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  1.   Naw, it would've happened anyway here on Tennesseans Gouging Officers, er...I mean Tennessee Gun Owners. 
  2.   Horsepuckey. I watched the termination of a fellow State Trooper that lied in court about a matter that had nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of the defendant, which is the criteria for a Perjury charge in my home state. He was a senior officer and got pushed out the door just as fast as if he had robbed a liquor store. And all he did is deny that he had said something to the defendant that he actually had said. If a judge gets the idea a cop is lying in court, the cop's career can come to an abrupt halt, and often does, and the lie doesn't have to rise to the level of Perjury, either. So let's not go throwing that "lying cop" malarkey around too fast and loose. Defendants lie their heads off in courts all over the country every day and are never taken to task for it. Cops lose their jobs.
  3. It's also a safety procedure. When some folks get stopped they get confused and hit the wrong gear on their automatic transmissions and go backing into the police car.......and if the officer is standing back there he'll lose his legs. On manual transmissions, folks will let the clutch out thinking the transmission is in neutral when it isn't and can go zooming out into a traffic lane and hurt someone or else go zooming backwards into the police car and the officer. Killing the engine takes much of the danger out of the stop.
  4. A while ago I was watching a news broadcast in which President Obama was addressing the United States Military. I tuned in just as he said that the military and he shared a common this and a common that and a common something else and a "common conviction that America is a force for good in the world."     I don't think I've ever shouted  "bovine droppings"  quite that loudly before. Isn't he the guy whose entire socio/political philosophy has revolved around the belief that America has been the world's biggest merchant of strife, and didn't he just about wear out Air Force One going around the world apologizing for our country's role in same? Man I hate it when I catch someone thinking I'm stupid, and I catch this guy darn near every day.   The bad part is - I think he actually believes his own bovine droppings any more.   OK, end of rant. I kept it clean, TGODave, and it wasn't easy. Believe me it wasn't easy.  :wall:    EssOne
  5. $8,000 off book......that's a 33% price reduction on a very popular car......I second what bud said.
  6. EssOne

    Drop Box

    I'm embarrassed for any police official who does something this laughable with a straight face. I'll bet the Chief can't wait to get home to his liquor locker every night.
  7. EssOne

    Drop Box

    Maybe this Washington State Law will help: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9.41&full=true#9.41.098   You may have to hand select section 9.41.098 as the link only wants to go to the index. If it takes you to the index, just click on the section and it will come right up. It's only one page.   Please note that where the law authorizes the Washington State Patrol to auction firearms and keep some of the proceeds, that means the Department may keep the funds, not an individual officer.
  8. EssOne

