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  1. When did they start carrying reloading supplies? I hope the continue to do so I go there some what regularly. I did get a couple hundred primers a couple months back at TN gun country. Only allowed 200 per day.
  2. Has anyone seen any 1911s recently I was told by a LGS that Rock Island is currently not producing any due to constraint on products in higher demand. Said it would be probably April before any came in. He also said Kimber was doing the same and was about a year behind as well. Springfield is also focused on higher demand items.
  3. Just sold one just like it to my nephew same color and the abs light has been on for years. Mine had 319k miles on it. Still ran good but the family out grew it. Bought a 2019 crew cab to replace it hope it is as good of truck. Mine did have the 5.3 in used it to pull my nova when I was still drag racing all the time.
  4. I think I read a while back that most wal marts we’re going to stop carrying all ammo.
  5. Anyone have a Rock Island 1911 tactical in 45 ACP? Thinking about picking one up just looking for some feedback. How well do they run and will they feed HP ammo for carry? Little ashamed no don’t have an1911 in my arsenal yet.
  6. If anyone is out and about please be more vigilant that normal.
  7. They are saying the building the bomb was in front of was a communication building for att
  8. I just saw they are getting ready to re enter the area with cadaver dog. Hope this is not a sign of things to come.
  9. Last Saturday the Reloader bench a little powder bought some lil gun to load 300 blackout with. They had some various pistol powder and no primers. Selection was pretty thin.
  10. Finally got back to the reloading bench and loaded some dummy rounds at 2.090. Still to long seems to be hitting the rifling. Very hard to cycle the bolt and scratches on the bullet. Also the moves forward so something is not right. I have never loaded 300 blackout or used H110 not sure how it acts when shorter than recommended COL. going to 2.78 seemed to be better. So Bear Creek barrels have short chambers? You guys think I would be safe going this short? At this length it’s still only about halfway in the cannelure. I think I should be ok going to this length as long as i stay at minimum ch
  11. I want to learn trigger works and action tuning to start with and gradually getting to barrel fitting and learn 1911 work
  12. Anyone have suggestions on some good books to learn gunsmith ? I have done an AR build and a few other minor things. I really enjoyed putting my AR together would just like to learn more.
  13. I have visited Wyoming a couple times awesome place just do not think I could handle the winters.
  14. I knew that setting depth did not look right. Sometimes I over research things but I am glad I did some checking on this one.
  15. Thanks. I also just found on Hornady website that there is a error in the 9th addition manual I have. The correction says 2.090. https://press.hornady.com/assets/pcthumbs/tmp/1410993774-9th-Edition-Handbook-Updates-Errata1522702177.pdf


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