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  1. I have an SKS that needs an experienced smith to work on the trigger/clip mechanism. I am not in a hurry. When is a good time to stop by?
  2. My SKS has a 20 round magazine, standard type, not the AK type.  Thanks for all the info, but I'm still looking for a gunsmith in the area.  I will travel some distance if the work is good.
  3. I need the spring that holds the magazine in. currently, it won't stay up.
  4. I need a gunsmith in the Summertown/Lawrenceburg/Hohenwald area to do some work on my SKS.
  5. I have an SKS that needs the magazine spring replaced,
  6. Fantastic piece of writing!  Keep it coming, please.
  7. I would be interested also.  I am in the Summertown area.  Depending on family requirements, I may or not be able to attend, depending on time and location.
  8. Thanks for the input.  I know there are many out there, but not all of them are of good quality.
  9. I have an SKS made by Norinco.  My problem is the magazines either jam or they don't stay in the gun after each shot.  These are aftermarket magazines, so I know the quality may not be as good as a factory item.  Where can I get 30 round magazines that are decent?
  10. The book's title is not familiar, but the name of the author is.  Seems like I have run across it before in another book about the civil war.  I have been an American history buff for years, and one of my favorite parts is the time of the westward expansion from 1840 to about 1900, including the civil war and the Indian wars.
  11. I don't think people realize just how big of a job it would be to take guns away or ban their sale.  It would be committing political suicide in many areas.  All it would do would be to make sure the bad guys have guns.  As an american and a property owner and taxpayer, I feel I have the right to own and carry a gun and I don't intend to give it up. 
  12. I'm not familiar with the concealed carry laws in all 50 states, but in Washington state where I formerly lived, the Sheriff dept. or city police handle applications.  I think the fee is around $50 and they do the fingerprinting.  There is a 30 day wait while the FBI searches your record.  The process in Tn. is too long and expensive and has room for change.  I don't think it should cost as much as it does, and I feel the police or sheriff dept. could handle it more expeditiously.  How to achieve these changes is something I am not familiar with, but perhaps local representatives could help out.
  13. A friend of mine uses a .50 caliber black powder double rifle, and tried very hard to get me to buy one for hog hunting and to use my .44 model 1860 Colt replica to put them out of their misery if needed. I think my SKS with hollow points will work just fine. As far as the question of which rifle has took more game, legally or otherwise? My answer is the .22 long rifle. I have that was my first rifle, an old single shot sears, and believe me it has taken its share of game. I can still shoot better with it than any gun I have ever owned!


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