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  1. JT59

    .22 wmr rifles

    Have a Savage b22 mag and it is acccurate. Plastic stock so I don't mind if it gets dirty or scratched. A nice step up from the power of 22lr.
  2. Replaced the stock on the Tikka and put limbsaver pads on both. Tested both with several types of ammo. Tikka is slightly more accurate and much smoother to operate. Plan to keep the Tikka. Found some low recoil 125gr ammo which is easy on the shoulder.
  3. Took both to the range. They are more accurate than I am. Recoil was strong with both. The Savage stock fits me better. Looks like I need a few more range trips to decide.
  4. I got both. Will take to the range to see which one I like best. The other can be a Christmas gift to my son.
  5. Looking for a bolt gun in 308. Local shop has like new Savage 11 and another shop has like new T3. Both guns are about ten years old, but look almost new. Prices are similar. Anyone have a Tikka? Not sure which to get.
  6. No, I think long and hard before I buy another gun. I do miss the days when guns at yard sales were sometimes too good to pass up.
  7. Some of the shows were huge. Bob Pope had a good show and some collector group in Memphis had the biggest and best show I had ever seen. I remember getting Lake City 7.62x51 case of 1,000 for $200 including tax.
  8. Got one a few months ago. Standard type stock. Fun to shoot and accurate for a pistol caliber carbine. I put on a low power shotgun scope and at 50 yard shots are in about a two inch group. I have bad shoulders so this will be my new "big gun".
  9. Memphis is one of the reasons the carry permit system was changed. It was in the papers about 25 or 30 years ago revealing the bribes taken to issue permits to people who did not qualify. If a huge flood flushed the city into the gulf it would be a good thing for Tennessee.
  10. JT59

    Carry History

    1996 to 2012 sig 220 in 45acp 2012 onward sig 239 in 9mm
  11. I was a scout leader for about 15 years. Our troop was very active in many outdoor sports including shooting. I was NRA certified for rifle, pistol and shotgun. We had several adults with different certifications so that we could stage troop level shooting weekends. I have been out for a few years, but I saw the newer boys and parents becoming less active in outdoor sports even before the covid. Scouts would be sort of lame if you are not going to shoot, ski, canoe or backpack in the wilderness.
  12. I do not remember much from 25 years ago. I was glad when they changed the permitting rules and the class was fun.
  13. As a kid used a single shot 410 with #5 shot. As a teenager used a pistol for squirrel. My shooting skills have gone down hill the past forty years.
  14. We have a contract on our house and I keep finding boxes and ammo cans full of ammo in odd places. I don't remember buying all this ammo and I even found a pistol which I had forgotten about. I am sure it has nothing to do with my age. All the cool kids were born in the 50's right?


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