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  1. Back when I was working for a big 3 automaker in the maintenance dept. we had 'Walt', a millwright who was always doing something that HE thought was funny. He filled a balloon with acetylene and a touch of oxygen, now this was twice the size of a basketball, and waited for someone to come out of the supervisors offices that were right across the aisle from the work shop. I don't know what he set up to touch it off but he was some distance away and could only see that someone came out of the office and he set it off. OMG it was one of the biggest BOOMS I ever heard and this thing was not but
  2. Spot on comment. If Medicare is so great then I want the politicians to be the first to have their plans cancelled. I'm coming up on having to enroll at 65 and have some studying to do on it so at 31 I doubt Eric that you know much about Medicare either. It seems to me that the offer of loan forgiveness is the driving appeal to the college crowd to vote Democrat.
  3. I remember that ND while picking up his gun on the dance floor. An off duty FBI agent did a back flip and lost his firearm then promptly shot a guy in the ankle when he picked it up. I wonder how that turned out.
  4. I didn't say I agreed with this, just that its the NRA's goal. I do agree with Dave and Leroy's comments. Even though the states (some) will/may disagree with it if it should come up in the Congress as It certainly does take away states right to regulate within their own boarders, as wrong as some may be.
  5. The NRA sees this as a pathway to national reciprocity. They compromise on this and they put the pressure on to get national reciprocity passed. Its the NRA's holy grail at this time as they believe it will open the door to states that refuse 2A rights to non residents. Legislators also know that they can turn it into leverage on other issues.
  6. I see you are in Tullahoma. Went to the Beechcraft Heritage Museum there and if you have not bothered to go see it then I highly recommend it. Very interesting displays and lots to look at. Used to fly fixed wing years ago. Cessna and Pipers.
  7. Stayed here the first time last October and I noticed the sign at the entrance said No Firearms. Stayed again this spring and the sign was still there so after we got home I sent the park manager an e-mail pointing out their non compliance of state law (pre-emption). I finally received a response today and was informed that the signs have been updated and an assurance that carry is indeed legal as long as you have your permission slip. Who'da thunk it, an e-mail can have an impact. Tims Ford is the closest state park to Lynchburg and uncle Jack. Great park too if you have never been.
  8. I have to agree with bersaguy on this. Those that are saying to just conceal are firstly advocating breaking the law in carrying past a posted no guns sign.......BUT this is not private property and in these cases if we as gun owners don't start letting venues like this know that they cannot just post a gun buster sign any 'ol place they wish to have a festival that's contrary to state law we accomplish nothing in advancing legal carry by law abiding people. This is exactly where an opportunity exists to exercise your rights and openly display that right.
  9. I am actually headed to Lynchburg tomorrow, taking the trailer and staying in Tims Ford state park. Have done the tour before so I am just picking up some "goods". I am unaware of the Squire thing too. Would be cool, I have to agree.
  10. Should you go ahead with plans to rent/lease to another family, essentially strangers, get with an attorney first and develop an iron clad lease/rental agreement to make sure you can evict them if they start doing things you can not tolerate...like growing illegal things....or cooking illegal things..... or even just not taking care of this nice house you so generously want to rent out. You fell into the age old trap of thinking your adult children and their spouses have the same dreams and vision that you do. Now you have a huge investment in what your pictures show to be a beautiful pi
  11. Thanks BigK for addressing the issue with your honest point of view, one which I can agree with. Do you think these 2 should be charged with a crime and what crime do you believe they committed? I know info is limited at this point but we seem to like to speculate here. I will say it again too, all I am trying to do here is have a discussion on what they did and how it was handled, not a "what idiots" pile on fest. That's too easy. As it is, there is history in Detroit where a man walked into a precinct and opened fire. No officers were injured I don't believe but the perp did get hi
  12. Aww, you hurt my feels now. That's alright though, that door swings both ways.
  13. Good morning gentleman, in spite of accusations of my "disdain" for LEO I will just say that I have high respect for any LEO that conducts himself with professionalism and knows and understands the very laws we entrust him to uphold. I do not think they walk on water and deserve more leeway in the law than the citizen, being held to a LOWER standard than what the citizen is held to. Is that too much to ask of them? Just like with the controversy over the presidents travel ban, the issue with what these guys did is ...was it legal (and were they justly arrested). The police act outside t
  14. Sam, you are so clever, you got me again....geeze, silly me.
  15. No technicality at all. Please explain how you believe calling in a bomb threat anywhere is free speech.


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