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  1. If you can take an Uber to the range, you are not taking enough guns. lol
  2. Heard the same just after Covid kicked in good from a meat department guy at Food City. They were told, grind up everything and get it on the shelf.
  3. No I may end up with a 226 frame.
  4. Out of context, that is the scariest phrase I have ever heard from you Rob. lol Good luck on your search
  5. Anyone know anywhere that sells a build kit for a Sig? I don't need an 80%, but I know similar kits are sold with 80% lowers. I just need the parts to build out a frame and slide. I know we have some guys here that do similar with Glocks.
  6. How the h3ll is Charmed still on? God that show was awful and I like magic style stuff. Of course it is CW. All their shows have a certain campy feel in a bad way. Like it is all aimed at 13 year old girls. Basically nothing I watch on either list, but I don't watch much TV.
  7. @FUJIMO is the only one that I know that uses the term frequently. Maybe it is just his age showing.... Not that by any other name are these guys any better. Making a buck is one thing. The guys up here that do it the most are a$$hats.
  8. Sticking to the combo as Moped did, I would go for the Savage 24 myself. Why? I have a few... If I had to pick up one and walk into the wilderness, it would be my 30-30/20ga. 30-30 is good for 2 or larger 4 foot mammals. The 20ga with several different ammo options can take the same larger all the way down to rodents. It is not a fighting gun, but it could do its share of damage. If I got 2 guns, then my .357/20ga and one of my .357 revolvers. Maybe my S&W 13 or my Dan Wesson 15-2. Gives me even more choices ( .357 or .38) and can still take larger animals I would run into. Plus reloading these with black powder would be much easier than semi autos. Now if I am "surviving" in a Mad Max movie full if rampaging killers, I would probably make different choices.
  9. If you don't mind assembling it $359 With CH and BCG build kit https://www.22mods4all.com/5-56-nato-operator-series-10-5-nitride-pistol-builder-kit-1-7-twist-10-mlok-handguard/ Stripped lower $48 https://www.primaryarms.com/anderson-manufacturing-ar-15-stripped-lower-receiver?avad=211021_f1baad401&utm_source=affiliate-referral&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=35987&utm_content=product-review SBM4 STABILIZING BRACE $103 Of course shopping and tax, plus teansfer/BGC on the lower. $510 before that. No mag or BUIS listed because those carry based on your desire. Some people will use Magpul sights, others prefer Troy or such. Mags can be had for $13 or less usually. By the way at this moment all that is in stock. Word of advice on the lower, if you order one, order 2. You have to pay more transfer, but always good to have an extra around.
  10. Dang guys I have one about to start driving. Wish I had seen this earlier.
  11. I was just wondering out loud IF it could be done, Everyone one I know uses a mold for buck. I actually have been keeping my eye out for a cheap mold to put back just in case. I don't reload as of yet, but you never know.
  12. I wonder how short you could get away with if you put AC into the tower..... Or maybe it cools too quick. I am not a lead shot physics specialist.. I never see anyone make buck shot like this. I guess there has to be a reason. Seems like it would be faster than casting since really just making the same thing but larger.
  13. I thought I remembered seeing one of those at one point. Isn't the blue liquid fabric softener?
  14. So do you have a contraption to help with that?
  15. But $1500???? In 2016 no less "I have more than I should wrapped up in her, buying duplicate parts to shave weight and such, but my current parts list shows $1522.17 if you got the right parts the first time"
  16. Looks like the silver in the larger size is on sale for $50 if that size works for you.
  17. I wonder if the middle seated guy is dead like they used to set up family members for final pics or just so drunk the guys have to steady him up. lol
  18. For a sec I thought the kid was the only one armed in the pic. lol
  19. I like this one. UTG ABC Sling pack. $63 Doesn't scream gun, comes in 2 sizes. You can actually set it up for quick deploy of the gun. I think there is a gif of how that works on amazon. I bought the larger one first. It was huge. Smaller can actually carry 2 guns or you could set up the other side for mags and such. This can be a car bag or a range bag. I actually have a duffel as my dedicated range bag because I carry WAY to much to the range, but then I gave to load the hard cases too. So I grab this if just running the AR. https://amzn.to/315pe79
  20. "I knew I should have studied harder in school."
  21. You think it is a girl, or you think she is pretty, or think it might be a Mauser?
  22. Ronald_55

    gun safe

    Luke I agree with above that you should look at fire ratings and such. But if you just simply care about the MOST space for the money, this Cannon might be hard to beat. Sadly I missed when they had them on sale for $699. Fire rating is only 45 minutes though and I don't think it has a backup key. I just wanted to give you a low end point to measure from. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/cannon-shield-series--64-gun-safe I mean as much as we would like, few of us can afford something like this, let alone fit it. http://www.arizonasafeoutlet.com/champion-safes/big-yellow-safe/
  23. Come on, we know you, be honest, you just wave your knife making wand and POOF, the handle is done.
  24. Ronald_55

    gun safe

    How I imagine some members' basements...

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