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  1. Good tip, hadn't thought of that. Tho' hazmat shipping costs eat a bit into the savings I would think. I only load .380, 9mm, and .45ACP, usually with Hodgdon powders. I've still got over half of a 8lb'r of Universal Clays to work through.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I've set my presses up again (been a couple years) and am (mostly) retired now so I am looking at it as more of a hobby than a necessity.... as it was a few years back.
  3. Yup. If it don't work out of the box or at least with a good clean/lube later, back it goes. QC varies a lot, and even at the best of times ain't perfect. Well...ok... exception was my early KT PF-9. I knew going in that would take extra love'n on my part, but I viewed it as a challenge and it was fun to tune out.... it's smooth and reliable now. However my new Beretta misbehaved from the get-go, so I shipped it back. A Beretta should just work out of the box, no excuses.
  4. Agree w/most others here....+200rds with the last hundred flawless, especially w/carry ammo, before I'd trust it. The wife's LCP II has been perfect out of the box, her previous (early edition) G42 was not; that one was returned for fix'n. Get enough rounds thru it that you would trust your life to it's reliability. Don't be shy about contacting the mfg if problems arise. Any quality company will make things right and while it's a bit inconvenient doing a return is a fairly easy process.
  5. You believe what you want. I believe that the ATF exists only to suppress our constitutional rights. That's been their record so far. If you want to side with them go ahead. But we are waaay off topic, so I am done here.
  6. The ATF can't make up their collective hive-mind from day to day. They are about as useful, and decorative, as a hub cap on a tractor. https://www.80lowerjig.com/blogs/80-lower-blog/can-you-shoulder-ar-15-pistol-brace-2019/ I've never had a problem "accidentally" shouldering a brace at any range....of course that was not my "intent".
  7. They also sell a Roni Pistol Carbine Conversion that does require a NFA stamp since it uses a stock instead of a brace. For me I don't see the point since they elongated the brace for the MCK. But of course there are SBR advantages to be had if you are so inclined. We were at the convention in Indy back in April (yes the wife loves those events too, bless her), at their booth. Pretty crowded so didn't get to talk with them but great to see them busy. My G17 MCK was BO'd for awhile (supply meet demand); so had to wait about a month after order.
  8. They also have kits for Sig and Smith.
  9. Yep..... replied on the other thread.
  10. I love mine. SBR it's not, but if you already own compatible hardware it can ship to your door (no stamp), increases LR accuracy, accommodates built-in or add-on lighting, lasers and sights are easy to add, second magazine is at hand, and.....you can wear it around your neck (with a QD sling mount). For me it's the perfect bed-side companion....don't tell my wife.
  11. Looks like a good time to me...
  12. ...besides myself of course. Just curious how ya'll are liking yours, really love'n mine so far....bought it early on this year. I do like the OD color, tho' after watching their new promo vid I am a bit envious of the custom stars & stripes motif.
  13. Mamba

    New pistol ordered

    If the RMR helps, then that's great for you. Not for me, due to cost and just one more point of failure (yes co-witness can be a backup but one more confusion factor to deal with when you least need it). Hope that you enjoy it, and yes, Walther rocks.
  14. Mamba

    New pistol ordered

    Nice. I have a CCP M1. Walther is hard to beat on ergos. Personally I don't see the attraction of RMRs on a CC sized firearm given the extra expense when most DGU's are short-range if not point-blank. But coolness factor?.....heck yah.
  15. Reading thru the comments here is interesting. I'm in no hurry to buy one. The only Sig we owned (a P238) had problems and was traded out. For now I'm happy with my "chunky monkey" PX4 SC.

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