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  1. 1fast4by

    Fun Day At The Range!

    I love that blur and sound effect to keep it YouTube friendly!
  2. 1fast4by

    New to TGO

    Welcome to the site
  3. 1fast4by

    Aftermarket vehicle warranties?

    I have worked with many of them, i have even worked for the Nissan backed one in house. Some are great, some are garbage. It is most important to remember, its not actually a “warranty”, its a Service Contract. So follow the words of the contract well. There are things that it will cover, and many things it flat out wont. It will all be spelled out in the terms of the contract. Also make sure you are keeping records of maintenance. If you went to the GM of Murfreesboro, most likely they sold you a Total Warranty Services (company) contract. it is a company owned by AMSI which is the same company that owns that dealership. While I cant whole heartedly endorse that dealerships service department, that service contract company is pretty good to deal with.
  4. 1fast4by

    Friend sent me this from another site!

    Thats a good read, confirms what I have always thought. Any gun is better than no gun, and shot placement is more important than caliber.
  5. When I carry 9mm it's Hornady Critical Duty +P When I carry .380 it's Lehigh Defense.
  6. 1fast4by

    Spyderco pocket clip breakage

    **knocks on wood I rotate my knives pretty often, but the 2 I carry the most are a Delica 4 and a Para 2. I''ve had them for years and years, never so much as bent one, and that's working in auto shops... There are aftermarket options though, there are several sellers that offer deeper cover clips as well.bmaybe give that a whirl?
  7. Fantastic vehicles. Very low maintenance, low cost of ownership, low repair parts cost too. I would also recommend the Toyota Rav4 and Subaru Outback. For what it's worth, I've been a master certified tech for 18 years...
  8. Yep, I am not even a little bit surprised.
  9. 1fast4by

    Took the plunge...CZ75

    First Mag ever @ 15 yards And it just kept getting better! 4 shot group, 15 yards, 2" target. It's a far better shooter than I am.
  10. 1fast4by

    Took the plunge...CZ75

    Ive shot CZs before, I really liked the CZ75B... Never really thought that much about buying one for some reason. When it came time to add a pistol to my rotation, I always bought something else... Well the time has come. The deal came through. I picked up this CZ75 SP-01 Saturday. Ive done some reading, but Im ready to be schooled. Tell me guys, what do I need? (other than a ton of ammo to put through it, I got that, no worries) I will not be turning this into a competition gun, all of my firearms are potential SD guns, so no.. Im not building a race gun. That being said, give me some suggestions those of you that KNOW these CZs. I have a Cajun Gun Works Ultra Lite54420 spring kit, as well as TFX TFO Pro sights (installed Sat), Ive ordered a few extra mags... so fill me in! It's pretty
  11. 1fast4by

    Firearms burnout

    ....Interesting after I post... Today I buy another shotgun...
  12. 1fast4by

    Benchmade Casbah

    thats a sexy piece of steel s30v is a favorite of mine
  13. 1fast4by

    Firearms burnout

    I used to shoot 3 days a week, sometimes more... Then I got married, I shot 2 days a week, had kids. 1 day a week... Now my oldest is 15, heavy travel softball (colorado, california, washington, florida, indy...) and Im lucky to see a range once a month. Ive started parring down. I now only have .22lr, 9mm, .45, 5.56, .308, & 12ga firearms... and even then I have some I havent shot in a year + I carry everyday, and nowadays my G19 and XDS are about the only ones I shoot when I do..
  14. Ive been looking fora g19 sized "truck gun" and have multiple times looked at the Security 9... Im interested if anyone has any further insight

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