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  1. It was a new keypad canon sent me and due to the battery being out for 72 hrs it reset to the factory default code.
  2. The keypad was the problem. Canon sent me a new one along with a new lock but I was unable to get it open. Lock smit got it open in a few minutes with the new keypad. Not sure what he did I followed canon instructions while on the phone with there tech guy. He must have know some tricks.
  3. First car was a 1970 mustang fastback 1 owner car I still have. Restored it in the 90s with my grandfather finished it in 95. I still have it and always will. The lady that owned it since new drove by my grandfather’s office and saw his 66 mustang sitting outside ( my brother has that car now) and asks if he Southern interested. Got it for $500 no rust and numbers matching. We restored it together no amount of money can get it. I also have his 76 F 100 he bought new.
  4. I have a canon safe that the electronic lock crapped out on a couple years ago. Canon sent me a new lock and keypad but would not pay to get it opened or for replacement labor. The lock Smith was able to open it without drilling it. I asked about converting it to a mechanical lock and it was going to cost more than I paid for the safe. If I ever upgrade safes it will not have a electronic lock.
  5. We do a little drag racing and I only have a 1/2 ton truck. Plenty of my friends have dulleys and enclose trailers. The all have plate on the rear and some have plates on there trailer for going to out of town races.
  6. I finally put my AR lower together today. Never been to the Dyersburg show I do try to go to the Dickson show but I missed the last 2. Have to keep busy on rainy days I am not one to sit still for more than a hour or so.
  7. Ubertia, Cimmaron and Taylor make nice colt replicas and priced right.
  8. Nice old gun I need one of those. Classic guns are like classic cars great pieces of craftsmanship.
  9. I use bore snake for a quick cleaning mainly on pistols. They work good but not as good as a cleaning rod. As long as you soak the bore. I also use on rifles and it make cleaning with rods quicker since it takes out a lot of the loose carbon. They will not remove lead or copper as good as a rod.
  10. Good thing you decided to go on to the DR. That’s nothing to play with.
  11. 1911 should be in a good leather holster. All other including my Glock daily carry get mainly kydex. I due have a good galco combat master leather holster for when I do carry OWB.
  12. I had a 442 used to farro it in a pocket holster when needed. It worked great while doing yard work and loaded with CCI shot shells for slithery things. I miss it.
  13. It’s a shame that you should carry in church but I always do. Church and schools should be 2 of the safest place but unfortunately that is not the case. I always pray for peace but prepare for the worst. God be with them.
  14. QD sling attachment and will eventually add a red dot of some kind. On the fence on weather or not to free float it since it is a pistol. I have looked at guntec handguards and they seem reasonable priced for free floated guards.
  15. Any suggestions on a handguard? Barrel Leno is 10.5 thinking a 9.5-10 inch will work but not sure.

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