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  1. Well, I know in the 13 years I worked in a machine shop, all engraving done on parts was done with a center drill. I've seen part numbers engraved that were only eighty thousandths tall and rarely did the center drill fail until they were very dull. Much of that has to do with the rigidity of the machine though. I ran a Fadal machining center for a time making 17-4PH waste gates for oil piplines. We used a #2 center to engrave the part number on those, rarely ever broke one. Fadal is a sloppy piece of crap BTW.
  2. I dunno what those engravers cost but center drills do a very good job and can be had in LOTS of different sizes.
  3. More like remedial reading. If I actually READ the button before I click it, It's not a problem.
  4. Not bichin' (for once) I'm just curious...... Am I the only one who can't stop clicking the "Insert other media" function every time I try to "Submit reply"
  5. Ohh I remember that now! What a douche.
  6. Making a Carhart jacket bullet proof is not all that difficult.
  7. I don't mean this in my usual asinine jerk M.O. but why do we care what this gumby says? No, seriously is it just the intrinsic humor of being mentioned or does this guy's opinion really carry some weight cause other than the time or two he's been mentioned here with an accompanying video or something, I never heard of this guy. He's certainly not the topic of any discussion in any circle I find myself in. Chuck Yeager. Now there's a cool Yeager worth talking about. Jagermeister is pretty decent too.
  8. NO The 300 BLK has a very similar case capacity to a 32/20. A 32/20 would need warm handloads with smokeless to achieve supersonic. BP? No.
  9. I would say they came to that conclusion because 2 weeks is about how long it would take to ride a horse from the south to the northern headquarters, form a plan, infiltrate and lay some demolition then scoot while Union HQ is turn to a smoldering ash heap full of Union leader bodies.
  10. OhShoot is right again.....course he was there so that goes without saying. LOL! One thing though, were it to happen again today...OHH what a different story it would be. The best american industry is all down here now. If you could put a wall up along the northern border of Kentucky and run it length ways far enough; Reckon which side would lose the most weight after the first year? The North would look like a third world country.....oh wait, some of it already does!
  11. AWESOME bit of trivia. Nick Menza came from a long line of musicians. His father played saxophone for the one of the old Pink Panther theme songs.
  12. M-4's probably wouldn't have won the Civil War.....but a .300 Win mag and someone like Chris Kyle COULD have won the war. No need for some many brothers and cousins to die. Just wipe out battlefield leaders from long ranges. Then get sneaky and take out NON battlefield leaders. Without leadership, the average soldier will try to find a route back home and find something else to do with his time. ALL combat strategy requires good leadership but THOSE types of open field, stand and deliver tactics REALLY depended on strong leadership. I have always believed modern tactics would have decimated the north with no need for modern weaponry. A shoot and scoot fight would have taken them quickly. Camouflage and stealth coupled with decimating their leaders would have done the deed.
  13. Ahh yes! Preppers and their dried beans. Nothing makes a man want to fight to survive than the thought of being huddled in a group, no A/C fans or air filters, possible cramped conditions and eating large quantities of BEANS.
  14. For any MegaDeth fans here; Nick Menza, the drummer for MegaDeth for many years and all the BEST albums has died on stage while playing with his newest band Ohm. This sucks. He was awesome. RIP.
  15. Nice work. It turned out well.....it's a shame there's parts left in that box you can't use. But, still..very nice.
  16. Oh hell yeah, that's much better. Thank you.
  17. I have to wonder what that does to the brass's metallurgy. There's a reason you do not use Brasso or other ammonia based cleaners on brass and that is why.
  18. I hate rifle mounted brass catchers. I use one that sits next to the ejection port. Dolomite built one a few years ago from pvc pipe and a pillow case and it worked VERY well. I've never really tried to mark it but you could take a black sharpie and color in the primer and case head. It's will remain intact well enough to ID them. Flying brass is yet another reason i sold my bench AR and bought a bolt action.
  19. My biggest issue so far is honesty on my end. I'm just having trouble absorbing what I'm seeing. The old version I could fly through in seconds. I could tell at a glance if I wanted to read something or not. I could fly through the classifieds a couple times a day to see if there was anything that warranted my attention. This new version: All the functions work and are easy to understand I just can't can't process what I am seeing. It really brings out my inner 'tard. I click the 'unread content' button and I feel like Homer reading a nuclear reactor operation manual.
  20. Wow, 120K!!! Good for him. Life is ruined, may as well get paid for it.


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