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  1. It won't. You will never hear from that bill again. Just my opinion.
  2. Yeah, I just pulled it apart and the keyway in the buffer tube is off center. It's a new on me but if you machine enough parts in high volume, you'll mess one or two of them up. It's inevitable.
  3. Anyone ever had issues with misaligned buttstocks? I just finished an 80% lower and as I was assembling the carbine style tube a stock, I notice they are about 15 degrees off. Everything is assembled right but it's off a tad, like the key way and/or the key in the endplate are out of place. It would be an easy fix with a file, just make some wiggle room, then red lock tite and stake the crap out of the castle nut. It'll never move. Just curious if anyone ever ran into that before? Assembled better than a dozen AR's and never seen this before.
  4. YES! The Walking Dead is a great show but full on BS. Nothing will ever animate emaciated necrotic flesh. ....Now, I Am Legend???? Yes, that crap is within the realm of possibility and scary as hell.
  5. I liken these coolers to other brands like G. Loomis poles, Nesmuk knives and Holland & Holland shotguns. You are paying for quality and you're getting it. It just happens to be a level of quality most of us really don't need and probably cannot utilize to max potential.
  6. Kinda stupid really. I love, respect and support our Service Men & Women but what makes them any more suited than the next guy? Most don't carry/use handguns at all. Not trying to take away from them in any way but a Jet engine mechanic, a surgeon and a cook [all vital roles] aren't exactly Tom Clancy novel material. I guess what I'm saying, if they're doing it as a way of saying "Thank you for your service" then I am 100% all for it. If their reasoning is that they are somehow MORE qualified, I don't agree.
  7. While that seems masochistic on the surface, that is actually a decent enough choice. The cartridge's true potential is no mystery. The case has a long neck to properly support a cast bullet and can be dialed back to cream puff territory with ease. A round ball could be loaded and easily take small game without destroying it. The exact same could be said for the .458, only with a wider selection of bullet molds to work with.
  8. Why chance knocking off your scope/sights by hitting something with your rifle. It's a precision instrument. Treat it as such. This thread says we are only allowed one gun. We were never told we weren't allowed an accompanying ball bat or machete.
  9. If i can only have ONE gun for a life in the Walking Dead, it doesn't matter what it is as long as the barrel is short enough to easily get it to my temple.
  10. https://www.guntrustlawyer.com/form1
  11. I dunno, I couldn't get it to work. Did it the old fashioned way and got mine in a few days ago.
  12. No but I know someone who does. He casts from what he calls "Pistonium" which is melted down forged pistons from race engines. Apparently he has a steady supply. He makes some AWESOME Stuff. Here's an ingot mold he made...before machining. AND, here's a modified Star lube sizer he made from scratch. The main pieces are cast and machined from old pistons.
  13. Yeah, that's life though brother and that's what 'I' felt the OP meant by the question. Only one gun...who knows what tomorrow holds.
  14. Ohh, and I told him to try what you said JCT and fire a shot through an empty can with only the end cap and see what happens.
  15. I don't think that's it. I have been talking with this guy on another forum for a while. He has several suppressors. It's not a case of hollywood-fluenza. I chatted with his over the weekend. He says, fired at close range, a 147g plated bullet is pretty much as loud with as it is without the can. I know the exact load because it is one I have chronographed myself. 5.3g of AA#5 and a 147g plated bullet runs 975 FPS from my Glock. It's going to be a touch faster from his 8 inch AR but still. I'm trying to get him to send me a picture of his guts. It'd be a lot easier to figure out from there.
  16. I'm kinda glad. Some of them were getting ridiculous.....mine included. LOL!
  17. If you can find a Marlin Camp-9 that hasn't been beat and butchered, then upgrade the recoil spring [wolff makes them] and buy a few spare recoil buffers you will be quite happy. They are surprisingly accurate and reliable. You will aslo have a good excuse to buy a 59 series Smith; They share magazines. I lament selling my 5906 for this very reason. My Camp-9 has been all that and a bag of chips. I went with a heavier spring, new buffer and did take the pain in the butt time to remove the magazine disconnect. Well worth the effort as the magazines go in and out MUCH smoother now.
  18. I said a G19 but didn't have time to elaborate. In and around my little area, there is really nothing i cannot accomplish with it. ESPECIALLY if I were to invest in a mectech kit for it. It'd still only be one gun BUT, I really could accomplish anything [within reason] with that. As a pistol for carry and defense. Swapped to a carbine with a can on the end, I could hunt anything, Including deer. It would require some strict self discipline but killing a deer ain't hard and doesn't require a cannon. I can get within 25 yards of deer around here all day. A suppressed Glock carbine with a +p loaded 147g Hornady XTP to head at 25-30 yards will work every time. Step over to a 120g 356402 over 3.0g of Nitro100NF will just barely cycle my Glock. It would take bunnies and squirrels all day without destroying them. Yeah, that's illegal but not in the context of this conversation. 124g +p+ Winchester Ranger takes care of any potential two legged problems. Even in today's market I can cast and load 9mm cheaper than most .22 rimfire. Brass life is excellent when you stay out of the +p loads. Despite the bigger is better crowd, we all know shot placement is a thousand times more important than caliber. I can shoot my Glock satisfactorily. No one can argue Glock's reliability. Who cares if I scratch it? It was ugly as sheet to begin with. For less than a hundred bucks I can fill a couple of Sucrets tins with all the parts that could EVER need replacing in my lifetime. I could go on for a while. The only other thing I would consider any better would be a Glock in .40 with a 9mm conversion barrel and proper magazines. That is only for the versatility of more than one caliber.
  19. According to his post, his ears were ringing.
  20. Okay, I've been following a guy on another forum about a 9mm suppressor he built on a form 1. Simple aluminum tube, 1-1/4 ID, aluminum K baffles with a stainless expansion chamber. I've been following him because I have a form 1 filed and was planning to use his prints for a 9mm carbine. Here's the rub. He says he has ZERO noise reduction. An 8 inch can with 6 K baffles, cross drilled and a nice expansion chamber. The whole can was align bored after assembly to .390 What could he POSSIBLY have done wrong? When I get approval, this will be the first can I have made from scratch and I'm not really interested in repeating someone else's mistakes. I know there's a "first round pop" some times as the oxygen is evacuated. BUT multiple rounds and no difference in noise? Something is seriously wrong.
  21. This country is full of idiots that are well within their rights.
  22. Transcaliber. A rifle shouldn't be made to feel as though they HAVE to associate with the caliber of their birth.
  23. Very nice. I love leather belts. They feel better than this reinforced Galco I wear. ......But in the summer I sweat like a burglar in court. My last leather belt smelled...well, nevermind. Nice work. Quality leather goods seem to fade into obscurity more and more as years go by.


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