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  1. I think I'll have Chili Colorado for lunch. I got a hankering for mexican food all the sudden.
  2. El queso está viejo y pútrido. ¿Dónde está el baño?
  3. Uncle Touchy? Did he used to deliver mail to Mr. Rogers?
  4. My bestest buddy ever passed away last year. Had a hard time with that but the wife brought this guy home the other day. The shelter called him Moose. SO that's his name. He's about 2 yrs old and 85 pounds of American Bulldog. He's fairly easy to get along with. He sleeps about 18 hours a day. He's a big TGO fan though.
  5. Me too. Some of us like to read the aftermath of the called thunder and lightning.
  6. I don't care if it is 7 years old, I gots to have me one of them "BERTHA .380's" Where do I get one???????? For 's and giggles, somebody oughta dig up the very first TGO thread.
  7. This thread is quite amusing. A company takes a step back in light of potentially bad media and ya'll are ready to watch them go bankrupt. Not that they will. As big as they are, does anyone think they give two wags of a ratz azz what ya'll buy or don't? Likening Ohshoot to anything left or liberal is about as sane as saying Sanders has conservative leanings. LOL! I used the really stand on principle, support me or i don't support you. Nowadays, I'd buy a rifle from the tallyban if I got a good enough deal on it.
  8. Caster


    I don't believe you.
  9. Caster


    I never got it. I googled "Gordo Drug Narcotic" for ten minutes.
  10. That, in and of itself, if a VERY valuable lesson learned. I didn't have kids but if I had, I would have done a great many things.....different.
  11. Be thankful. As the late Hershel Greene once said: Some fathers do not earn the love of their children. That goes for moms too. People [especially older generations] seem to labor under the delusion that there is a debt owed just for the creation of life. I know for a fact there are some damn good fathers on this forum. The world is full of those who ain't. So be thankful ya'll, if you have something to be thankful for.
  12. Yeah, but how many are they really gonna have? Probably only a very few.
  13. Caster


    That's good news. I'm just now seeing this so I am a little late to the party. We've all joked and rolled our eyes at a 'zombie apocalypse' but a drug with this kind of effect that had lasting results...well, it speaks for itself. Ya'll be safe out there.
  14. Caster

    Ok Sig

    I've never been a Smith fan but Musicman is right, Smith demonstrates a true warranty IMO. I had a Walther G22 bullpup with major issues. THey paid shipping both ways. about 2 weeks and I had it back.
  15. Caster


    Ya'll been keeping up with this new drug called Flakka? Hot damn, this is scary Probably ought not watch this at work. It ain't dirty, but hardly appropriate. There's a lot of videos about this. This one has some bible thumping but it's one of the better ones as far as showing the behavior. What are they gonna do when they stumble on a drug like this and the effects are permanent????
  16. Ok, I will reopen this thread and ask a different question. Reckon how the atf is handling submissions before the July 13th deadline? I just mailed off a Form 1. I had posted a question about e-filing here earlier but said nevermind. I figured out that wasn't gonna work. That system blows. It never works so I did it the old fashioned way. My question and/or suspicion, Wonder if the ATF will drag their feet and sandbag the current submissions? Mine was mailed and dated today. It will be there tomorrow, I paid extra to be sure. I also made sure they had to sign the packet so I know exactly when it was taken into the office. I can totally see the crooked sob's letting them pile up for a few weeks until the deadline and then rejecting a buttload.
  17. Learned a little today. Don't mean to soil his memory but there's a good bit insanity here. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Both him and his father were named after Cassius Marcellus Clay. A republican abolitionist who fought hard to end slavery and was attacked more than once over the matter. Founded the Kentucky republican party. A black man couldn't ask for a better friend in those days.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassius_Marcellus_Clay_(politician) Then, Ali changed his name to Muhammad Ali. Muhammad the founder of Islam and Ali Talib, Muhammads brother inlaw/cousin. Both notorious for owning, selling and trading in the slave business. That's absolutely crazy.
  18. Always wanted to get into smoking meat. Nice looking pit. I grilled some today and fried chicken in lard & a cast iron skillet over a gas flame like grandma used to. The electric stove in the house sucks for that. Thank goodness my grill has a nice eye on the side. Lard rules. Makes good biscuits too. Chicken, biscuits and Miller. Every day should be Sunday.
  19. Yeah, that's cool Dave.....but try getting three sheets of plywood and some 2x4's in that thing.
  20. Land Rovers are awesome.....until they're not and when they're not.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  21. Man, you sure don't get to play very long. Gotta git yourself a drum or sumthin'
  22. I know squat so this may be simple to some who know. I bought a 12v solar battery trickle charger. I set it in the sun and put a volt meter on it. It read 22 Volts! NOW, I have a hard time believing it's producing enough current to hurt an Optima battery but 22 volt is a LOT more than 12v. Connect the battery to the charger and I am reading about 13.5 volts. What's going on? If it's working, i'm happy but what's theory here???
  23. Driving rice. Like any of the big three are anything to be proud of. As Nightrunner said, Nissan and Toyota are made here. Hell, half the parts to the precious american companies are foreign made so what's the difference? Ohh, other than resale value. Typically Nissan and Toyota have a MUCH higher resale value. Edit. Just found a Chevrolet I would actually drive! Granted it's a car not a truck, but.... Chevy Belair with a 358CI Toyota Nascar engine. That is badazz!
  24. Having buried my best friend last year, I know where the little fellar is coming from.


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