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  1. I hate to hear this. I did lots of dumb stuff with fire as a kid. I would have deserved to be burnt. When it is someone just minding their own business, it doesnt seem fair for them to pay for someone else's stupidity. My Dad and Mom have been to Vanderbuilt for several things over the years. I have always been happy with the care. Hopefully your grandson has to see the inside of the hospital as little as possible due to a speedy and easy recovery.
  2. Warm a guy next time. I almost lost my lunch. Man that is awful.
  3. Well tgat would make quite a wide spread.
  4. Have they even broke ground yet? News on that seemed to go stagnant pretty soon after the announcement
  5. Or..."Wow back in 2019 you could buy ammo!"
  6. Of course no one asked. They knew you were going squirrel or rabbit hunting. Well unless you were practicing by killing tin cans. And knives are tools. I feel lost without one in my pocket. In fact I carry 2 most days. I think I started more in high school though.
  7. what is the middle guy holding?
  8. just to keep from making a separate thread. Interest6inh history rest of the text: SCAMP was designed to be controllable and accurate to fire. As such, it featured grips patterned after those found on target pistols, a bore set low over the hand to lower the center of gravity, and a burst-fire mode to allow multiple shots without the problem of prolonged recoil. There was also a recoil compensator built into the muzzle. The requirement for accuracy led to the design of an original cartridge for the SCAMP. The .223-caliber rifle round was first suggested, but was found to be too powerful for a handgun. The 9mm Parabellum round was also rejected for having a relatively heavy recoil, Into said in an interview. Into had also rejected the .22 Winchester Magnum, 5mm RRM, and .22 Hornet. The design team eventually settled on the .221 Remington Fireball as the basis of their new cartridge, leading to the design of a .224 caliber center-fire cartridge known as the .22 SCAMP. This round was somewhat shorter and narrower than the Fireball.
  9. This is suppossed to be gun pictures...wait about the 4th time I looked I saw the gun...
  10. How in the H3LL did I miss TripleGGG beating me to this angle? Oh well.
  11. I like it not for the novelty or actual usefulness, but for the ingenuity. He even says it is pretty much a "can I make it work" project.
  12. Just saw this posted. Lever Action AR built of the PSA Christmas lower to mimic the Red Ryder BB gun. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/10/16/brickwurx-manufacturing-red-ryd-ar-lever-action-ar-15/
  13. You don't surf TGO while doing your business?...SLACKER...
  14. So you have been having congigal visits with it at your FFL?
  15. For some reason this makes me think of a factory shot showing off the newly produced guns and the workers..
  16. Wish we were closer. I have a couple. 32 S&W Longs that could always use more ammo.
  17. If they only realized how small a box 1k rounds of even 7.62x39 is. And how quickly it can be exhausted just plinking around. I mean in comparison how many golf balls does an avid golfer hit each year..a large bucket at the driving range can have up to 150 balls.
  18. You can be pretty sure that if anyone takes it they will have zero idea how to even begin using it. Lol Nice work frank'en it up. You have some skill.
  19. Almost look like moose antlers
  20. They make .50 air rifles that some people deerhunt with.
  21. I passed that one along to him. Not been able to get him on the phone to discuss things though. If I had not just dropped waaayy too much on car repairs right after paying for renovations, I might think about that ine.
  22. Retirement is not something I can even hope for. Yeah I have a 401k and stuff, but it takes ALOT to live for even 10 years as retired. Well unless you live on a very low cost life with no medical issues. .

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