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  1. I think I might go with one of these Campo Giro - 9mm largo pistol made 1912 until 1919 in Spain Beholla pistol - 7.65x17mm (.32 ACP) made by Becker & Hollander in Germany from 1915 to 1918 The Deer Gun - successor to the Liberator pistol in 9mm made for the CIA in 1964
  2. My understanding is that you could make .308 into 6.5 CM, but seems harder. Not sure if the blanks were brass or steel and that would probably matter. No 6.5 in my house right now, so no go for me. Though I saw some brass that might make me buy one....
  3. If I set up a booth selling air freshener that smells like gun powder, brass, and gun oil does that count as a gun stuff booth? How many of the 300 will be beef jerky?
  4. Never seen this before, but a look around on the web says that reloaders suggest a slow steady push with a universal decapping die. Not sure I am that brave. My biggest deal would be that most blanks are crimped at the end, so not just as easy as pulling the bullet on normal ammo. Also have to worry if the primer was crimped. If so, the primer cup might be too distorted to use again. I would also suspect that with all the pull down bullets, reclaimed powder, and brass you can buy from disassembly companies, not seeing them selling reclaimed primers might tell the entire story. Doa
  5. Looking to trade for a Ruger 10/22 in East TN. Trade on my end is going to be more in the way of ammo but I might let some dies, powder or primers go. Let me know what have and are looking for by PM and we can discuss. I have as possible trade .257 Roberts dies, .243 Dies, .223 dies, .300 Savage Dies (and primed brass), 38Auto/38 Super Auto dies, 7mm Rem mag dies, Redding 10mm dies (and 10mm bullets), .50 AE dies Partial list of possible ammo calibers: 9mm, .223/5.56, 16ga shotshells and slugs, 7.62x39, I have more, but will have to see how many I have of others. FYI, I a
  6. May have missed it here, but I don't remember seeing it. Seems Henry has a recall. https://www.academy.com/content/dam/academysports/product-recalls/henry-recall.pdf
  7. I tried to redo ours, but seeing we only have 7 years left and the lowest term is 15 it is not appetizing. Especially when I see that we only save about 1200 if I keep paying the same payment due to the $3000 in losing costs. We do pay it off a few months earlier, but that is not enough to go through all the hassle like when we refinanced about 8 years ago. Estimator almost screwed us back then pulling some crazy low "equivalents" that were not even near us. Plus right now my house's curb appeal is pretty low with the yard torn up trying to improve the grass coverage in some shady areas.
  8. I have 41 pieces (25 Hornady in box, 7 Federal and 9 Remington) of .204 Ruger once fired brass and a like new Wilson .204 Ruger Case gauge (CG-204R) in box. I have only had the case gauge out of the box to look at. Has all the paperwork. $40 TYD
  9. Thanks! I will get a PIF up in a few days
  10. @grasshoppa I was REALLY hoping that was a shed or a barn.. but I am guessing from the deck it is not....
  11. Here you go @grasshoppa Might save you some trouble. if you want to swap the pic out. Did not know what the MAXX was so I left it in.
  12. I would take the .223/5.56 brass
  13. @Beltfed Let me get my inbox emptied a bit and I will PM you on this and the .380 you mentioned in another thread.
  14. Hope you had Lots of help getting her out. Did so miss where you got her? That is a LOT of meat. lol
  15. So how many pounds did this one weigh?
  16. All depends on how much it cost you. That'll kill the zombies as easy as stuff made last year. lol
  17. I have a piece of equipment specially made to do that.
  18. Please save your rifles... send it to me and I will safely dispose of it.


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