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  1. Was it seated out a little long? If so, maybe grabbed grooves and held on, pulling out of case. Never had that happen but, have heard it can happen.
  2. I found it, it's photoshopped. No big deal really. Fake news is still news right? Fake news is all over the place.
  3. He got a medal. Could be fake, who knows. At least it's online. I know you can't believe everything you see online but, it's there. Let me know if it's not real. Thanks.
  4. It came down Yesterday in Nashville. Why? The people that wanted it gone, still won't be happy. They'll never be satisfied and happy. If you're gonna take some down, take them all down. It's history, and history is not always flowers and butterflies.
  5. I lost my Grandmother to Alzheimer's too. An awful situation to see someone slowly succumb to it.
  6. Santa carries a lot of valuable merchandise, and he stands a good chance of getting robbed.
  7. Yeah, I think Rittenhouse regrets what he did but, would do it again if he had to. Nobody wants to be a situation like that. I'm sure it made a lot of Libs cry when he got the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  8. Dr. Falsey is pure evil and a traitor. Convince me otherwise.
  9. I remember a guy I worked with about 15 years ago, that said that when he was in the Marines in the 80's, he heard that the U.S.S. Arizona was still a Commissioned ship. I just looked it up, it is but, is under control of National Park Service. But, still can fly flag.
  10. Poor kid does look a little like he should be in a mugshot, don't he.
  11. God bless all the men and women that were there that day. Makes you think.
  12. Clint did that whole movie and I don't know if he ever opened his teeth when he talked.
  13. Went this morning and didn't see anything but, squirrels. No shots either but, who knows how many hunters still hunting. And I had on a pile of clothes too.
  14. Just thought I'd ask. Some people you just have to ask.
  15. It's supposed to be on the cool side. But, I got a pile of clothes.
  16. Just wondered if the ones that ain't tagged out yet have done any good. I've not been in the last few days. I will probably go in the morning. Good luck to everybody.
  17. R.I.P. sir. and thank you for your service.
  18. Well, not all. But, a lot are and the rest are just scared. Oh Shoot, are you a conservative and a patriot? Because that's what this Country needs right now.
  19. I heard a interview with Wayne Allyn Root, and he said he got sick and used Ivermectin and within 24 hours felt fine. I think the Libs know what they can do with the Vax.
  20. If I was the shooter, I wouldn't have shot him after we got a few feet apart. I would've hit him with the butt of the rifle, if he came at me again though.


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