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  1. Long shot I know, but looking for a Nintendo Switch. Not the Lite version. Prefer brand new, but will discuss others. If you are local ( N East TN) I might do some trading.
  2. Nope or if any gum balls were around. Did say this was a sapling though. I am settling on sweet gum myself after looking around.
  3. Young bodies enjoy that thrashing better than us a bit older. I transplanted some of the purple basil that seeded into the flower beds into trays the other night. That way I can move it to somewhere better to drop seeds this time. lol That stuff spreads like fire. Wife wants a U shaped raised bed built this year. So I haven't put out anything. From the sounds of what she wants I will spend all summer building it. lol 8 x 12 made out of cedar. ouch...
  4. Came from family land east of Knoxville. While I can't say native for sure, the land has not had a lot of planting done on it, so I assume. Does look a lot like sweet gum branches. I assumed it was a sampling he cut and not a branch. I could be wrong though. Do Sweet gum saplings do that on the trunk?
  5. It is a stretch here and a bad pic, but does anyone recognize what type of tree this is? Dad sent me a pic showing his new walking stick and said he had only seen a few of this type tree.
  6. Just don't eat the berries it grows or the stalks after they get bigger. It is poisonous at that point. @Garufa Sounds like ya was raised by some kinda fancy city folk. lol
  7. We never ate the leaves growing up. We ate the cut up stalks breaded and fried like okra. My wife says they were never poor enough to eat weeds. I mentioned making some the other night and that got quite the cross look.
  8. Yep they are 5s. Like you said value is all based on condition. I see a Gunbroker ended auction for a Pre-64 Model 70 .330 H&H that says "NIB" which ended for just over $4000. Of course I also see it was relisted. I doubt he had 2 of those, so there could be some funny math there. I away question auctions that end way above the norm because that is a way money launderers move money around and simply don't exchange the item, In contrast I see one that ended for $661. Like Kharman said pictures including any boxes and accessories would be a good start.
  9. I have no idea off the top of my head on value.... But a Pre-64 Model 70 .300HH Mag.....
  10. Some numbers reassembly numbers used by the factory. There are several places the serial is stamped. Look on the back of the extractor star.
  11. Those should be Presentation style Pachmayr grips. Should be aftermarket for that one. They made these in that tapered barrel and a heavy barrel both at the same time. The logo was moved off the sideplate on the right to the left side on the frame in about 1981. These sights come between the earlier 1/2 moon and the later ramp I believe. I dont right off see the dates of the changes. I think your numbers might a bit low. lol
  12. @One1 Studying up on Model 10s and their predecessors can be a deep rabbit hole. A fun one though. Nice looking one. What kind of grips did you get with it?
  13. Yeah this is like the $20 yard sale shotguns you hear about... I never see them. At least Cap has proof. lol
  14. Just have mine shipped to your house..... in your name. I will pick it at some point......
  15. I used to have a Dodge Neon (POS) that you have to unbolt the engine just to replace the serpentine belt. I kind of think they engineer them on purpose to ensure work for their dealer service departments.
  16. Even of the key was needed in the ignition, if you can get to the wires, lots of this stuff runs on 12v, so a battery will pop it open. Another lock to watch out for is the ones realtors put on your door with a key inside. You can open that type with a shim made from a soda can. Plus as you do it, you can decipher the pass code. So you only need to do it once and you can open tgat until it is reset.
  17. Gonna bump this again. I have had a couple of great offers but those not-so-ugly ones were geographically challenged based on the current situation. Anybody in East TN got an ugly one that makes you feel like you are kissing your sister when you shoot it? I can take your sister...eh.. I mean your Glock off your hands. Thanks!
  18. A few years ago I got inspired to see if I could build a complete AR off eBay minus the stripped lower. Not quite as cheap, but after some wrangling I got it. Even got the evil black rifle stripped upper off eBay. Also one that I wouldn't bet my life on, but goes bang every time so far. Don't have any pictures close and too lazy to pull it out of storage. lol Good work on both. I have some lowers I need to get around to building. Until things went haywire, 22mods4all seemed like the cheapest route, but their cheapest stuff is staying sold out.
  19. First under $1.00 I have seen even if it included points off
  20. I know a few that are not in the list, but even proportional to Nashville, we should have a lot more. I often wonder if having theeclassifieds. on top of Armslist keeps a lot of East TN folks that might just initially want to sell from joining up. Or maybe a lot of our neighbors can't use a computer. lol
  21. You see the story of the 96 yo WWII VET that got a mohawk? https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/18/us/guy-whidden-mohawk-wwii-vet-trnd/index.html I have had long hair before, this time it is just gray. Doesn't bother me much. I have decided that since I am now working at home (finally!), I can see what i look like with a full beard. That is if the wife doesn't kick me out of bed before it grows in,
  22. Thanks @Follow Me Still on the mission. Someone give me your tired, your ugly, your unloved Glock yearning to breathe at the range.

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