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  1. Never should have let mine go but it went to family. Great find.......now sell it to me for $230. That should cover tax and a few tacos for lunch.
  2. +100 on the Keltec P32. I've daily carried a Block 26 for almost 20 years now
  3. I want Jacob's to don the Kane mask and choke slam Biden! Hell I'd pay to see that!
  4. kwe45919

    Trunk gun

    So if the owner is irresponsible, blame the theif? If the owner is responsible, blame the theif. No matter what, blame the theif. I wonder if a theif blames a gun owner if he is irresponsible? Wonder if a theif blames the gun owner for being responsible. Guess I just disagree and feel the blame falls on me as a responsible gun owner if I do stupid stuff like leave my gun unattended in my car locked up or not and it gets stolen especially since cars are stolen way more often than just a gun in a car.
  5. kwe45919

    Trunk gun

    I get what yall are saying but at what point do we as gun owners, knowing there have been theifs in the world for ever, take responsibility to not leave a gun, specifically a "truck/trunk" gun in a vehicle 24hrs a day? We are specifically talking about cars/trucks here, houses were kinda added in. I know there are theifs and I do everything possible to deter or prevent that theft from occurring. Don't you? In order for a gun to not be stolen from my car, I don't leave one in there. I'm not gona blame the theif if I'm the dumba$$ who left it there. Get my point? You know for a fact people ain't honest so why live like everyone is?
  6. kwe45919

    Trunk gun

    2 totally different subjects that cannot and should not be compared. I also understand that not everyone can afford a proper gun safe to store their firearms or an alarm for their house and that these are deterants only. Given effort and time anything can be broken into. With that said.....cars are way to easy to steal these days, especially with some of the electronics hackers use to gain access and houses are becoming the same way. One must do everything they can to keep their firearms secured and out of the hands of theifs.....
  7. 1. Reliability 2. Ergonomics 3. Carry options (holster availability) 4. Aftermarket parts availability My opinion is accuracy is on you and capacity depends on size or type of firearm you desire. Great topic discussion David.
  8. kwe45919

    Trunk gun

    W O W! I can not believe you typed that. Blame the theif for stealing your firearms? Really? Place the "bulk" of the blame on the theif? It is your responsibility to keep your "stuff" safe no matter what "stuff" a theif steals. If your firearms aren't locked up tight in a proper safe at home, that's all your fault if they get stolen. Stealing happens and it's not like it's it's new concept. It's your responsibility to keep any and all firearms out of anyone else's hands. If your firearms aren't properly locked up, and they get stolen and used in robberies or murders, don't blame the theif, blame yourself for being an idiot and not securing them as you should have. Little kids steal, adults steal, teenagers steal. Age doesn't matter or the type of things stolen. It ain't "the old days" anywhere anymore. It's 2021 and we were talking truck guns in this thread. Even on a farm style setting, all people who have a firearm in a truck or on a UTV or tractor when it's parked should take it back inside to safely store. Never leave a firearm unattended unless its safely and securely stored. That's gun ownership 101!! Gun ownership is a great responsibility. It's not a blame game.
  9. Still available. Trade considerations added.
  10. Sounds good. Good luck with the raffle.
  11. Zero steps forward, 2 steps back, 1 step forward, 6 steps back. Skip to the left and jab to the right help me make math seem all right. 7+3=156,789,321 Yup math is right. Biden would would agree for sure. Stupid people make stupid seem normal.
  12. kwe45919

    Trunk gun

    Agreed! If you can't "back pack it" it doesn't need to be left in the car. There are small-ish firearms in multiple flavors that will fit in small bags. If you feel you need to take something more than a pistol, don't leave it in the car. Suffer and pack the extra weight. This does not apply to farms or the like where you may need something for small or medium critters and you are setting fence posts or checking the perimeter or tending the fields....
  13. Sweet piece. I'd make a cash offer if you weren't on the other side of the state.
  14. Kinda depends on what your adding the optic to. AR, lever gun, bolt gun etc.....what caliber helps as well... .22lr, 30-06, 5.56, 300blk etc. The primary arms optics I've had have been on par with vortex optics I have had. Bushnell has always been hit or miss for me over the years.
  15. It's happening to appease the government and to keep them from comming after them. If its a "pay for" service vs. free then they can tell those idiots that their customers are providing proper information and aren't criminals looking to buy ghost "gats" or something like that.
  16. Not sure what you paid for it but thats pretty darn cool. Stuff like that always removes $ from my wallet. Hard to pass up on sweet displays of history. Good find for sure. Congrats..
  17. I'll second Mobile1 grease. Any brand new firearm gets cleaned and lubed with Mobile1 before the first test fire. A light thin coat goes a long way


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