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  1. I do believe it will eventually. However, I am really starting to question how long that's gonna take. Its already gone longer than I expected and there's really no let up in sight.
  2. Interesting. I stand corrected. But then I haven't been specifically looking for one either. Honestly, I prefer the standard stocks. That price does sound about right. Them things ain't cheap. Good luck in your search.
  3. Look at your son and say these words: "Bubba, Ya done good!"
  4. if you set a day and time that's as good as your word. Be there! Unfortunately, if they don't show, there's not much you can do about it. If you both belong to the same forum, I guess you could leave negative feedback if available. But I doubt if a post calling him out would fly. Personal attacks not allowed. I've had a couple of no shows over the years. One guy actually did have something come up. He apologized later and we rescheduled. The others never replied to my messages. Never heard from them again. All I could do was be pissed. Were you buying or selling? Buyers alm
  5. Are you talking about getting a regular M1A or are you specifically looking for one already customized with the Sage International combat stock? New Springfields in all versions are out there. However, a used Springer M1A is kinda hard to find as those who have 'em, tend to keep 'em. I've bought 2 used Springers, but that was just dumb luck. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time. But like everything else, prices are way up. People who build rifles using Sage stocks also tend to go all out on other custom and accuracy work. They ain't cheap and they don't get sold
  6. No change for me either. I learned my lesson many years ago.
  7. The .38 Special is likely the most common handgun cartridge in this country. Low supply + huge demand = high prices. Even those folks who only have the one old revolver stashed away in the sock drawer are realizing that ammo is scarce. They're out there looking too.
  8. Well lemme see here.... I'm sitting there having dinner and suddenly a rowdy crowd of protesters appears and is backing me up against a wall and screaming in my face. Yeah, I'd think it would be reasonable to feel threatened enough to go into self defense mode.
  9. May the Fourth be with you!
  10. Does it have to be leather? If you just want a little cushioning, you can wrap it with para-cord dirt cheap.
  11. There's a world of difference between a civilian self defense situation and war. For EDC, I'm quite comfortable with 5, 6 or 8 rounds. My SHTF gear is set up for a total of 9 rifle magazines. One in the rifle and 8 in pouches on my web gear. Gear up for the expected situation.


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