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  1. Handloading for Long Range or Bench Rest We will be learning how to inspect and scrutinize each component of a loaded round of ammunition for consistency & accuracy. We'll Also go over how to carefully & methodically work up the most accurate possible load for a rifle with a given set of components. (It's east to get a rifle to shoot @ 100 yards. We'll go over means & methods to get it shooting it's best at LONG range... Bullet: weight sort bearing sort base to ogive sort meplat correction pointing Moly coating Brass Case: weight sort primer pocket unif
  2. One thing I will stress about the dies, going cheap ruins your brass. I initially purchased a set of Lee 6.5 Grendel dies and the results were very inconsistent. At time during the resizing, the brass was "crushed". At nearly a buck each, I didn't want to risk losing additional cases. I opted for the Redding competition dies and its been smooth sailing ever since. I'll give you my old Lee dies if you like. You can't go wrong with Sabre! As for your lower, just pick a reasonably priced one. It does not need to be stamped with anything grendel specific. Mine is a Spikes Tactical lower and has
  3. Let be start by saying you get what you pay for... My project started with a reasonably priced used AA upper. I found this on www.65grendel.com. (You can also find good deals on gunbroker.com.) I then added additional upgrades over time as I could afford them. I looked at the GSR upper, but like you, the price was beyond my budget. AA only offers a gas piston upper in 18", and I wanted a 24" barrel. When considering a piston upper, the price is significantly higher up front. BUT, if you choose a standard configuration and install a piston conversion kit at a later date, you pay approx the sa
  4. Better late than never! This work stuff is definately interferring with my play time. I attended the long range shooting class on March 19th. A bit of background on me. Having spent 12 years in the Army, I was not that familiar with anything outside of iron sights or my trusty, issued Aimpoint red dot. Last Summer I finished my 6.5 Grendel build and topped it with a Leupold Mark IV. Well, this was a high end scope, but it did me little good when I didn't understand exactly what I was looking through. It has a TRM reticle with 1/4 MOA adjustments, and I could never seemed to "make it work".
  5. NOooooo, I fear change. I shot a few rounds yesterday. Its definately a new feeling using that grip. I was hoping to move the grip forward, but forgot a screwdriver.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I think this touches on part of the issue. I got caught up in a tacticool (impulse) moment. One of those "hey, I don't have one of those." I normally shoot it with by simply grasping the rail. As I said in my initial post, some mandatory range time should quickly identify whether or not I keep it, or put it on my son's mid-length AR. I also noticed I am unable to operate my flashlight. Maybe Magpul needs can add a pressure-switch option on future models. Do they have a "suggestion box"?
  7. Last night I bought the Magpul Angled Fore-Grig. I like the look but I'm not sure I like the feel. How many of you have this installed on your evil black rifles? Does it take some "getting used to"? Has anyone gone from a vertical style hangrip to the AFG? I guess I will wait and see until I put a few rounds down-range.
  8. Lookin' good! What optic are you looking at installing?
  9. I can throw some help your way. I have a Dillon 550 instead of a Hornady press, but the basic steps remain the same. Out of the list of calibers, I can walk you through the makings of a 5.56/.223 round. Shoot me a PM when your move is complete.
  10. Sipsey Street Irregulars: This is going to piss off a number of people -- thoroughly and completely. I help Paul Helmke with his next crusade. Try to figure out why. This is not recent, but it's the first I have come across it. Here is a portion of the article at the link above. Does this only refer to all firearms or shotguns (with pistol-grips) with NO stock? I'm confused here. Too much legal jargon. ATF Letter Ruling means that a "pistol grip firearm" is a Destructive Device In a section entitled "Pistol Grips and Shotguns" on pages 2-3 of its November 2009 FFL Newsletter (click here
  11. I am interested, but its too far for me. I will be first in line when the class comes to Nashville.
  12. I like it. It's so nice to have a clean bolt carrier after shooting all day. Wipe it down, lube it up, and your back in business! I was concerned that the Grendel would be too much for the piston kit, but so far it has worked perfectly. I had to modify/machine my rail to allow room for the carrier actuating rod movement. It took some time and gave me some headaches but it has been worth it. I would recommend this kit to anyone wanting to upgrade to a gas piston upper.
  13. Mine started out as a Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel Overwatch upper receiver. - I installed a new (24") 6.5 Grendel barrel (with a smaller gas block diameter), new Troy rail, and Adams Arms gas piston kit. - The optic is a Leupold Mark IV 4.5x14x50mm LRT with a Larue one piece mount. - The lower started out with a Spikes Tactical (stripped ). I added a DPMS LPK. I'm still trying to make up my mind on what trigger group to upgrade to. - I added the Magpul PRS stock, MIAD grip with the extra firing pin and bolt carrier, and a mono pod. - The can is the Freedom model from www.libertycans.net.
  14. I am very interested in attending, but that is a long drive. I might have to look into carpooling from Nashville.
  15. Nolo- I own both .223 AR's and a Grendel. It's just a simple swap of the upper receiver and a new Grendel magazine, and you are in business. As some have stated, this is a great round to get you to 500yds and beyond. I'm currently shooting within a half-dollar at 300yds consistently. At 200yds, I am almost driving the rounds through the same hole. The only downside to the Grendel round (IMO) is the availability of ammunition. At times it can be scarce or expensive. At times there can be a considerable backorder wait time. This is why I am currently reloading this caliber to avoid the "unavai
  16. Ahhh yes, I remember my conjugal visits with my suppressor. I hope your approval goes faster than mine did: 4 months for form4 approval with a paperwork correction.
  17. Couldn't have been Osama, Fox said so: FOXNews.com - Report: Bin Laden Already Dead - U.S. & World But what about all his cameo appearances since then.....oh, never-mind. Where's my tin foil?
  18. That mono-pod is sweet. You can make fast, smooth adjustments while limiting your rifles overall movement. Here is my 6.5 Grendel AR creation with a mono-pod and Liberty Freedom suppressor. Three shots At 200 yards- At 300 yards after being dialed in-
  19. I have this same grill with the smoker box add-on. This will make a mean brisket or rack of ribs!
  20. From time to time I come across segments that really make you think. It appears this guy has done his homework regarding the The Federal Firearms Act. (Original Intent Treatise - The Federal Firearms Act) The Federal Firearms Act by Dave Champion Where does the federal government get its Constitutional authority to enact laws such as the National Firearms Act, which has been codified to Chapter 44 of Title 18 of the United States Code? Upon whom are such laws operative, and where? Since a careful reading of the Constitution reveals that the federal government has no specificall
  21. What better way to spend Christmas Eve day than shooting? Using my reloaded 6.5 Grendel 120grain JHP Seirra Match Kings, I spent the morning getting the my scope dialed in for non-suppressed and suppressed shots, out to 200 (so far). I'm getting a solid setting for 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300. Today was spent working out to 200. I tried to also use my alternate, 130gr JHP Berger hunting round, but beyond 100yards and my rifle grouped like shotgun. This will be a problem for another day. Temp: 43F Winds: From the rear, less than 5 MPH Partly overcast skies The first suppressed groups @200
  22. THis morning I decided to reload some rounds because the weather wasn't that great. My Dillon press was all setup from my last session of reloading .223. I broke everything down and started to clean everything and put it all back together. I changed out my tool head and installed my 6.5 Grendel setup. All this time my boys were doing what boys do best- fighting. I had to play referee several times. (strike one) After several interuptions, I got everything reinstalled. - I verified the sizing of my case - I checked my powder: 31.5 grains (Stike two) - Checked my seating depth 2.260 (Stike t
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