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  1. So I guess it's a work around because of that "intent to go armed" line in our State Constitution. Ok, I get it. I really wish they would finally change that.
  2. I know that there's a difference between the two, but I get confused. What are the exact differences between Tennessee's Permitless carry and true Constitutional carry?
  3. So glad I had boys. Because if I'd had a daughter, by the time she turned 18, I'd either be in jail or dead.
  4. A true legend. They don't make 'em like that anymore.
  5. You won't do any better than a S&W .22 revolver. They come in several sizes from the small j-frame Model 34 to the larger K-frame Models 17 (6") and 18 (4"). All are outstanding guns. They ain't cheap, but worth every penny. My personal favorite is the 4" Model 18 on the bottom left. I shoot this gun more than any other gun I own and mostly in DA mode. I give this gun full credit for teaching me how to shoot a DA revolver.
  6. My first rifle came from Sears. Dad got it for me for Christmas when I was 12. Special Christmas package. Marlin Model 99M1 .22, scope and case. He never told me the price, but it was cheap. I also remember Sears having around 30-40 rifles and shotguns in open racks on the display floor. Anybody could just walk over and pick one up to check it out.
  7. I've been thinking on this. Frankly, I wouldn't hold it against Joe if he did pardon Hunter. If it was my son and I were in a position to help, I'd do it in a heartbeat and never apologize. Frankly, I don't respect a man who would put politics ahead of family.
  8. I remember when .22LR was $0.50 per box. Ah, the good old days.
  9. As I predicted, it ain't happening in Memphis. Not long ago the new Superintendent of Memphis City Schools, Marie Feagins, appeared with Police Chief Davis on one side and Sheriff Bonner on the other to publicly announce that teachers would NOT be carrying in MCS. I have no doubt that the smaller city school systems in Shelby county will follow suit.
  10. I always register it just in case. But then I buy very few brand new guns.
  11. Personally, I love to see him get the maximum sentence for each count. But we know that won't happen. He's one of the privileged.
  12. Why not just throw them into the current sales forums. Just stipulate that the seller must identify the item as NFA. Maybe you could add a NFA tag to the title section.
  13. IIRC those old big block Chevys were known for wearing down cam lobes. Considering the cost of gas these days, I'd sell it as is for whatever you can get. You said it was inherited, so you won't be losing much. I'd consider that a much better option than throwing a bunch of money into a gas guzzler.


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