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  1. Yeah, not that cheese on cardboard crap New York peddles. A real meal.
  2. You can get more elaborate and complicated shapes from cast than can be machined.
  3. When you see housing like this.....RUN the opposite direction!
  4. Forget your gun. Leave it here. Chitcago is a liberal cess pool. I wouldn't go to Chitcago with a dozen hired professionals from Academi.
  5. It's only for the cool kids. The rest of us don't have permission to see it.
  6. You get that hollow grinding feeling in your gut, EVERYTHING starts to look edible. Joint, cat, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce......
  7. Always build your own AR. Rarely are people happy with a purchased one. You buy it then change this and change that and you got more in it than if you just bought the parts you wanted in the first place.
  8. Every 1911 on earth. Give me poly/striker fired anything over those antiquated boat anchors.
  9. The sad part is, there's no real alternative. .
  10. Any gunsmith can do it and any machinist worth his pay can do it. The thing you will run into besides the obvious metal finish is barrel harmonics. Removing material relives stress. I'm not saying it WILL happen but it most certainly CAN happen; You may end up with a warped barrel. That is highly unlikely but it will change the frequency that the barrel vibrates at and if you thin it out enough, with a barrel that long, you could get barrel whip. Even if none of that happens, do not be surprised if loads known to be accurate now are NOT accurate after thinning it down.
  11. Ahm Kun Ra Ahm Kun Dei This thread shall rise again!!!
  12. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200482724_200482724 Been using something about like this one for several years now. I have three. They've been pretty good. Nothing broke I couldn't fix pretty easy. I use mine more in a day's time than most of you guys will use them in a lifetime. I tried the Aluminum jacks....what a friggin' joke. They will bend on a 3/4 ton truck unless you keep them perfectly straight and scotch the wheels. I wouldn't give a plug nickel for one of them.
  13. The matching tie is made in Columbia.
  14. As cheap as plated has got, you're probably better off for just target work. I buy plated too for 9mm. Still cast some, but especially in the summer, it just ain't worth the effort anymore.
  15. RCBS has always taken CS to a whole 'nuther level. I bought a scale at a swap meet once and the pan was missing. One phone call and they sent me one. They knew full well I bought it used. Didn't care sent it anyway. They are awesome.
  16. That would be hilarious to sling that poo on Obama.
  17. Did you slug the 6 throats first? Then mic random samples of the purchased bullets to see what the manufacturer was sizing them to? OR, did you buy them and load them? I once bought 500 9mm bullets at a gunshow for REALLY cheap. They were sealed in a box and I just loaded them with a starting charge and ran with it. There was crap smeared down the barrel, looked like a elephant defecated in there. It was BAD. They were sized .355 For a plated, PC'ed or jacketed bullet, that's fine. Cast...uhh no.
  18. But plain and simple truth is, you could shoot hundreds upon hundreds of them with no leading IF the bullet is properly fitted, proper alloy and with a decent lube. I shoot a 230g cast bullet in my .358 winchester and it chronographs at 1880 fps. It is boringly accurate. I have not cleaned that rifle in nigh 2 years now. The bore is as clean when I leave the range as it is when I arrive. Why monkey with it? Anyway, sorry for the highjack.
  19. BigTruuck, what gun are you running them through? I'm guessing a wheel gun. You oughta pick up a H&R Handi rifle in .500 S&W too. Ain't no H&R anymore but a used one is still common if you look. That 700g beastie would be a badazz thumper in the brush from a little carbine rifle.
  20. *groan* Where DOES this crap come from? Obviously I've been preaching to a synagogue full of empty pews for years now. Leading is a result of poor fit and RARELY a result of velocity. A properly fitted plain base bullet of the appropriate alloy for the target velocity will have NO issues getting up to 1600-1700 FPS. Gas checked, Well over 2K. The myth and lie of leading is perpetuated by people who either don't or can't understand that you can't just slap stuff together and expect it to work. OR, people who buy purchased cast loads/bullets that are NOT of the appropriate diameter. Why the industry insists on selling all these undersized bullet and junk sht lube that is nothing more than melted crayons is beyond me. The OP's particular load is running 1200 fps. This velocity can be easily achieved and honestly, wouldn't require the "hard cast" alloy they claim to use. Obviously dead soft ain't gonna cut it, but air cooled wheel weights would work perfectly. BUT it's impossible to make a cast load for EVERY bore out there so running a little harder alloy with a gas check as Underwood is doing is a good stop gap measure to ensure a fair quality product for all guns it'll be used in. Not what I would do BUT I would only be doing it for the ONE gun. They are selling to masses. There are folks that have pushed cast lead past 2500 fps with success but that takes a LOT of work. Still doable though. Hey Jewell, sorry buddy. Don't take my rant personally. It's just mind numbing where all the gun myths and half truths come from and how they manage to not only perpetuate but even propagate. *uuuggghhh!!!*
  21. Your 9 twist is MUCH more versatile than a 7 twist. If your rifle does what you want it to do and hits what you point at AND you're happy with it, tell your buddy to go sit on a pine cone.
  22. Why would lead be a problem for a magnum load? Also, that's not a wadcutter. It just has a massive meplat. I would rather have a heavy cast bullet with a large meplat than most any of the whizzbang BS gimmick jacketed bullets out there. Debate ballistics all you like but HOLES KILL STUFF. Slow and heavy will out penetrate light and fast every single time. That cast load will put a hole through a deer you can almost see daylight through. Consequently, he will spew blood like a hot can of beer. If that cast load proves accurate, Get in touch with Tom at Accurate Molds and he will cut you a mold identical to it. Then you can load it for a fraction of what you paid for those.


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