipe with the intent to turn that pipe into a part of a suppressor IS.
  18. Funny thing. I found out earlier this week that the brand new tag I picked up on Feb 11 was marked as expiring Jan 31. You know. 11 days before I got it. The county clerks office is supposed to be sending me a new registration card and sticker but the 5-0 didnt stop me for it. The guard didnt want to let me on base though.


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