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  1. Surviving Beirut,Rhodesia, El Salvador, Mexico city earthquake,Hugo, Eight heart attacks and an ex wife :dirty:
  2. Those who couldn't make it missed the best shoot I've ever been to. 
  3. The only thing that truly cures knife addiction is lack of funds;)
  4. Close to the build I'm finishing Tuesday. What rigger are you using   Cheers,   TS
  5. Check with pawn shops. We are located in a building with one. We fix most of the guns they take in trade.   Cheers
  6. FYI Colt did not make a SS MK III. I've run into this with several auctions of nickel guns stating they were stainless. Regardless I have a two inch MK III and it shoots very good and balances in my hand well. Might go if the weather is good for a country drive.   cheers,   tad
  7. seax

    AR Lowers

    Talked to Royal Arms at the SHOT show and was informed they were moving to TN.
  8. Hi powers and 1911s  are my weaknesses in automatic pistols.They have stood the test of time, combat and environment.   Enjoy.
  9. Talk to Highpower. He can clue you in on my high powers. Back in the day if we were carrying 9mm anywhere in the world it was a BHP. Carried by more countries military and police forces than any other auto... FBI, HRT, USSF, SAS The alphabet goes on and on. The main modification is taking out the Magazine safety to improve the trigger pull. I used an Inglis with shoulder stock for an entry gun at one time. Still carry it often as a travel gun. You cannot go wrong with a BHP.   That's my story and I'm sticking to it.   Cheers,   TS
  10. still waiting for parts that I ordered 3 weeks ago. Not a long wait but longer than most of my orders from other companies. I do not find their prices to be that good most of the time. I get email specials from them every day. This is the first order I have given them. It was for a part a client wanted for a custom build. I have already finished his gun except for that one part.   I won't be ordering from them again.
  11. We just built a commander bobtail at the shop.and it fits my hand well enough I am considering doing the same thing to a couple of my full size guns as well.  I have all three sizes of Colt 1911s in .45/9mm. I only have one 38 super in Government size,    You should shoot the smaller frame 1911 to see if it works for you. I have gone back to a full size pistol for most of my carry. The New detective specials ride in an ankle holsters as a backup.   If you want a short frame 1911 you should buy the smaller frame pistol. It will be much more costly to convert a full size.   Cheers,   TS
  12. As a gunsmith I cannot recommend one. They are serviced by Taurus. In a year we have had five com in for repair and of those four  could not be fixed. They offered to replace them. They charged full retail for the replacements and kept the original guns. I would suggest you look for a good used older revolver. BTW thier warranty starts at manufacture date, not sales date. A couple of the guns were purchased within 3 months of them being brought to us but had manufacture dates more than a year before.   Sorry about that.   Cheers,   ts
  13. Go for a  type II receiver. I have two matched sets for future builds.  Most of the sales that are on now are for type I receivers. One is going to be in REM .260 for long range and suppressor use by a friend. He plans on using his 6.8 can. The other will probably be in .338 for heavier projectiles closer in. 
  14. I have an Inglis Highpower with correct shoulderstock. There are specific serial number ranges in the ATF book that delineate what is allowed with out being an sbr and what makes an sbr. I have the proper page xeroxed and in the stock that pertains to my pistol. As to original and repro stocks you will have to check the book. Direct copies of the original stocks are often allowed on curio and relic guns. All this info is dated several years ago when I got the gun so you will need to see the up to date regulations.   When I can set the money aside from buying parts to build other peoples guns I plan to get a repro Artillery stock and trammel mag holder for my Luger.   BTW the Stocked HP was my entry gun in another lifetime :cool:   Cheers,   ts
  15. Nice variation of the old Pager PAL itp holster. You still have the same problems with needing the right body shape/size and larger pants.


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