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  1. Some Nashville suburbs are apparently unaware of that change. They have local ordinances banning any firearm carry in city parks, regardless of license. Can you cite me to a provision of the statute that supports that ?
  2. Ya might want to keep your weapon fairly well concealed as you check out the possible threat at the front door/back door/garage door/wherever. Just in case..... New Mexico police fatally shoot resident in "horrible error"
  3. I have a friend in Orlando that complains about numerous cops that seem to be on a "gotcha" jihad against concealed carriers who inadvertently print or reveal. He's like, guys, really, have you nothing better to do with your time - like go after gang-bangers riding around with AK's taking pot shots at each other just for shiites and giggles ??? I concur. After moving here from Ohio, it could be much, much worse. They just recently did away with the requirement that you "promptly notify" (whatever the h*ll that means) LEO when you are carrying. Good luck when the cop orders you to shut your mouth upon initial contact, then arrests you for Failure To Notify. It has happened.
  4. "I feared for my life, and shot to protect myself. I intend to cooperate fully once I have spoken to my lawyer." Then STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. "...Hes not exactly worried about company repercussions, because any man in his right mind would rather forfeit his job than his life...." Or as a friend of mine who is not nearly as diplomatic as you once said, "I'd much rather be alive and looking for a job, than to be a dead guy who followed orders."
  6. "...Mr. Dickens fired his 1st shot at a distance of 43 yds from a kneeling position from cover and the active shooter was hit and also hit by 2nd shot...." Surprise, surprise, surprise !!! Pvt. Gomer Pyle
  7. Seems to me that would be a dandy legislative effort for the next session !
  8. The owner is Simon Property Group. They are notorious anti-gunners. They ban firearms in every mall they buy, which is a lot. https://fox59.com/news/greenwood-park-mall-had-policy-against-weapons-ahead-of-sunday-shooting/
  9. So the 22-year old "hero" (per the Greenwood police chief) who skillfully took out the mall shooter before his fatality count could get above 3 was not violating Indiana law when he carried into the mall, only mall policy. Signs prohibiting concealed carry in a business (or creating, as I like to call them, "Criminal Protection Zones") do not have the effect of law in Indiana. The worst that can happen is, the mall can ban him from the property. Ouch. https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2022/07/18/indiana-mall-gun-free-zones-n60522 In light of that, does anyone think there's any chance of similar legislation in TN at some point ?
  10. https://americanmilitarynews.com/2022/07/fbi-to-illegally-harvest-gun-carry-license-holders-personal-info-missouri-ag-says/ Good for Schmitt for standing up to the gubmint and enforcing Missouri statutory law. But I surely can't imagine that OUR Federal gubmint would EVER use that information for any improper purposes. Anybody have any contacts in TN sheriff's offices that can find out whether they are intending to do the same thing in Tennessee ??? And if so, does TN statute prohibit the Feds from coming in and harvesting STATE licensure information like this ? Gotta wonder..........
  11. I recently acquired four pistols (two .45, two 9mm) that were last shot anywhere from 6-12 years ago. They were not cleaned after their last firing. I have not used a bore light to view the bores, so I don't know how bad the damage is. Am I risking a problem if I thoroughly and repeatedly clean these barrels and then fire the weapons ? Or do I simply need to throw new barrels in all 4 ? I am no gunsmith, but I can manage that.
  12. To put it mildly, assuming that is what the ADA said. Things do get lost in the translation. If that is an exact quote, then this ADA has a problem understanding the law.
  13. I moved to TN ten years ago, and I never did understand that whole "intent to go armed" jazz. Love to read an explanation of it someday. Sure hope they eliminate it and clean up the statutes. Although, I came from Ohio, and they JUST NOW got a bill passed to eliminate the requirement that a CCL holder "promptly notify" (whatever that means) an LEO if he is "stopped" while armed. There were some really bad outcomes when some LEO wouldn't let a carrier inform, and then charged them for not informing !!! I was SO happy to get to Tennessee to get out from under that (well, that and no state income tax, school tax, etc., etc.).
  14. Or as I liked to say, back when I was still in the mood to go shopping: "I was already lookin' when I found her ! No reason I can't do it again."
  15. I lived in Central Oklahoma for 13 years, very near to Moore OK (Google "Moore F5 tornado"). I've seen many lives saved due to storm shelters, and many lost due to the absence of one. I was also a trained storm-spotter for a Central Oklahoma police department, so tornadoes were part of our lives for quite a while (but then in 10 years in Mt. Juliet, we've had VERY NEAR misses 3 times, including just a week ago - 0.2 of a mile !!! What the h*ll ???). If you get a commercial one, just make sure it's passed the Texas Tech wind test, whether you're looking at underground or aboveground. My only reservation about aboveground (assuming the shelter itself is properly built) is the sufficiency of the anchoring system. Proper strength, number and length of anchor bolts (into concrete !!) is the question. Do your research. And don't let some salesman tell you "we're approved". GET PROOF !! I've already talked to two outfits around Nashville since last week that flat-a** lied to my face about testing, once I checked their claims. If their own product has not been tested, or they won't give you the results, I won't go near it. Anybody that wants you to "take their word for it" --- you're out the door, guys.


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