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  1. Online looks like not. The TP-9 Is a Walther P99 clone according to what I saw. "Canik 55 TP-9 with spare Mec-Gar Magazine. Advertised Magazine Capacity is 18 rounds. Finish is Black PolyCoat. Made in Turkey and modeled after the Walther P99 AS."
  2. Are YOU touching my gun????
  3. I think they also have some rifles at $200, but the condition may not be as good as you want. https://www.classicfirearms.com/m91-30-round-receiver-russian-mosin-nagant-rifle-various-condition-g1-g2-g3/
  4. 1st video must be "How to hunt, butcher, and cook a Possum in a cast iron skillet over an open fire while wearing no shoes". Just so we set the tone. (Coming from a born, bred, and lifelong TN resident by the way. My family resembles that video...)
  5. If he hadn't got stuck, he would have completed the job.
  6. I think a whole lot of buildings would disagree.....
  7. Ronald_55


    Only issue I have is each then has a $25 transfer fee plus the BGC per transaction. Sometime I see them locally for $50 out the door at places (not often though). Used to be one place local did it for $20 plus 5 for each additional transfer. The have gone to $25 per too.
  8. Why that IS doing something and I support contacting your reps. A. I doubt he ever sees any of it B. I doubt he gives a rat's ass even if he does.
  9. Remember criminals always follow the law though. Wait, if they did they would be law abiding citizens. So we would have to pass more laws to make them criminals. Then if they still follow those, more new laws!......Repeat... I feel we are somewhat in the middle of the loop above. Soon your copies of Guns and Ammo will have to be hidden away like you are some highschooler with a porn mag.
  10. Heck the volunteer cherry tomatoes (tommy toes) I had come up for several years each produced at least a Wal-Mart sized bag full. I had 3-4 plants each year bunched ariund an old stump.
  11. I am wondering if it really was a suppressor or one of the fake ones you see around on cheap tactical guns. If it was a fake, I bet no one will admit it...
  12. I shoukd have had you hold me a Shield last Black Friday. Lol
  13. If I worked at a gun store, I would have to pay them each week...
  14. Yeah, like I used to hunt squirrel as a kid.... now we feed them in the yard. I figure if things get bad enough at least they are around.
  15. I wish I knew someone who anodized and had a few uncoated lower and upper pairs.
  16. @Jamie Jackson Sounds like you need a few of these. You could add some protein to the table.
  17. Here is the entire garden this year. 2 potatoes that sprouted eyes so I stuck them in the raised bed that failed miserably for vine plants last year. The grass you see is just clippings I tossed in. I decided that we are just too busy to keep up with stuff. No one wants to help and it seems like I am the only one that eats it.
  18. Man is that puuuuurrrrddy! Is the sheath just wrapped and tucked to make the belt loop? Or is it riveted or stitched in place?
  19. Why does everyone else always have a story like this. Lol 1st you can get a .22wmr mag here https://www.gunpartscorp.com/category/magazinesstrp-clips/magazines/marlinglenfield/25m From what I see it had factory dovetail, so as @Garufa said any RF scope shoukd work.
  20. I see what you did there.. This deal makes me wish I drank burbon and had any idea about a "good" brand.
  21. Salesforce is also a platform. One of the vendor apps we use at work is build on Salesforce. So many places may be technically using it and not even know.
  22. Just a normal Wednesday morning in Canada
  23. Bump. By the way, if you are an account that joined 15 minutes ago from outside TN, I am not going to do a transaction with you. Not sure what it is about this mag, but I have got multiple contacts from one time visitors to TGO. Anyone real interested in this?

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