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  1. I remember it well. First time I drove onto the town square in Scottsville I did a triple take. Not all but most of the men were strapped. OOPS! That slipped out.
  2. I seem to recall an incident with armed security outside of the Starbucks near the Candy campus. Someone complained about the armed security in uniform outside who were hired by Starbucks. Suddenly it was a misunderstanding with the security company and guards for the protection of Starbucks patrons we're no longer to be armed. Uniform has no bearing. Old adage, "don't judge a book by the cover" applies as not all LEO are good guys. Ok. I'm done. I'll just read anything else here and learn.
  3. There are IMHO pros and cons to both concealed and open carry which I won't get into. It's a personal choice that should be, as many other things, up to the individual. BUT, are y'all saying that LEO are alarming good people and in poor taste? The OP makes a little sense in that "otherwise good people" have been overly sensitized to citizens carrying sidearms. And wrongly so. I consistently carry concealed so as not to draw attention and maintain situational awareness in hopes of negating any speed disadvantage. but that's just me. I'm not hiding anything per se but it's nobody's business what I'm carrying. Besides, what you see isn't all there is all of the time.
  4. You get used to the extra weight. When I carried an all steel .45 my back would hurt if it wasn't there. I'll take 7 rds of .45 over a Glock every day. You cannot hide that ugly slide gap. And a Para 14.45 is the only "1911" I own at the moment so the capacity isn't an issue for me. Now that I don't have to worry about "flashing" a concealed piece, IWB is out anyway.
  5. thanks for the update David. good that it was squared away as quickly as it was. hope you have no more issues with it.
  6. Ethanol is terrible on small engines for sure. It breaks down with age, it eats rubber, it clogs jets. I don't mind it for modern cars though. They have the proper seals and if you drive at least once a week it won't hurt them. It is good for making high horsepower, especially with boost, as it cools the incoming charge making it denser and allowing higher compression and more spark advance. That said, I hate that it's so difficult to find pure gasoline because I happen to prefer older cars, I think there is only one station in Murfreesboro that still sells non ethanol gas.
  7. Mt company just acquired GREEN BEAN BATTERY. Check them out. Battery recycling is already going on and on the spot service is available. Yep, they are still expensive. But the new hemp waste batteries look promising. Also, I stated earlier that I believe in fuel diversity. I read headline this past week that stated ethanol is worse for the environment than gasoline with higher carbon emissions. I didn't read it so can't comment. I am still drawn to plug in hybrid over all electric, more versatile.
  8. papa61

    Mostly a rant

    I can't disagree. I work in product support and the questions from customers and CSRs will make you fall out of your chair.
  9. See what listening to liberals will do to you?
  10. good talk. learn and move forward. THANKS guys for all you do!
  11. Cadillac, Harley Davidson, RCA, the list is long. For Harley and Caddy it was lowering standards to meet a price point and riding on the name. Still no word David?
  12. There is an extra tab near the top corner on the Para otherwise they are the same. I haven't had the grips off in a while and can't remember what it covers but it has to be there.
  13. agreed, very unique look. I only have a Para 14.45 but otherwise I would be in.
  14. Not my style or price range. If shooting competitively maybe. I'll just stick with my Para 14.45
  15. beautiful as they are. keep it up,
  16. I bought a used Axeon red dot for my little Rossi 22 rifle. Just a cheap little plinker so didn't want to put an expensive optic on it. The scope was missing both caps for the windage/elevation knobs. I checked Axeon's website as well as Umarex the parent company but not parts available. At 1:44 I sent an email to customer service dept. asking if these are available. At 2:01 the response came that they are not available for purchase, so if I will fill out the attached form and return my scope they will replace it. Did I say I bought it used? Yes,,,yes I did, no questions, just send it back for replacement. I am truly amazed at the level of customer service for such an inexpensive item. I will look at their products first in the future.
  17. got divorced 3 times, I have no pictures.
  18. I have no use for bump stocks or lightning keys myself. If I need I can legally purchase a gatling gun. Not that I believe ANY of these regs are legal. My personal AR pistol had a forward grip and a blade type brace on it when I bought it. Both have been removed and it now wears an SBA3. My point is I didn't believe the bump stock ban would fly, still in court I understand. WE, I, ALL gun owners should have stood against that but I didn't because I felt it had a snowballs chance in hell of getting enacted. Let's not make the same misjudgement again. If we fail to make our presence felt in congress, we will have a multitude of WACOs. as I said, divide and conquer. We as gun owners have been soft on allowing these "small, common sense" infringements to be implemented by feeling it didn't affect us. Now the heat is on and the frogs are cooking. When you look back where does congress or the bureau get the authority to decide which or what type of arms the people have the right to keep and bear? I have read old case law on how sawed off shotgun ban was upheld. We have federal case history that says the 2nd does not apply to arms not suitable for war. Look that one up as I can't off the top of my head quote the case. The puppet in the oval has said we can't fight a tyrannical government without tanks and airplanes so why is he so hot to take these arms? Because he has read history, or someone else did and told him, Patriots can do anything. (see Afganistan)
  19. I have to retract the raid comment. My apology as my source was in error. There has been a letter of intent to seize circulating that could be a fake or not.
  20. Guys, it is not unfeasible to assume that pistol braces will be made a federal felony. ATF has already sent letters to solvent trap buyers, even those that filed and received approval to build a suppressor, that all solvent traps are now considered illegal suppressors and must be turned in or confiscated. Charges have not been ruled out depending on who at he Bureau is asked. those associated with the auto key card are being prosecuted. SBA brace plugs have been deemed illegal for use. at this point we have no room for complacency, the NRA is at it's weakest in history and GOA does not have the numbers to fight without us. past experience of these things blowing over will not repeat in the current state of affairs. I am NOT an alarmist. I am a realist and I'm saying the wolf is at the door. they will divide and conquer if we do not stand together. THIS STATEMENT IS RETRACTED AS UNSUBSTANIATED RUMOR. Sorry two forced reset trigger companies have been raided and records seized. orders to raid FFLs have been sent.
  21. yes. from range brass. but I believe he may carry new brass when available.
  22. I hadn't either. Saw an ad for 300bo on Armslist. Seems to be a good ol'boy and knowledgeable. Licensed manufacturer not a hobby reloader. Eager to help me out too with advice on loading.
  23. $21 box 220g subsonic. Supersonics $1 per round.
  24. Guys, I picked up some 300 BO from Lee at Rockvale Machine and Armory. Didn't know there was a range there. Very good deal on the ammo, Nice guy. Components available. I have invited him to become TGO vendor. 615-487-9676


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