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  1. They are also building a new middle school in Burns my niece is getting rezoned to go there next year
  2. I am just down the road from Kingston Springs in White Bluff and also work in Nashville
  3. swiley383

    Taurus G2C

    Ordered a crossbreed she found one liked not sure when it will be here. Dug trough my holster stash and found one that sorta fits so she is hey that for now.
  4. swiley383

    Taurus G2C

    Well she got the 43x picked it up Friday and shot about 50 rounds thru it 20 of witch she let me shoot. She likes a lot and so do I. A lit more snappy than my g19 gen4 but not a lot. Currently holster shopping. Most likely going with a alien gear for now. She is not ready to get her CCW but just want it in the car( baby steps) . frid
  5. I have some Gallent 125 grain coated bullets that have to be loaded in 1.09-1.10 range to plunk in my G19. I have some load data that shows Accurate #5 with COL at1.05. I also have HP-38, Unique, and power Pistol powder I want to try. One of my manuals show any data for those powders with a COL any shorter than 1.13. Should I be OK using the data with a shorter COL as long as I do a work up load?
  6. World gets more scary every day and nothing is being done. The schools have got to be made secure.
  7. Anyone used Gallent bullets in 9mm? I just ordered 1,000 125 grain coated for $70 shipped ( they were out of 115 grain$66 shipped). Just wondering on were to start COL. I will be using Accurate no.5, Unique, HP-38 and pistol powder is what I have on hand.
  8. swiley383

    Taurus G2C

    Probably going to be getting one on layaway the week after next.
  9. swiley383

    Taurus G2C

    After looking around today she did not like the G2c or the shield and p365. So far she is really leaning towards the Glock 43x. She also handled a Rugar LCP9 and a Walter PPQ but kept going back to the G43X. I found a used LCP9 with a really good price and 6 mags but she didn’t like how it felt. s long as it’s something she like and will carry I am OK paying extra plus we all know how well Glocks run.
  10. swiley383

    Taurus G2C

    Have been at Taurus G2C for my wife’s EDC anybody have any experience with these good or bad? She finally agreed to start carrying so doing a little research on this gun. I like the 12 rounds capacity just just not sure about the Taurus brand. We are going today to let her put her hand on a few different ones like the shield and maybe a G26 or a Sig. I really like the price of the Taurus but if it won’t work when needed it not a deal.
  11. I shot a 320 at Sig day at a local gun shop and really liked it. Honestly I shot it slightly better than my G19
  12. Now having problems with Blue bullets lots they won’t pass the plunk test or fit my Lyman cartridge gauge. I have this problem since I started though I had it figured out but out of every 100 I have had anywhere from 4 to 12 fail. All that I have pulled measure.355 and the bras measures in spec. I experimented with seating depth and crimp and no crimp( normally don’t crimp 9mm). The one that pass shoot great just not sure what is happening here.
  13. Using 5.0 grains of Accurate #5 and they are sized to .355. I just found 2 more companies I want to try DG bullets and Gallent bullets. Both are coated and and little cheaper than blue bullets. DG has a 1100 bullet quick ship box of 125 grain bullets for $68 shipped.

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