    Drop Box

    Welcome to Liberal Land. It's Washington State, and in Seattle composting is mandatory and the city can go through your trash at the curb to see if you're throwing anything away that should be composted. If so they write you a ticket. In Portland, they can go through your trash to see if you are discarding something that should be recycled, and........you guessed it. If so they write you a ticket. I'm not surprised that they actually think the gun box is a good idea.     Washington and Oregon invented "liberal", and while I doubt that they invented "stupid", I'm quite sure they were among its earliest proponents. California Is a conservative paradise compared to those two nuthatches.
  9. Ordinarily it scares me too. But this is an appeal to regain something we've already lost and that doesn't worry me nearly as much.
  10. I was always astounded at how he could answer umpteen calls in one episode, when in real life at the time one call would tie you up on reports for the rest of the day. Ah yes, Hollywood.   Milner was a good guy and I'm sorry he's gone.
  11. I recently went looking for an inexpensive but well made folding knife to stuff in my tactical rifle cases, bug out bags, glove boxes, etc., and landed on the Coast DX340 Double Lock Folding Knife. It sells all over the internet for $17 or more, but Home Depot Online sells them for only $7 each. From all of the reviews I've seen and the three I already own, I think it's a darn good buy.   Here is the Home Depot ad and a very authoritative and complete YouTube review. I've ordered five more of them. (they're not sold in the stores, only online.)   Here's the Home Depot ad: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Coast-DX340-Double-Lock-Folding-Knife-19929/204170614   Here's the YouTube review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSZhb37zJeQ   EssOne
  12. This really bears watching. Short version: The NRA is filing an amicus brief asking the SCOTUS to review a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals case which upheld mag bans, asserting that the 7th decision was based on flawed tests that conflicted with SCOTUS precedents etc, etc.   https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150831/california-the-nra-files-a-brief-urging-supreme-court-to-rehear-challenge-to-ban-on-common-semi-automatic-firearms-and-magazines
  13. The thing about the Dontray Mills reports that really sticks in my craw is the comment in all of the reports that:  "As a result of the conviction, Mills will never again be able to buy firearms legally." .............AGAIN??? He wasn't buying them legally in the first place.  Wow, I bet that one really put a hitch in his criminal gittalong.    
  14. Palmetto State Armory is making a competitor for the ALG ACT trigger and I think it's darn near as good for only $35. I'm very satisfied with mine. Here is the link: http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/psa-ar15-pa10-enhanced-polished-trigger.html
  15. Welcome Sir. Glad you stopped by. Jump right in with the rest of us and give us the benefit of your experience.
  16.   Well peej, I sincerely doubt that he logged the guns in on his ATF gun log and had the buyers show him valid ID and fill out a Form 4473, so I'd say he sold them to folks who use ID's as phony as the one he bought the guns with. But then I'm just a pessimist at heart.. :rofl:
  17. Good for you Leprechaun.   Some of these guys just can't seem to extend a welcome to someone from out of state without implying they should leave their deadly contagion behind so as to not infect Paradise with it. I moved from California and got told a bunch of times to leave my liberal voting habits behind. Liberal my b___ !! I'm about five clicks to the right of Attila the Hun and consider "liberal" to be a bad word. You'd think they'd get the idea sooner or later that it isn't the liberals who are leaving the liberal states and moving to Tennessee - it's the conservatives who can't take the liberal environment any more.   Anyway, you're welcome here and I'll split a pint with you any time. Heck, I'll even buy.   EssOne
  18. Unfortunately, the only mechanical device ever proven to reduce accident frequency is a rear view mirror with a cop in it, and the texters have the cops waaaaaaaaaaaay outnumbered.
  19. Buying a used auto rifle is OK if you know the rifle/seller and can be sure the gun hasn't had the snot shot out of it. But some guys judge their auto rifles by how well they continue to shoot after the barrel is red hot, and that shoots out a lot of barrels. I would never buy one without seeing visible evidence of little firing or knowing the rifle/seller as I said above. It's kind of like buying a racing engine with only an external examination. Caveat Emptor in spades with these guns, especially since you're talking about a defensive piece. IMHO.
  20. This is nothing new. I was a police firearms instructor/supervisor for many years and the best explanation I can give for this kind of thing is that gunfire is one of the most contagious things around. The best sound on earth during a gunfight is the sound of your own gun firing, then the guy next to you fires, then the next guy, and so on. Army and Marine officers pull their hair out over their people doing this sort of thing, and it isn't uncommon in combat for the enemy to fire a round or two and an entire platoon will open up until all their ammo is gone and nobody there even knows what they were firing at. It usually happens with inexperienced troops, and in law enforcement you usually don't ever get to be experienced at gunfights.  It's wholly unacceptable to police departments for this to happen, but it happens and you can believe every one of those officers will have to answer questions about what they were firing at and why.   Yes, cops are held to account for where their bullets stop when that is possible. Quite often in cases such as this, the Department will assume that responsibility.
  21. There's quite a bit of disposable income around where I live. Lots of guns and crotchety olpharts who'll use them without a lot of provocation too. Home invaders don't want to make too many assumptions that could come back and bite them in the butt around this neck of the woods, although I hope they do. :pleased:
  22. If the "crud" you're looking at is pitting due to corrosive primers, you can't do much with that particular barrel. If it's just dark grooves, then you can often scrub it out as the other guys have said. Also, if it's a 7x57mm, the rate of twist of 1 turn per 8.75" will only stabilize a 175 grain bullet, so if you're shooting lighter bullets than that, your groups will be lousy no matter what the barrel looks like. i.e. your crappy barrel will shoot a 175 better than a new barrel will shoot a lighter bullet. Go from there.
  23. Yeah, I agree, but this case was pled down darn near to the "case dismissed" level. Crap, these were felonies fer Pete's sake, not misdemeanors - and Federal felonies at that. 
  24.   Yeah, he's a real piece of work all right.


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