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  1. I just pour the gas in the hole, I don't light it. I usually pour it in and plug the hole with something like a walnut if possible. Do it at night.
  2. it's a good show, no nonsense, just guns and related items. I'm planning to go tomorrow.
  3. I listened to the podcast and I agree with Omega. I'm an NRA member but I don't really live and breath all of it. I don't wear 2A clothing, no bumper stickers, and I couldn't care less about Ted Nugent. I'm just not really the activist or advocate type, I mainly just keep to myself. I can barely get enthused enough in the NRA to send them a membership payment. I felt a little like it was preaching to the choir regarding the fringe element. I don't run in those circles so I can't really change what they do and how it makes us look. TGO is already very welcoming but I'm sure we will strive to always keep that bar high. I did get a little context by listening to the podcast but just a little. I totally agree with diversity and inclusion of everyone but I'm still lost on why the demographics don't make sense. If you do a study of the demographics of people that buy F250 diesel 4x4 pickups you will probably find it is slanted toward a certain demographic, but I don't think it's because the Ford dealer is not welcoming to everyone or their marketing is not sound it's just not everyone wants to drive a diesel 4x4 pickup, or can afford to. Shooting and firearms are kind of an expensive hobby in case you haven't noticed and also not everyone is into it no matter how you market it. I don't have any statistics to back this up but I would say that sites like Pirate4x4, PowerStrokeNation, AR15.com and TGO would all have have close to the same demographic statistics, or at least in the ballpark. Probably for the same reason I hear ads about knee replacements on the radio station I listen to sometimes, the demographics of the radio station support marketing to aging people who have knee problems. They wouldn't probably run that same ad on a station that played music for the younger crowd. Disclaimer: I'm no marketing or demographics expert by any means. I totally agree with trying to bring more people into the fold, certainly we need those votes on our side. I think that along with most things it starts at home, my kids are grown but both my son and daughter own multiple firearms and have been actively involved with handling and shooting firearms since they were young and they will vote accordingly.
  4. Thanks a bunch David, that was an excellent podcast on church security. I listened to it today while doing some office work. I emailed a link one of the elders of my church so he could listen and forward on the security team leader.
  5. Low energy or not I think you got my point. I'll have to listen to the podcast sometime, I haven't yet so I don't really have the right to say much. I agree with including everybody in 2A and TGO 100% but this thread just seems a little over the top. After all this is an internet forum, we really don't know much about the member's race, color, gender, orientation, etc. just from their screen name and avatar. Please carry on. Edit: no link, just a snarky joke, I doubt there really is a PCGO, if there was I wouldn't be visiting their site anyway
  6. I was reading a similar thread over on Politically Correct Gun Owners.
  7. I carry in church all the time and so do many others that attend my church. I carry concealed but printing or bending over could make it known I guess, nobody has noticed that I know of. Hey OleJohnny, it seems good that the security officer talked with you at the church, sounds like prudent security procedure to check out armed people on your premises that you don't know. Sounds like he's on the ball and watching out for your kid's at VBS. Just my 2 cents.
  8. McGarrett


    My son had all the 1911's out yesterday so I thought I would share a pic. Left to right; Springfield Loaded, Remington R1 (my son's), Taurus PT1911 Staiinless, PT1911AR (my son's) w/ custom coating by Mike at Law Enforcement Sales, Ruger SR1911 Commander Stainless (my son's).
  9. I will be keeping you in my prayers.
  10. I had worn pull on Red Wings for 20 years or so but the last pair of boots i bought were Justin. I have had good service out of both brands. I was trying to put a link to the Justins but my computer is being slow. I'll edit it later with the link. http://www.justinoriginalworkboots.com/footwear/men/styles/wellington-pull-on-work-boots/4764
  11. Sorry for the loss of your furry friend.

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