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  1. So, Ok then I had to do a change of address and cannot remember when I did my renewal but have had the permit for 6.5 years now. The date on my permit is the date I did the change of address which was 7/11, and it only goes to 9/6/25, it must have been last year when I renewed it but don't recall if it was 7or 8 years but from what is said here it will upgrade to the new fangled permit at the first of the year! please esplain again! Thanks just to add what is kind of strange when we moved and did the change of addy thing my license came back as a duplicate with the added comment of, NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION! AND ONE KNOW WHATS UP WITH THAT, I haven't contacted DMV for them to esp!
  2. I have they will be having a meeting later this month
  3. We have been renting for the last 6 years in the same location but need some answers, if there is anyone that has any info about case law and renters rights I have a few questions! We are finally getting ready to buy but I have had a lot of money tied up in deposits and looking for some info. I have done some research but haven't found much so I would like to pick someone's brain that might be knowledge in the area of owner, renters rights I know that it cannot be considered legal advice so don't worry about that.
  4. My prayers have gone up for you, your family and your mom may Our Lord and Savior comfort all of you in this time!
  5. I will do some stuff, but there will be different methods used to arrive at the end results, everything would be all hand done for sure! Hand sewn, hand formed, for the end results and now I have no blue guns to work with! Other than that thanks for the welcome back!
  6. ya I was thinking like right around a thousand yards
  7. I have for the most part decided on the PRS for the stock change, so as the cash becomes available I buy the buffer tube and stock. I have to put it through its paces to see how the hand grip holds up or will need to be changed out. As it sits I have been told that in the 308 format it will reach out to about 1600 plus yards so I am getting antsy to get it out and stretch its legs.
  8. I thought I would have had far more responses than what has been shared so far bummer
  9. Haven't been here in a while but I just recently picked a RPR I have wanted one since they came out so I went ahead and took the dive and with the weather cooperating this coming weekend I hope to take it to the range and zero it in! After fiddling with it for a bit I can tell that I am most likely going to change out the butt stock on it, have any of you done the same? If you have changed out the butt stock which one did you decide on? I am thinking about go with the PRS unless I find a better choice before I drop the cash on it. Anyway nice to be back and look forward to stirring chit up and seeing some familiar faces down at the range, I have been wanting to get down there but my youngest is now one of the counties finest so after walking around all day with a gun he doesn't want to go out and shoot much especially now when he can do it for free!
  10. I make holsters and have made a few for some members here or you can look at my FB page, go to face book and look up Padilla's custom leather,
  11. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Getting closer here’s where we’re at it takes multiple coats for it to have good coverage now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Not sure if it is true but heard that Dallas now doesn’t want the convention held there. But went to the one here and lots of info Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thank you !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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