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  1. I tried one a few years back.....returned it. Only works well if you keep the belt loose. Not practical IMO. Plus it takes two hands to draw. No thanks.
  2. I've owned a Tactical 45 version for years.....excellent gun. Congrats!
  3. Mamba

    John Wick 3

    >As for Berry, check out her training video Yah, I watched it awhile back. Kudos to her for trying, but she's nowhere near the expertise level of Keanu when it comes to the stunts. Not her fault but IMO it didn't fit in well with her "top-level assassin" character role in the movie. Granted, maybe she's a bit rusty due to her elevation to "management".
  4. Nothing wrong with that. One of my first autos was a SA .45 XD Compact. Good gun, built like a (Croatian) tank. I just didn't shoot it well, so moved on. As with any 1st-gen gun, I'll wait awhile for the bugs to be squashed before wasting any interest cycles.
  5. Mamba

    John Wick 3

    "You have chosen wisely...."
  6. Mamba

    John Wick 3

    As a Wick fan, I enjoyed all three, tho' the first was the best and the last a bit sub-par as is per usual with sequels. I greatly admire Keanu's dedication to training and authenticity (within Hollyweird boundaries). He does around 90% of his own stunts and many of those gotta hurt.
  7. Pretty simple process, tho' the pins can be a beeatch to punch out. I used this video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWc6i506oEQ
  8. Fluffy is the new stuffy....kinda like orange is the new black. Or so I'm told.
  9. I shot a rental FS version at the range before my purchase. Frankly, I don't notice much diff on the recoil with this SC version. My weather vane on that is my wife....she's very recoil sensitive, and she loves shoot'n this SC. Her primary range gun is a Gen 3 G26, and she sees little difference. With "spicy" Speer loads the SC is very low-recoil IMO. Maybe it's the weight or grip design. I've considered changing out that spring but the more it's "broken in" the less I see a need.
  10. That's because I wasn't talking about your guns.
  11. To each their own. Compared to a G26, for the capacity difference, the size and weight (and action...and rail) is worth it to me. https://www.handgunhero.com/compare/glock-g26-gen4-vs-beretta-px4-storm-subcompact
  12. Been a few months, and a few minor travails... The Storm had FTE issues out of the box and later on after cleaning, so I sent it back to Beretta to check out. They adjusted the extractor, tested (26rds worth), and returned it. Took a bit more "exercise" at the range, and some filing touch-up by me on the back rail-embeds but all good now. This Storm doesn't like wimpy loads (has a heavy recoil spring) tho' it's totally reliable with my usual Speer diet (124gr Lawman and GoldDot). Still get'n used to the DA/SA trigger action and the wide trigger itself but really love the size, fit, capacity & quality. I swapped out the skin-shredding bat-wing type F levers for the carry type G's, added Talon-style grips and an Olight Valk M2. Nice little CC package that's big enough to handle night-stand duty too.
  13. Good tip, hadn't thought of that. Tho' hazmat shipping costs eat a bit into the savings I would think. I only load .380, 9mm, and .45ACP, usually with Hodgdon powders. I've still got over half of a 8lb'r of Universal Clays to work through.
  14. Thanks for the tip. I've set my presses up again (been a couple years) and am (mostly) retired now so I am looking at it as more of a hobby than a necessity.... as it was a few years back.
  15. Yup. If it don't work out of the box or at least with a good clean/lube later, back it goes. QC varies a lot, and even at the best of times ain't perfect. Well...ok... exception was my early KT PF-9. I knew going in that would take extra love'n on my part, but I viewed it as a challenge and it was fun to tune out.... it's smooth and reliable now. However my new Beretta misbehaved from the get-go, so I shipped it back. A Beretta should just work out of the box, no excuses.

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