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  1. I sold off all the evil black rifles and pistols I had left after the boating accident and I have the lack of documentation to prove it.
  2. Just remember to get the $3.99 price you have to do a ACH electronic transfer from your bank, So basically your financial info is tied to whatever messages you send and potentially guns you buy
  3. Add a couple inches of water to that bucket.. Some people have way too much time...
  4. .357. I like .45, but the fact that you could toss some .38spl in there to use with the .357 is a bit of an edge to me. Also means if for sone reason you were stuck somewhere needing ammo, you have twice the optiins. And as far as speed of reloading, look at speed strips or speed loaders
  5. I had some chocolate lavender stout a buddy brewed at home. Was surprisingly good.
  6. Tell them they are on Survivor and have to find their own food... Just a thought
  7. Basically this scene sums Brazil up for me.
  8. Blew the guys flip flop right off. I agree that I am not sure this is the best way to resolve this situation. I like my .308, but it doesn't come close to a .50BMG for stopping engines dead. I think the shot to the guys leg (?) was what really stopped the car, not the hood shots.
  9. Or he is not in a bratty mood that day..... "I will sign it....I never said that...."
  10. I agree, but I think it was a loose nod to the Matrix movie. I hope he has a backup if his internet is out and Alexa can't interface with his home automation.
  11. We use Fixme.it at work. It allows the user to read you a user code and connect. So you can connect to almost anyone that simply goes to the site and clicks the link. I think it is like $300 a year though. You might be able to use it to get the initial connection to install what you need since it looks like they have a free trial. I see one called RemotePC that is cheap, but have no idea if it is good. I used to use logmein.com, but their price went from $ to $$$$$$$$ several years ago overnight, and they took away the free personal option.
  12. Oh, so that explains your face... Sorry it was too easy...
  13. I am wondering if the bullet was not seated firmly snd a misfeed pushed it back. Or maybe they took the "just the tip" meme literally.
  14. Found this in the brass bucket at the range. Obviously something is wrong. Lol How would you even pull the bullet to reuse the brass?
  15. This morning. Sorry for the blurriness, the window screen was in the way.
  16. Have you seen the big bore air guns..... I watched a mom and a large fawn wander through the back yard the other day. We have had up to 5 in this "herd" Never seen any horns though. Same as @hipower I am surrounded by houses with just a narrow strip of woods between my back yard and the next street.Sucks living this close to people. The wife got drug around to hunting cabins and remote places growing up, so she is a firm no on living in the boondocks though. I have come to the decision that I would prefer the distance between me and the nearest neighbor measured in miles not yards.
  17. My Dad bought about a dozen of the black and camo ones when I was a kid. He took them to work and sharpened them up in the machine shop. I cut down many a sapling with the saw back. I still have a black one somewhere plus a blade for one I found and improvised a handle for. Best knife I ever had was a kbar knockoff my Papaw found beside the road. Dad still carries it to hunt. In fact we field dressed my deer last December with it. That thing takes a dang nice edge. Blade looks almost Damascus from the staining of the rust that was on it.
  18. I know... Those poor gang bangers would be written up like saints. "That boy never hurt nobody. He had his cell phone in his hand not a gun. That eye witness video lies" Then the greaving family would burn down the mall in all their sadness.
  19. One day I want the story to say " Armed individuals with gang affiliation began firing at each other, but armed bystanders killed or subdued all of them in order to prevent them from harming others. Police arrived later to take the attackers into custody"
  20. Nice GT! That qualifies as a sword some places. lol So any idea on the weight?
  21. I assume that is reloading powder? I am a bit dense when it comes to reloading stuff.
  22. I thought you were just supposed to hoard the ammo, not shoot it? Really, I get to shoot WAY less than I would like, even before COVID. Just too many obligations that have finite time frames. Used to be better when I worked somewhere I could run and shoot at lunch on the back of the property. Too bad that job sucked so much I left.
  23. Let's say you buy that with the right stamps for AR #1, but you have 3 other ARs. You do not hold a class II manufacturing license I assume. If the ATF agent that stops by isn't getting enough at home, got a speeding ticket on the way there, or any other crab inducing factors, he might just see the tool and other ARs as intent. And it is your word against theirs. You might win the court case... 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later... Just say no to ATF trap auctions. lol
  24. I have been told my multiple people from all over the US that .300 Black Out is the hardest ammo to find right now. Good Luck.
  25. I sold all the guns I had left to save them from the same fate as the ones I lost with the boat. I do have some nice pieces of pipe and walnut just in case I feel like doing a project. I blued the pipe so it won't rust...
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