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  1. Ronald_55

    Colt 45

    I don't know whether to laugh or throw up in my mouth a little.... Some poor guns get so abused...
  2. Ronald_55

    NRA Rant

    Maybe they should spend some of that time and money fighting new anti-gun legislation.
  3. Just to keep it moving . 220 Rook With an honorable mention to .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer
  4. If we are going that way 45-70 Government, they are all animals up there....
  5. Let's do a run to see what all ones we can name. Keep your GoogleFu in check for a moment. No fun to just look them up and Copy/Paste I will start with one I just heard about: .22 CHeetah And one I already knew: .22 Hornet
  6. I have had a few stumble in. I wish I had not been so young, broke, and busy when they were cheap. Same for AKs, Enfields, and Mausers. Though one could say that the AR is sorta filling the cheap surplus role currently.
  7. Most shipping is for delivery to door. Some people have worked out on the spot cash for the driver to place it. If it has an option for "White glove" delivery that means they will bring it in under normal circumstances.
  8. Yeah be much better to buy a $400 used AR and let that collectible sit in the safe.
  9. I am every week...just too tight at the moment to feed the addiction... @robtattoo Don't go holding your breath. LoL
  10. Possibly? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123674899544
  11. I can tell you what color paint a 1920 Ford Model T came in just from a pic of the interior...
  12. Never used them, but it is listed. Not cheap though. https://www.venturamunitions.com/load-x-6-5-remington-magnum-120gr-sp-ammo-20-rounds/
  13. No punch carts directly for me, but I did Fortran and Assembly Language (Binary). I think Paschal was the worst for me. I kept missing commas that were the line break characters. I did all this as electives in my business major because I saw computers as a big part if the future. I toyed around with friends that were on BBSs in the early 90s, got on the internet in college just after that. Saw eBay gets its start, signed up on PayPal when you still got referal bonuses to get friends to join, and build web pages in notepad before all the flash and other addons. I love the information we can access,and the ease of shopping but I really don't like social media. I actually remember telling a buddy way back when the internet was mainly academic that I bet it would not be a year before it was filled with porn. I was not far off. I did not envision the crushing weight that is internet advertising though. You can't go on a page without tons of ads showing up. Some days I am not so sure that turning it all off would be a bad thing.
  14. I hope that is only intended as a parade float. Lol. Those wheels....
  15. Any idea what that lever action is?
  16. Poor poor gun. Whoever did that should have that slot head screw ran into their temple...
  17. As far as I know the law just says "secured" without specifics. Someone, maybe @Oh Shoot , could give us a more expert opinion.

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