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  1. I once put "Sorry about your back" in the comments of a huge ammo order. lol
  2. Their website inventory listings is all over the place. I will say to filter out Out of Stock, and still get told things are out of stock when I click on them in the list. Sometimes on ammo though, I think if it says limited stock that they are holding back a few boxes for gun buyers. I got to buy 2 100 round boxes from out of the back when I bought my 10/22. One employee told me that they scanned in a high end gun one morning and it added 2 to the inventory. Plus a guys standing there had gotten an email his gun had arrived when they had no ETA on it coming in at the store.
  3. The ATF calls 100 rounds a stockpile. A prepper... well one probably stole that 7 million rounds in Mexico to top off his cache..
  4. My high school guidance counselor's station wagon was stuffed like this except most of hers looked like papers and mail. So much for her helping anyone out. I felt bad for her daughter who was a grade below me.
  5. I wish we had rat snakes. The garter snakes don't do much to cut down on the moles or gophers.
  6. Academy in Johnson City had several flavors of 9mm the other night. Limit 2 boxes. Not pre pricing, but not gouging. I think all these hyped proposals have no hope, and they know it. They are for show and to guage support and opposition. I am more afraid of them sneaking something in at the back of some other 2000 page bill. That is the normal MO. Misdirection has worked well for them in the past.
  7. "Solo’s blaster is essentially an antique Mauser pistol fitted with a scope and custom mount. The barrel is modified with a flash hider from a German M-81 machine gun." That might be why.
  8. Looks like Rick Grimes Dad or Granddad. lol
  9. So what I see here is some frat handing out gift cards, keeping the good guns, and giving the police the crap ones. lol
  10. The keyhole is for an internal hammer lock from my reading. You can remove the grips and lock or unlock it too.
  11. VICTORIA -- A Canadian army gunner is facing more than a dozen charges after she allegedly served cannabis-laced cupcakes to her unsuspecting artillery unit during a live-fire exercise.... https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/canadian-soldier-charged-with-feeding-cannabis-cupcakes-to-artillery-unit-during-live-fire-exercise-1.5436410?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  12. FIFY You know you all were thinking it...
  13. Anyone that believes in free love has never been married.....
  14. You seen Gunbroker prices lately? That would cover about one of those rifles. lol
  15. People feel like if bad things happen someone will just give them money or whatever to make it right. Look at gofundmes for the stupidest things. Some kid ordered thousands of dollars in SpongeBob Popsicles from his mom's Amazon (behind her back) and Amazon refused to take a return (because it was food) ands then they do a gofundme and get like $11,000 in donations. What kind of signal does that send? I try to teach my kids basic things. Like "always have cash on you, even if it is only $20. " That is enough to get a bite of food, put a couple gallons of gas in you tank, or whatever.
  16. CCI had a lot of .22LR and .22 Mag available on their site the last couple days, I think most is gone now though. Pretty normal prices. $3.99 a 50 pack for standard .22LR.
  17. I have a Lee Carbide 3 die set for .38 Auto and Super Auto. It has the 3 dies and box. $60 Shipped Paypal F&F or Venmo preferred. USPS Money order would work too. Pm any questions please. Cross posted on other sites.
  18. Dang wish I was closer. Wife's Prius is a 2012.
  19. I have been in more than one job where I did most of my manager's work for him... My wife's workplace say some people fail upward until they are high enough they don't have to do work anyway.
  20. I am amazed we do not have morw bridge collapses in general. Lots of them are way past their prime and have much more traffic than they were designed for. Even newly build ones probably suffer from the same corner cutting I saw in construction. 10% less rebar is more prifi6t
  21. I have been working from home for about a year. Wife a bit longer. My commute was not long (15 to 20 minutes), but I too like rolling down to my desk at 7:50. 95+% of my job can be done from anywhere I have internet. The rest is so minor that asking the mailroom to mail out a piece of equipment from storage is about the largest part I have to hand off. All I did before was carry the box to the mailroom myself. They still shipped it. My wife is pretty much 100%. I feel I can be more productive at home because my boss tends to wander around showing off funny YouTube videos or telling you what fu
  22. At my last job a flaw in a vendor software allowed us to get hacked. We ended up having to pay a few thousand dollars to get the decrypt codes and they were different for each PC hit. Took a few minutes to encrypt, but hours to decrypt. I actually negotiated with the hackers to get a All for one deal instead of paying per PC. Not my proudest day it happened on my watch, but given the company's refusal to buy an upgrade to the software and the fact that the owner insisted it be internet facing so people could work from homes without VPNs, not a lot I could have done about it. Was already
  23. I worked for a company that did Gas & Go setups back in the late 90's. We piloted a new setup at Sam's in Asheville when they were trying to win Wal-Mart. I sat there in a shed for a few months watching out a 2 way mirror window in case anything broke. They had the best price on the street plus they had also started the 5 cents off with a Walmart Gift Card. That station with 12 pumps, pumped 26,000 gallons of gas a day. They had an automatic tank monitor that faxed in orders 24 hours a day when the levels reached a certain level. They would get 3 or 4 trucks deliveries a day. I actua
  24. Put me down in the will? Being in IT, I so want an IBM one.


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