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  1. I agree with Chucktshoes. we always need good people with common sense in government. If you have the time and inclination you have my support. That may or may not be a good thing depending on who you ask though.
  2. I half agree. loaded ammo may be cheaper and easier to get right now but if you can get components and learn to load it would be helpful if the supply of loaded ammo dries up again. I can't get 30-30 ammo or large rifle primers reasonable at present so my 30-30 sits in the rack being lonely. but I CAN get LRP so it is possible.
  3. I vaguely remember Meeks. I can relate to being arrested for breaking into your own house too. In Macon Co. at that. Being taken into booking is another tale that would get a sympathetic deputy fired. I will only say there was only one person in the jail that night who was armed.
  4. be a way for me to justify moving back up there but I'm sure that having a hang em all and let God sort em out attitude would disqualify me
  5. are you that bored already? that didn't take long.
  6. that is the way I look at it. synthetics allow you a lower level of maintenance and less concentration on not dinging a stock in the field. I think proper prep and care with a fine wood stock would yield similar results.
  7. I remember seeing articles on glass bedding actions and free floating barrels back in the day. Not being a long range rifle user I ignored them. My mistake in the long run. Always amazed me that a wooden stock could move a steel barrel enough to affect accuracy.
  8. I don't hunt at present. Just curious about the differences and fixes. I'm a handgunner and have very few rifles right now. Greg brought up another question. Why is walnut the most prevalent wood? I know it has to do with grain and density but why? All of this is just to gauge what one would use for both specific conditions and widest variance. I never expext to be an expert but I want to know why since my first inclination when synthetics started coming out was cost.
  9. the chosen action type also has to be considered. one would not like a complete titanium 300 mag bolt action though a properly buffered AR in 458 would be tolerable. I am sure carbon fiber would have issues with heat in a high round count session. so we have to compromise on the differing materials. what is running through my mind is with a stainless action and a composite stock. how do you compensate if you are in extreme weather? if carbon fiber shrinks with increased temp and steel swells, how far off are the thermal expansion rates? think about taking a Texas hog rifle to hunt doll sheep in Alaska. Throw in that the current focus of my firearm lust is a SS Marlin guide gun that came with laminated wood. How does laminate fair with changing temp and humidity. (not that furniture would change a lever gun like it would a solid full stocked rifle)
  10. I wan't hit by a truck but I can sympathize with your issues. I have an alien baby now just below and left of my sternum, pins and screws in my neck, two hernia repairs previously. THAT'S why I work at a desk!
  11. I was looking at the classifieds and noticed an "EXTREME WEATHER" model 70. It brought a few questions to mind regarding stock materials as I prefer the aesthetics of wood. Would the weather, ie cold, snow, rain, affect wood, fiberglass or other synthetics more or less fro each? When a rifle is bedded is the inside finished and sealed to keep moisture out? not something I would expect to need, just general curiosity. What say ye experienced riflemen?
  12. no 30-30, only Wolf in 300 BO. .22 is high compared to Sportsmans warehouse and Acadamy. Local shop doesn't have any calibers I need on shelf except 22 though.
  13. I did that bit. Most guys wear their back out before they retire. congrats on making 35 years.
  14. what does the heat shield fit? if BJB doesn't take it I'm also interested in the shoulder rig.
  15. Glad you have a plan, I'll retire when they pry my mouse out of my cold dead hand LOL
  16. I read and learn. Don't shoot 257 but the knowledge will translate. TGO people are great!
  17. with over 120 rounds down the pipe and zero malfunctions she's good now. hits a bit left and I forgot screwdriver to adjust sights.
  18. yes,,,yes I can. Thanks RED!
  19. I tried. can't make the image small enough.
  20. thanks much! it does have a burr on the follower. I hope the 25round plinkster mag will work, that would be great.
  21. finally made it to the range today. I polished the feed ramp and straightened the feed lips on both mags. ran both mags with Federal bulk, Winchester red box, Aguila all 40 grain, Aguila bulk and stinger 36 grain. plus a couple more mags of stingers ang fed bulk. not a single malfunction in over 140 rounds. I got a Rossi .22 rifle for my birthday. it shoots great. I was surprised by the light clean trigger. rifle shoots great, NOW I get to fix THAT magazine. sure it's a cheap rifle but it works and shoots terrific except for the mag. why build a good firearm and put a cheap piece of crap mag in it? Maybe it will "break in"
  22. sorry about your loss. I can hook you up with a basset hound litter near Cleveland Ohio be ready for Christmas.
  23. good grief, goto the range for a couple hours... nice as always!


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