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  1. I have some 125 grain Gallent coated bullets I want to load with unique. The only cast data I have with 124/125 grain cast bullets is with Speer #15 data. It shows 125 cast with 4.1-4.5 grains of unique at 1.13 COL. 1.13 wont plunk I loaded 1.10 at 4.2 grain and the slide didn’t lock open. Should I try this load again or bump up to 4.2-4.4?. Just want to make sure I was not riding the slide lock. Any suggestions? Still fairly new to this.
  2. That great news! Hopefully he will remain positive and keep moving forward. We will keep praying
  3. I like the M&P 2.0 compact and the Glock 19 I also like the Sig 320 compact. Our local Ruel King has the M&P for $439.
  4. We have a family friend who’s son had the exact same thing happened a couple years ago. He was also in Vandy burn unit they are the best. He is doing fine now. His burns were on his side and back.
  5. I haveSeen lots that have been run over and a couple walking around. Seems like the when I see one there a couple weeks that there are all over the road and then none for a while.
  6. Spend some time at the reloaders bench. I spent some time there when I first got my press. They helped me a lot with what I needed to get things going. Take a note pad.
  7. Used to live just up from Beaman park and my parents still do. Kinda ashamed to say I have never ventured into it. They were in the process of building it when I was in high school. We used to drink from the spring that’s near the entrance. We used to drive our old mustang up and down Little Marabone road.
  8. The new Marlins I saw at the NRA show this year seem to be better than the past few years. Action is smoother and the fit and finish seems better but it’s hard to beat Henry quality.
  9. I have a XD 45 that I bought just after the Clinton ban expired. I actually when’t to to buy a 1911 and walked out with the XD. Lots of rounds through it everything from factory stuff to my hand loads including my first attempt at hand loads. No major problems except hand loads that were to light. Shoots good with all my current loads. Still need a 1911.
  10. Knew it was coming hopefully it can be stopped
  11. I am in my yard sometimes at 4am. When we are doing OT at work I leave the house between 4:30 and 5:00am. I live in a ruel area outside of Nashville. Guess what is with me when I leave.
  12. Very common from manual to manual that’s why you need several sources. Go with the one that has the lowest starting grains and work up. Both sources are good data just work up slowly. Accurate powders work good for me though I don’t load 357 Sig. definitely start with the Accurate data.
  13. My nephew plays for UT Martin and just got there A@@ handed to the by Florida.
  14. My ABS and brake light have been on for years. I also have a 1970 mustang and a 74 nova (drag car) and my grandpa 76 f100 that he bought new. Glad there are some car guys here
  15. I also had the problem of the code reader not committing. The cigarette lighter fuse was bad. I got the information on that off of racing junk forum years ago. I would see if the lighter works.

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