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  1. kwe45919

    Carry History

    My first was a Kimber Pro Carry2 for about 6 months (also first new handgun purchased). Traded that for a Glock 19 which was carried for a year or so then a Gen 3 G26 became my main carry for 10 years till I got a Gen 4 G26 which I still carry to this day. Been carrying 20+ years......
  2. I love mine, have about 1500 rnds out of mine. Everyone loves shooting it at the range. Easy shooting with minimal recoil. I've ran golddots, punch and critical defense through mine and no issues. All my Ets mags work flawlessly in it...
  3. You're outa your mind to let this go. GLWS
  4. Oh I'm sure it would..... its the 2hr drive just to see if it fits me that stinks though. (4hr round trip + gas if it didn't work out) I've sat on n rode a few bikes lately and they haven't been comfortable or felt right. Never thought finding another bike would be this exhausting. I'm not counting yours out yet (unless it sells) but wanting to find one closer if possible before traveling 100miles to look at one.......
  5. Wish you were closer. I'm in the market for a bike but you're 2hrs away.
  6. If Toby lived closer, I'd have more confidence that it'd be mine.
  7. Sweet piece and nice price considering the extras involved. GLWS ......seriously glad you aren't in E TN.
  8. It's pretty.....and I'd bet it thumps.
  9. Been hearing and seeing a lot about this caliber lately......my opinion is that just about everything has been done in every caliber for a long time. Manufacturers are having to come up with new stuff to try and keep people interested and buying. It'll always be a new gun or new bullet type or caliber. If it's not different than it's much of the same. Different can be hard to do but if you put 2 heavyweight Manufacturers together and come up with a plan...you just might make a splash......then again, you might drown.
  10. U sure you don't wanna keep that.....and save up for the complimentary 5in version as well? That's a nice piece, just saying.
  11. I like the design but as generally stated, I already have firearms that fill that role. This is useless unless the price point is $300 or less....then it's in the PSA/Taurus range of competition but I doubt it'll sell.
  12. I'm not a lefty but you're a bit far from us East guys so there goes about 1/2 of your audience.
  13. Shoot it and keep it. Pass it down the family.
  14. Words typed mean nothing.
  15. I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advise. As a parent myself, if my child asks for something for Christmas, I buy it and then I gift it to them. It's what you do especially during the Christmas holiday. If you ask your parents for a product, any specific product of your choosing for Christmas and they purchase and gift it to you, then there isn't an issue. JMO...
  16. Still trading for G17 or something that'll take 9mm glock mags....
  17. kwe45919

    PSA Dagger

    Nice. Now go blast away. Give us feed back. I'm interested in one not only because of the price point but because all my stuff is Glock and this is another compatible tool. Cheap enough to keep in the shop or tape behind the toilet or washer n dryer....
  18. Santa is creepin.....will this be under your tree?
  19. Warms the Ole heart doesn't it? The day your daughter picks up arms......so, so beautiful. I was proud and beaming with joy as I'm sure you were too. Congratulations and welcome to the club.


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