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  1. I think you will enjoy it here. Welcome aboard.
  2. My Dad had a 69 Super Beetle when I was a kid. I think first car I remember. Mom had a 74 Beetle
  3. My Dad had a shag carpet, moon window silver 60's van that needed fixed up. At 14 I started talking about fixing it to drive... mysteriously my Mom decided it needed sold...
  4. 1980 Cadillac Coup de Ville (yeah I am not as old as some of you old farts. ) I missed buying a collector quality 1969 Chevy Malibu when I bought my next one 2 years later. Probably would have killed myself in it. Ended up with a late 80's crap brown Pontiac 6000 for about the same cash. I drove the wheels off of that car.
  5. I bet the ATM there catches on fire from over use... I hate to tease myself that way. So much I can't have. Kinda like watching Olympic Women's beach volleyball.....
  6. Just got back to hunting a few years ago after lots of family and career time. I hunted with Dad back in December. Only 2 days I got to go this year. Took my first deer ever. Spent all the years as a kid staring at empty woods during deer season. Had this one before 9 am. Saw 2 bucks and a doe before 7:45 the second day but held off since both about the same size as this one. I hoped they would go around past Dad. They did not. Not a prize winner, but after what felt like hours grunting him around where I coud get a clear view and shot, I wasn't gonna pass him up. Let's call him a 3 pointer. lol
  7. Welcome I am a fairly new member at Unaka. It is a nice range and moderately priced. Shooters Edge did close a while back.The other 2 indoor are rather limiting as to their rules and setup as I hear. Have neber been. I have been to the National Forest range. Not a bad place, but all depends on who else is there. Much less structured since it is basically treated like a free public range by a lot of people.
  8. You gotta use more lube...
  9. My Mamaw carried a 6 shot .45 in her housedress pocket. No .22 would have made her happy. lol
  10. I have a couple. Easier to carry on hunting trips where I might be shooting only a few shots. Rods stay home for a complete clean when I get back.
  11. I love scripts. We are setting up new pcs with Windows 10 at work and I have developed batch files to activate office, add local users, delete files, and even remove bloatware from Windows 10. Even if you habe to run them manually, it saves so much time
  12. Anybody else mesmerized and scared by this at the same time?? Great looking as always GT!
  13. Do you have a pause in the batch?
  14. Uhhhhh... I might not put that in writing on the internet even as innocent as it really is...
  15. The doc can give you a creme for that. I am very pessimistic on reboots of beloved gun lines. I feel today's large scale manufacturing environment is 10% the quality it used to be. At least from a fit and finish stand point.
  16. Man.... Teach me to spend family time.....
  17. I think you may be confused about what a pie hole is....... lol On another note.. Is that a ping pong ball launcher?
  18. Maybe that was a ploy to draw you out and put you off kilter during the ambush... I would be a very inventive, but probably unsuccessful intruder..
  19. So you are saying that now I could ride your robot vacume around and surprise you unaware...
  20. Welcome! I left Sevierville about 21 years ago. I don't miss the traffic.
  21. Task Scheduler Should be in Control Panel if I remember correct. Or in the DOS batch you can try TIMEOUT /T 10 /NOBREAK Where 10 is the Number of seconds to wait before going on.That and a loop woukd manually do it if you left it running. So try this. Not sure if 43200 is too large but that is 12x60x60 So 1/2 day. Rough memory here too. ========= START copy c:\alarms\*.* c\backup\*.* TIMEOUT /T 43200 /NOBREAK GOTO START ===========
  22. Cool Are the logos vinyl stickons?
  23. Looks like one person shot was a church member or guard drawing his gun slowly. Maybe reacting to a visible gun on the shooter. Seems odd circumstances of the shooter talking to a guy to the side before things went off.

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