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  1. I have come full circle this week. For years I carried a Spyderco rescue. It was the knife that set the standard of what a knife should be for me. Fast, sharp, good size. Then 9/11 came along and we couldn't fly with our blades anymore. I spent a lot of time in the field, and during a particular case that I was on for about 2 years, picked up a CRKT M16 and started carrying that. Another great knife, but it had some shortcomings. It was very durable, but it was a combo edge which I really don't like, and the combination of the pocket clip and the thumb stud absolutely wore out whatever pants I was wearing. I would have a pair of pants that could have lasted another couple of years had the right pocket not been so frayed by the knife. Last winter I picked up a Benchmade Pika II. I know that it was in their red 'value' series, but I expected better of Benchmade. Every knife I have ever had of theirs was outstanding, but this one was a piece of trash. Tough to put an edge on and wouldn't hold one for anything. Not to mention the pocket clip was not designed with enough tension to stay on a pair of jeans, much less a pair of suit pants. So, all that to say a couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Spyderco Military. It is in a word everything that a knife should be in my opinion. Wickedly sharp out of the box. Fast to open and easy to close with one hand. Good pocket clip and the G10 scales are outstanding. It's big - a little bigger than the Endura - closer to the old Police model, but perfect in my hands. You can do a little knife job with a big knife, but not vice versa. I got it for right at $100.
  2. Spyderco Tri-angle sharpener. Got the ultra-fine rods along with the medium and fine that came with it. Gets my knives wickedly sharp in about a minute. I can put a finer edge on with a set of stones or my Lanskys, but the Spyderco rods beveled at 20 degrees make a more durable edge - especially if you grind a back bevel first. I've gone back to a plain edge after using fully serrated and combo edges. Serrated edges have their place. I think the combo edges are a fad that we are likely to see fade a bit. The tri-angle sharpener does a good job on serrations if you have them.
  3. Dick's at cool springs had a full stock of everything but 380 tonight. Hundreds of boxes of 9mm, .40, 5.56, and 45. First selection of more than one brand of 45 I've seen in a while. I left every bit of it for you guys, too. Didn't buy a thing.
  4. I've got a couple of the 30rds. They have always worked well for me.
  5. We've been seeing several woodchucks around Nippers Corner
  6. Crosman 760 Pumpmaster - a pellet gun, but it changed my world Charter Arms AR-7 - A whole lot of fun that fits in backpack - and it really does float Ruger 10/22 - The gold standard of a youth well spent.
  7. If you don't mind non-factory here's a source: Walther P99 9mm 15 Rd Promag Gun Magazine - $24.95 Walther P99 9mm 15 Rd Promag Gun Magazine I ended up ordering factory stamped magazines from Amazon. Paid $41 each. There are probably local sources that stock them today. No one seemed to have them when I was looking.
  8. I ordered several a while back. Let me check and see if I can find the reciept.
  9. I feel your anger. I think this is one of the most dangerous things about this war. The average member of the public is not connected to it in any way, shape or form. We haven't been called to sacrifice anything. Unless you have a personal connection with someone who is there, then you wouldn't even know it's happening. I was in Cool Springs Mall the other evening with the wife and kids. I saw a poster that said "Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask "Do you have these in a size 5." In other words - prop up this artificial illusion we have of a functioning economy by continuing to spend like there is no tomorrow. I wanted to rip it off the wall. As someone who was in 1WTC the morning of September 11 and spent almost a year at Ground Zero afterwards, it really depresses me to see the unity and purpose of mission following that event thorougly squandered.
  10. Congrats. I love my P99.
  11. I recently bought a safe from the Safe House and can thoroughly recommend them. Prices were competitive and the service was spectacular.
  12. That is spectacular.
  13. It's great so far. I put about 100 rounds through it last Thursday evening. I was having an issue with the mag release, but the factory was great about clearing it up. Hope that 238 works out for you. I look at selling my p230 to get one.
  14. Since the original post was about the Micro Eagle, I've got the one Hatmaker sold to fund his NightHawk purchase. It's not pretty, but it disappears in a good pocket holster - even for a guy who's 6'0'' and 150lbs. It will still disappear in a pair of jeans with either the side or rear pocket holster I got from Meco. It is accurate - and I like that it's solid steel.
  15. I've got mine reserved. I skipped the 3G, as my original is still working just fine. I want the faster network access though. And, I figure that in 6 months or so, I will need a battery in my phone. Replacing that is as expensive as the $99 upgrade. I'm looking forward to it.
  16. 1. I hired a guy today. This might seem strange, but as a small business owner it is validation that I am doing something right, and takes a bunch of work off my shoulders. It lets me focus on growing the business as opposed to always being neck deep in the day-to-day. Not to mention that neither party in our government seems to have any clue how unbelivably difficult it is as a small business owner to actually create a job. Both sides talk about whatever policy they are pursuing as somehow magically creating jobs. I'd like to get some of that magic, because from where I stand it's been an uphill fight one step at a time. 2. Went to the bank to deposit money instead of taking it out. You've got to be thankful for the little things. 3. Going to the range tonight - OnTarget down in the Boro - and I've got a box of .380 that I was able to pick up at Wal-Mart. The P230 and the Micro Eagle that I got from Hatmaker are going to get some range time. Good times all around.
  17. Wal-Mart Nolensville Road: Cereal - check, Milk - check, 1 100rd box WWB .380ACP - check! The P230 is going to get some range time today after months of sitting neglected. Also had plenty of 22lr Federal bulk packs, a bunch of 44mag and 357sig. They had enough 243 and 30-06 to last until the Lord comes back.
  18. I would personally stay away from the 9VE. I have only fired two, but neither inspired confidence. One would not keep the slide back on an empty mag when it was new. The other wouldn't keep the slide back after a couple hundred rounds. Both had trigger pulls that were really rough and unbelievably heavy - even for a DAO pistol.
  19. The Wal-mart at Nolensville and Old Hickory has a pretty good stock of ammo in 9mm and .40SW this morning - about 30 boxes of each in Blazer Brass. A few WWB in 9mm - 100 pack value box and 50 count boxes. Restocked in bulk pack 22LR (Federal and Remington). Some 357 and 44Mag as well.
  20. I've got one of the Tactical Solutions dedicated uppers. A little more expensive than the ciener kit, but I wanted the dedicated upper - reliable with everything I've put in it.
  21. I've still got my 10/22 carbine that I got for my 13th birthday. It's probably had +10,000 rounds of various bulk pack ammo over the years and just continues to perform. I don't think someone could offer me a price to sell it. Pick one up while you can - you won't regret it.


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